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17. marts 2022

I installed the app and got problems with the set-up because the guide that they have to make "all alone" is not Updated with the current version of Shopify.
I asked if somebody could help me with the bot saying "replying in a few minutes". I waited almost 8 hours before getting an answer.
After contacting them back, i got no answer and after 8 hours they asked me to have a call. I agree with that I was like "finally, after a day of problems i can solve it". WRONG. I scheduled the call for 1:00PM.
1° There was no invitation link and they asked to contact them on the app. 2° After writing to the support at 1:10PM they told me "i'm on another call, i'll send you the link". It was 1:20PM and got no link, i got no more times because the scheduled call was about 15 minutes from 1PM to 1:15PM. I did everything in my power to be in it. It's 1:50PM and got not answer yet! 3° The rule is simple. If you CAN'T have a call with a customer because you're with another call, DON'T leave the customer the schedule the call if you CAN'T BE THERE. IT'S A NIGHTMARE.
I'm going to uninstall for sure.

Vita Selvaggia
2 dage bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 17. marts 2022

Thank you very much for leaving us this feedback. This is Pushpesh, the Customer Success Manager with Trackify.

I am sorry to hear that you did not receive support in time. We do offer 24-hr live chat support, Monday through Friday, and this was either on the weekend, or our professional support team may have missed the mark. We are now reviewing our processes to make sure this isn’t happening in the future.

We love to offer complimentary live screen-share calls to all our valued clients - but it sounds like we missed our appointment, which is not normal around here. Sincerest apologies if we missed the mark.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We are always looking for ways to better our service, and your feedback is a valuable part of that process.

Pushpesh & the Trackify Support Team

6. december 2023


SAR Hongkong
Cirka 6 timer bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 7. december 2023



The Support Team

11. november 2021

The support is really top notch.
They helped me set up my pixel for screen sharing. Thanks to Dylan for his great help. I am very satisfied
En dag bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 12. november 2021

Hello, friends at

We are happy Dylan was able to assist you! :-) Thank you for leaving us this fantastic review! We really appreciate it!

-Tanu & The Trackify Support Team

18. oktober 2023

so far so good

Savage Yet Civilized Apparel
Cirka 23 timer bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 20. oktober 2023

Greetings Savage Yet Civilized Apparel,

Thank you for leaving us this 5-star review. Reach out to us if you need us!

The Trackify Support Team

11. maj 2021

They have really great support team they call me through ZOOM set up everything for me Thank you so much

Coocoo Cats
En dag bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 11. maj 2021

Hello friends at Coocoo Cats

We are happy we could assist you! Thank you for leaving us this awesome and honest review! We wish you and your store great success ;-)

-Melissa & The Trackify Support Team

16. august 2022

Great help for my tracking. Now I can make accurate decisions based on date. Also facebook is not directly connected to my store which is important for me regarding blocks. Now I can finally move on again! Thanks Trackify!
Holland (Nederlandene)
En dag bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 17. august 2022

Hello to our friends at

Thank you for your glowing review. We're delighted to hear that you are enjoying Trackify X and that you had such a great experience! We love having you as a customer and are always here to help your Shopify store succeed!

Tanu & The Trackify Support Team

25. februar 2023

Deepanjoy solved my problem I had no idea about UTM but Deepanjoy solved my problem.
Thank you very much..!!!!

En dag bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 25. februar 2023

Hello to our friends at YEON

Thanks for sharing your review with us and the community. We're thrilled to learn that Deepanjoy was able to assist you. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your feedback with us and reminding us why we do what we do.

Pushpesh & the Trackify Support Team

18. juli 2020

Didn’t use it and not received a message my free trial ending. Bad customer service and money gone so I wouldn’t recommend to anyone

Holland (Nederlandene)
En dag bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 20. juli 2020

Hi Timo: We appreciate reviews from users like you! We are not showing any interaction from you in our customer service chat or email. Please consider removing this review as you are criticizing customer service without ever having reached out to us!

14. august 2023

Great service, a very helpful team that's always there to help! They make sure you understand exactly what you're doing and go above and beyond to help out! I

En dag bruger appen
Trackify X svarede 15. august 2023

Greetings to you OPULA SKIN,

We appreciate the fantastic review and the fact that we were able to go above and beyond to help you out. That is what we are here for and we are happy that Trackify X Facebook Pixel can benefit your store needs.

Stephanie & The Customer Support Team

28. september 2017

I installed the app and then I unistalled because at the time, I didn't have time to try the app. I unistalled after one day. They say the trial period is 10 days, apparently not. Now I have a charge of 20$ of an app that i didn't even try. I don't recommend installing this app.

Amazing Geek
En dag bruger appen