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12. januar 2021

Trakify completely mess up my facebook piexel. I delete the app and the still get charged. Ask for a refund and customer support is a nightmare coming true. STAY AWAY!!!!

3 måneder bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 26. januar 2021

Hello! Just a friendly followup here to see if we were able to take care of your challenge?

Again, we are so sorry about what happened here (it is not normal with our app). We work SUPER hard to make sure every merchant who uses our app has an A+ experience.

Please let us know how else we can help here? Thanks again!

Sean & The TrackifyX Team

------------------------------------ ORIGINAL REPLY:
Thanks for leaving us this message. We worked hard to get this resolved for you. Please email us if there is anything else we can do to help you?

We are always happy to issue a credit if there is a problem with our app (which is not normal), and our customer support is always here to help. Let us know how else we can serve you? Thanks so much,

Sean & The TrackifyX Support Team

12. marts 2019

This App doesn't work at all. Stay Away! Had to de-install and delete their code from the our theme.

Cool Gifts Store
2 måneder bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 13. marts 2019

Thank you for your review! Today's outage was out of our control as our new datacenter had a network maintenance event that disconnected both our main and our redundancy servers from the network. We have been working hard on ongoing improvements to Trackify and would hope that you would give it and the brand new TrackifyX another shot.

Your frustration is understandable, and we share it completely. Trackify can be removed easily by using the Clean Uninstall feature from within the app. But we understand that you were unable to take the time to follow these instructions.

We will be adding another server in a different location as additional failover redundancy. But as fairly regular failures with much larger companies, like Facebook and Shopify show, there is no way to avoid temporary issues completely.

Please let us know if you would like to try the superior Pixel Engine of TrackifyX!

8. august 2021

AVOID this! The tracking is horrible, Worst Customer Service EVERR!! the native Facebook App or any competitor is much better. By the way in Support chat when they don't know how to fix something they read your messages and ignore you without answering you ever again. Avoid and thanks me later

The Magic Bra
2 måneder bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 9. august 2021

Hey Victor, This is Tanveer, Customer Success Manager. Thanks for raising your concern and I apologize for the issue you faced with Trackify.

These types of things have never happened with Trackify and we always try to give 100% resolution to our clients. We generally ask for screen share calls if you are not getting right data because of certain settings that we need to check from the Facebook side as well. I understand you were not comfortable enough to come on call that's absolutely fine. The issue that you shared is related to FB rejecting your events for iOS devices, as Tanmay showed you that Trackify is showing the right data for your sales, and a lot of people facing issues for view content which is a common FB issue at the moment.

If you felt like you are being ignored we sincerely apologize for this, it's just we have limited support on weekends. Really sorry for the frustration you have gone through. Let's connect and We will try to solve the issues that Trackify Can.

Tanveer & Trackify Support Team

12. september 2019

I was excited at first because it was recommended by a good friend. Followed all the steps in the videos but some of them aren't updated and missing information. Contacted support, they took a day just to tell me to turn off my ad blocker... It was really weird, they have a "clean uninstall feature" which is suppose to delete all code... yet I tried it and it doesn't remove all the code. Been contacting support since but they take forever... Will be looking for another option.

2 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 30. september 2021

Update on 7th September 2021 - The idea was to increase the facebook conversions, but sadly don't know why facebook conversions are all time low. Will wait for this month else will have to go back to facebook channel from shopify which was giving better results for free. Update on 25th September - we decided to uninstall trackify. Our ROAS dropped from 5 to 2.5 after this. Trackify team kept saying it's now because of trackify but, we find no other reason why ROAS should drop. After clicking clean uninstall, still code is lying on shopify. This is not a good app.

Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 6. august 2021

Hello friends at GOGIRGIT.COM

Thank you for leaving this fantastic review! We will let Dylan know that his assistance is greatly appreciated :-) We know you will have a great experience :-) Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have

-Tanu & The Trackify Support Team

15. juni 2017

All "positive" reviews definitely have to be fake.

Being as objective as possible:

-It only tracks 90% of "View Content" (it misses around 10%).
-It does not track "Add to Cart" events 0%.
-It does not track "Sales" events 0%.
-Customer support is nonexistent, only answered me once. Their answer was a link to watch their training videos. (Not even troubleshooting videos, only set up training videos). I have sent them minimum 5 emails asking for solution but no answer at all.

It is not a cheap app. For $20 dollars the developer should at least have respect for their customers and answer to them with a simply "I do not know how to solve the "X" technical issue, here is your money back".


Vgx Fashion
Cirka en måned bruger appen
27. september 2017

Very bad support. Not usefull app.
I have mailed then since last 2 days and they are not even reply on it.
They provide 10 days support but all are gone in support so can use app.

Cirka en måned bruger appen
9. august 2019

The app seems to work at first , but i'm having issues with my pixel after installed, and the support is not even answering my questions , I did send messages days ago , and did not hear from them. I Can't recomend this app beacuse I'm not having a good experience + the support doesn't work.

Cirka en måned bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 26. august 2019

Igor, thank you for your review! We have checked your communication with our support and found that all of your inquiries received responses within a few hours of you posting them. And there were MANY interactions with you. Please consider editing or removing your review as the main issue seems to have been lack of support which we don't find to be justified. We will be happy to continue to help you trouble shoot your Facebook pixel issues if you would like to try the app again.

6. august 2018

Technical support is disgusting. Installed all the tags did everything as needed, but did not work catalog feed for retargeting. They wanted from me 100$. But I paid for a month 50$. The issue was not enough traffic.

Yarashop Com
Cirka en måned bruger appen
Redigeret 26. juli 2020

2nd Update: Changing it back to 1 star. The developer wasn't happy with my 2 star review and sent a condescending email talking about MY response time what a joke. Just so we're on the same page Thomas, when I said I was looking for a response like this weeks ago, I was talking about some actual customer service. Not your generic ass "oh it's out of our control, you'll just have to deal with it" answers. Somehow, you were able to provide the answers I was looking for AFTER I left a bad review. Isn't that funny.

Update: I've changed my review from 1 star to 2 stars because the owner explained the situation to me and tried solving the issue. He seems like a good guy but if only I received this type of service before leaving a bad review then I would've still been their customer. It was crystal clear that he only reached out to me after he saw my review (even asked me to delete it on his email). Reacting a little too late.

If there was a 0 stars option I would 100% go with that. Terrible customer service. My app crashed one day and prompted me to redownload it. They said they would refund me if I got charged again. My first bill was for $60 from 6/26 to 7/26. I got a 2nd "prorated" bill from 7/16-8/14. Prorated yet they're charging me double from 7/16-7/26, what's the logic in that.

They show no signs of an effort to try to make things right at all. The customer service rep makes it seem like THEY'RE doing ME a favor when it was THEIR crappy app that crashed and made ME go through all this extra trouble. You'd think that for $60/month, their customer service would be at the very least decent. What a joke.

Dapper Dripper
30 dage bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 19. juli 2020

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review!

We believe that you are misreading the charges that were applied by Shopify. We tried to explain how that “prorated” charge works.

You didn’t mention that you have any issues with the app. We’ll be happy to support you in any way, and as we offered before make adjustments for any possible overcharges.