TrackiPal: Sync PayPal Orders

TrackiPal: Sync PayPal Orders

作成: TrackiPal

Auto-Sync Order Tracking Info with PayPal in Real-Time

Auto-Sync PayPal Orders

Instantly and automatically sync orders to your PayPal account and get your funds released faster. NO MORE typing order details one-by-one.

Real-time Sync, Live Tracking

Your orders are synced to PayPal in Real-Time. See live status, complete order details, and your PayPal claims/disputes from the dashboard.

Build Trust, Get Funds Faster

Improve your seller record with PayPal to reduce or even remove the rolling reserve on your account. Avoid chargebacks and get funds faster!

TrackiPal: Sync PayPal Ordersの詳細情報

What is TrackiPal?

TrackiPal is a fast and easy way to synchronize tracking info for PayPal orders directly to your PayPal account(s). TrackiPal works in real-time and is fully automated.

TrackiPal takes away the painful process of manually entering order tracking info in PayPal so you can focus on running your store without wasting time on fulfilling PayPal’s requirements.

Shopify store owners and drop shipping pros love TrackiPal:

  • "This is so far the best PayPal transaction sync app I used with Shopify."
  • "Easy to set up and use. Processing seems very fast and the accuracy is great."
  • "Awesome and makes drop shipping with PayPal way easier. Great customer support too!"

How does TrackiPal work?

  1. Install and setup the app
  2. TrackiPal auto-syncs with PayPal to send the correct order status in real time
  3. Monitor the real-time sync with an easy to use dashboard

Do I really need TrackiPal?

PayPal holds a percentage of your revenue as “account reserve”. Depending on evaluation of your account by PayPal security team, this reserve amount is held by PayPal for up to 90 days.

The best way to reduce “account reserve” amount, and the time your funds are held by PayPal, is to give your customers valid tracking information through PayPal.

TrackiPal does this synchronization with PayPal automatically so you don’t have to!

Why can’t I do this manually?

PayPal requires you to manually enter order tracking information one-by-one, seriously.

For most Shopify stores this means typing tracking info for hundreds of orders into PayPal.

This is just a waste of your precious time and energy - TrackiPal solves this problem.

Top Benefits of using TrackiPal Sync:

  • Lower your rolling reserve in PayPal, get paid MUCH faster
  • SAVE TIME and energy with automatic sync in real time
  • Monitor live status with a clear dashboard
  • Avoid chargebacks and disputes
  • NEW: Now, you can even sync your old historical orders with TrackiPal

Please note that TrackiPal is not affiliated with, or sponsored by PayPal Holdings, Inc.

TrackiPal has a super easy pricing:

  • Flat pricing from $9.99 a month
  • UNLIMITED order sync
  • Amazing 24/7 support in all plans

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  • Payflow,
  • Intercart,
  • CJDropshipping,
  • Oberlo,
  • Paypal



料金 3日間の無料体験




  • One (1) Paypal Account
  • Unlimited Trackings
  • Instant Sync
  • Support Payflow and others
  • Powerful Reporting
  • 24h/7 Customer Support



  • Fiver (5) Paypal Accounts
  • Unlimited Trackings
  • Instant Sync
  • Support Payflow and others
  • Powerful Reporting
  • 24h/7 Customer Support

Shopify Plus


  • For Shopify Plus Plan
  • Dedicated Cluster
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support
  • Priority and Realtime Sync
  • Unlimited Paypal Accounts
  • Advanced Reporting

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Himelhoch's LLC

The app interface is excellent, intuitive and fast-loading, with all the information I need on the TrackiPal orders list. Being able to click on the Item ID (go to the Shopify order), the Trans. ID (go to the order on the PayPal page), and the Tracking no. (go to the order on the shipper's page) is incredibly helpful. This is a delightful, unintended benefit, the ability to see all of the order, payment, and shipping information from one page. John B. on the chat was extremely helpful and patient answering my questions on my first day. The day after installing this app, I checked several orders and the tracking information for all of them had posted to PayPal accurately. This looks like a "set it and forget it" app, and I am very happy with it.


Using it since 1 year. installed it once and never opened it again. Trackipal is working very well.


If you accept payments via PayPal, this app is an absolutely essential automation to bridge your store, shipping platform, and PayPal. It will literally save you double digit hours and help you get your settlements 10x faster. Highly recommend!