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Multichannel inventory management & order management platform

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One of the best inventory management platforms I've worked with. The team is quick to respond and listens to feedback. I would highly recommend TradeGecko if you're looking for an easy to use and flexible inventory management system.


Syncs brilliantly and works well with sales. Support team are quick to act and resolve small issues. We do all updates within TradeGecko and simply do the layout and hiding within Shopify.
Is the best weapon for your business.

Esl Shop

With the increasing size of our business, we needed an inventory and purchase order management solution that allowed us to grow our business. We compared a number of different options in the Shopify app store, and Tradegecko quickly became our clear favourite. A small background on our shop: Euro-centric, 500+ SKUs, plans to launch additional shopify store fronts, selling both on Shopify and at festival-like events. We'd been online for about 18 months, and managed our processes through an endless, confusing list of Excel files to track purchase prices, purchase orders, product details, supplier lists and more.

What we needed the inventory management solution to do, and how Tradegecko performed on each of these tasks:

- Consistent tracking of inventory across events, orders, giveaways, purchase orders etc: This is what Tradegecko was made for, and it excels at it.
- Transparent handling of 6 different returns cases: Required some thinking on how to adjust our processes to the Tradegecko system. Not all cases are fully intuitive, so we wrote down a step-to-step guide how to handle different cases, and it now works like a charm.
- Managing stock transfers out of the online stock to events, and afterwards getting sales numbers into Tradegecko: We're now using the multi-warehouse feature to accomplish this. Reporting is a bit clunky, but it does work.

What surprised me:

- Tradegecko excels at handling inclusive tax systems like VAT in Europe, and the currency conversion is flawless.
- The price list feature is very powerful for bulk actions, once you get the hang of it.
- Compiling purchase orders and stock transfers works like a charm if you follow best practices for setting up SKUs for your products.

And one word of advice: If you have an existing Shopify instance that you connect with Tradegecko, be extra careful during setup. Tradegecko is very powerful and flexible, but this means you need to be sure about what actions you do inside the system. Try to write down how you want to handle your business processes in Tradegecko, and make sure all your team members follow the guidelines step-by-step. The on-boarding support by Tradegecko is really good, so don't hesitate to ask them for assistance and best practices.


Very easy to use, an exceptional team and support, the only software you should have in mind to manage your inventories!


Many of the initial problems have been solved, and TradeGecko has really progressed a lot in the last few months. They offer many options to setup the software as you require, meaning that they are globally efficient for many different markets and currencies. The Stock Sync with Shopify is seamless, and the support is great and very friendly.

Good on you TradeGecko team, we look forward to further progress!


TradeGecko is a remarkable inventory system that puts sales first, which is exactly why we selected it. We've been delighted with TradeGecko's B2B portal as well as multi-channel web sales options to integrate with our Shopify accounts. The support staff is second to none and are incredibly responsive to help improve our experience.


If managing inventory is an important aspect of your business, but you are still not able to do custom development, nor are you able to outsource it, then TG is a great solution for you. We used it to integrate in all our e-commerce efforts and it is perfectly working so far.


- Easy to use dashboard providing you the information needed to overview your orders.
- Lots of apps that can easily let it integrate in your e-commerce channels and accounting / crm softwares.
- Very proper reporting in line with your business requirements.


- It still is an inventory software which is replacing a possible very big and expensive custom software solution, so it takes a while to understand how everything works.
- The dashboard is not translated in several languages, so the people that work with it have to have basic English knowledge to really optimize the usage.

Boardgame Space

TradeGecko is not a perfect inventory management system, but if you're just starting out it is perfect. We've been using it since the company launched and it has been great. As we grow we find some of the areas where it falls short, but their customer support has been great in helping us find ways to make it work in the best possible way for us.

And on top of that, it syncs with Shopify very seamlessly. We have been processing orders through Shopify's POS app and it syncs with TradeGecko and makes Inventory management a breeze.

Boardgame Space recommends TradeGecko.

Yotta Electronics

TradeGecko is awesome.
First, the customer support is very good. Unlike shopify, if they can't solve the problem by email. They can help you through skype.
Second, the software has all the inventory functionality that an online retailer need.
Third, the system is robust. Even though they upgrade the system frequently, the server runs smoothly without much downtime.
Fourth, you get a business wholesale portal for free.


We love Tradegecko here at Superlove, prior to implementing this app we did everything via spreadsheets... then we did it again when we messed it up, and again, and again..we realised it was madness when we were spending way more time trying to figure out why stock was messed up, and on related customer service problems (!!) than we were building our brand and marketing our lovely products. Tradegecko has become the centre of our universe and we'd recommend this system to anyone who runs a business involving inventory.