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9. november 2022

Great support team. Great app. Must be installed
Thank you Deepanjoy you were great and kind and I hope this app will help me for the future!

14 dage bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 9. november 2022

Hello to our friends at IsraFume

Thank you for your glowing review. We're so happy to hear that you are enjoying Trackify X. We are happy Deepanjoy was able to assist you. We love having you as a customer and we are always here to help your Shopify store succeed!

Pushpesh & the Trackify Support Team

Redigeret 21. april 2016

this app didnt work with adexpresso, i still payed for it tho :/

I Love Fishing
11 dage bruger appen
11. november 2021

This app is trash! It never send the purchase data back to my facebook event manager. So I have wasted my budget to do all the testing. I contacted them many time and they never reply in time. When you finally get a message reply, and you send back message, you need to wait another whole day to get the second reply. The worst customer service ever!

10 dage bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 12. november 2021

Hello, a friend from Croadstore! Thanks for leaving us a message with your concern.

We understand the frustration and annoyance you have gone through when the team has not reached out to you on time but because of the heavy rush they were not able to reach you on time.

We are so sorry about what happened here ( It is not normal with our app.)

Also, since yesterday there is a widespread issue across the stores from the FB end. The event manager is not showing data for a lot of stores. If there are some issues from the Facebook side, we can't directly solve them. Still, if you need help our team can jump on a quick call so that our best team member can help you out in solving the problem in our control.

But we really apologize for not giving you information on the time. Our team member is reaching out in-app chat as well to solve the issue and to have a better understanding.

We really want to treat all our customers well and wanted to solve their issues as fast as possible. Once again apologies from our side.

Tanu & Trackify Team

21. oktober 2021

i used this app for just 10 days normally , yesterday i find the facebook pixel is not installed on my website, then the facebook connect is always off every time i open this app, it is good app if it doesnt have this problem ,

Vivid Light Bars
12 dage bruger appen
4. april 2021

Never seen a worse interface then in this app. Any guide you find was made on the old interface. In fact, they are useless for the new interface. Furthermore, the new interface is horribly confusing and you do not find anything you need. The old interface was perfect. I saw it in youtube guides but cannot do anything because the new interface is absolute crap.

Warm Gardens
6 dage bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 7. april 2021

Hi Maxim, Thank you for your honest feedback!

We always appreciate it when we can learn how to improve our app and our service. We are sorry that you had a bad experience with our videos.

Basically what you viewed was an old video on youtube and we moved on to a new interface 2years back. I really want to tell you that we have dedicated new videos for each of the features inside the app. You don't have to search any other platform for checking the videos. You can check it through the tutor hat icon within the app.

We take ownership of updating the videos on youtube as well.

I would request you to give us a second chance at ensuring that you are given the best service possible.

If you would like to come back to Trackify, we will be happy to have a screen-sharing call with you and walk you through everything in detail.

Tanveer & Trackify X Support Team

12. marts 2019

Zero Stars! Deleted it on all our Stores. This app has many issues. Woke up this morning and pixel doesn't fire, because their server is OFFLINE or not available. This happened last year at least twice. better use Shopify Pixel or another APP.

Trendy Gadgets
SAR Hongkong
6 dage bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 13. marts 2019

Thank you for your review! Today's outage was out of our control as our new datacenter had a network maintenance event that disconnected both our main and our redundancy servers from the network. We have been working hard on ongoing improvements to Trackify and would hope that you would give it and the brand new TrackifyX another shot.

Your frustration is understandable, and we share it completely. Trackify can be removed easily by using the Clean Uninstall feature from within the app. But we understand that you were unable to take the time to follow these instructions.

We will be adding another server in a different location as additional failover redundancy. But as fairly regular failures with much larger companies, like Facebook and Shopify show, there is no way to avoid temporary issues completely.

Please let us know if you would like to try the superior Pixel Engine of TrackifyX!

23. maj 2022

I'm having a bad experience with the app. In our first contact, they told that could resolve my problem after signing on the onboarding. Until now, I haven't resolved what I needed and didn't receive my onboarding call (I scheduled the meeting and they didn't show up, without saying anything before) I'll wait for this onboarding call and if everything's okay I'll change my review. For now, promised what they can't deliver. The app looks very little flexible and adaptable to the custommer's needs.

Brota Company
6 dage bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 23. maj 2022

Thank you very much for leaving us this feedback. This is Pushpesh, the Customer Success Manager with Trackify.

I am sorry to hear that your issue was not resolved during your first interaction with our support team. I have taken this case upon priority and am personally following up to ensure that your issue is resolved ASAP.

We love to offer complimentary live screen-share calls to all our valued clients - but it sounds like we missed our appointment, which is not normal around here. Sincerest apologies if we missed the mark. I will ensure that you receive your onboarding call ASAP without fail.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We are always looking for ways to better our service, and your feedback is a valuable part of that process.

Pushpesh & the Trackify Support Team

29. august 2022

Very fast support ....................................................................
Helpfull and educated

7 dage bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 30. august 2022

Hello to our friends at Verasos

Thank you for the glowing review. We're so happy to hear that you are enjoying Trackify. We are happy our support team was able to assist you. We go above and beyond to help every merchant and I am glad that we hit the mark for you. We wish you and your store great success!

Tanu & The Trackify Support Team

27. november 2019

lol, just lol . I don't recomand this app at all, well this is the lamest customer service i ever met, i just asked questions and i got only seen for hours, then asked again and again seen... what's wrong with you guys? - Cadouri Minunate, Produse Inovative si Cele mai tari Gadgeturi
5 dage bruger appen
14. september 2022

Great customer support answering questions. They give you zoom calls if you need it and walk through the process to make sure everything is properly set up. Also gift you support understanding the app... Great for checking my facebook stats. Thanks!

Cirka 3 timer bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 15. september 2022

Hello to our friends at regalosdiamor

Thank you for the glowing review. We're so happy to hear that you are enjoying Trackify. We are happy our support team was able to assist you. We go above and beyond to help every merchant and I am glad that we hit the mark for you. We wish you and your store great success!

Tanu & The Trackify Support Team