TrackMage Order Tracking Page

TrackMage Order Tracking Page


Upsell your customers while they are waiting for their orders!

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No more "Where is my order?"

Cut down time spent responding to customer emails while your customers check the status of their parcels themselves.

Get clients back to your store

Why spend millions on marketing only to drive traffic to the carrier's website for shipment tracking?

Get great reviews on autopilot

Collect reviews just at the right time after the order is delivered! Boost your sales with social proof and repeat purchases

TrackMage Order Tracking Page 정보

Do less, earn more while giving your customers the best post-purchase experience they could ask for.

This app connects your Shopify store to TrackMage. It automatically imports orders with the statuses you choose and synchronizes all the shipment data in real-time.

TrackMage is a shipment tracking system that shows your customers where their parcels are, helps provide support, and gets reviews on autopilot.

  • TrackMage supports 600+ carriers.
  • You can create Tracking Pages for customers and vendors with your custom domains.
  • TrackMage supports automation via Zapier integration
  • Team accounts with multiple users access and permissions for each store and warehouse
  • Advanced Analytics for the whole parcel’s volume across all channels

Create the best experience for your customers

TrackMage allows your customers to see where their package is without having to ask you.

Increase your sales and retain your customers by providing them proactive updates about the whereabouts of their orders. Use personalized branded tracking emails and tracking pages to upgrade your overall customer journey.

Collect Reviews On Autopilot

There is an opportunity for customers to leave a review on a TrackMage tracking page. If the review is positive you can place it on your stores' home page as one of the featured testimonials.

Get More Repeat Purchases

Let your customers feel that you care about them after the purchase. Increase the chance of them buying from you again.

Decrease The Number Of Refunds or Chargebacks

When you provide tracking information just in time your customers don't have any reasons to panic and ask for refunds.

Talk with your customers in their native language

Customizable emails and localization on tracking pages help you to provide multi-lingual support.

Make better, more informed decisions

Which carrier is performing the best? Which carrier to use to ship a parcel from Brazil to Canada? Which carrier loses most of the parcels? These and many other questions are very hard to find an answer to if you don’t have a sophisticated monitoring system with multi-factor analysis in place.

Keep your orders and shipments under control

Track your customer orders, supplier orders, and returns in real-time, anticipate after-sales issues.


  • Zapier

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  • Unlimited Tracking Pages
  • 100 Tracking Numbers per month
  • 2 Users
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  • Unlimited Tracking Pages
  • 100 Tracking Numbers per month
  • 2 Users
  • 1000 Emails per month
  • Custom Domains
  • Custom Email Notifications



  • Unlimited Tracking Pages
  • 500 Tracking Numbers per month
  • 3 Users
  • 2500 Emails per month
  • Custom Domains
  • Custom Email Notifications



  • Unlimited Tracking Pages
  • 2000 Tracking Numbers per month
  • 5 Users
  • 10000 Emails per month
  • Custom Domains
  • Custom Email Notifications

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