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Data de edição: 6 de abril de 2024

They have been charging us $1,250/month and bringing on average 3 sales for the past 3 months. They have refused to refund any of our payments and are holding our cancelled subscripiton fee captive so we don't open disputes. Completely bad business practive, false advertisement, fraudulent activity and behavior. We will report them Shopify and have disputed our payments from PayPal. Edit: We never had a year long subscription, all their statements and numbers are complete lies ! Feel free to privately contact me if you want to see our proofs. DO NOT USE THİS APPLİCATİON ! The first month we had a positive ROAS with very low volume, this is how they tricked us into spending more with them ! This is their scamming strategy. They never made any AI Ads, Facebook or Instagram Ads. All they do is copy a Google branding campaign to retarget your existing users without adding any real value. This is how they get a good ROAS on the beggining, then they raise your budget and start charging you with no sales, be very careful with this misleading company !

Creative Home
10 meses usando o app
StoreYa deixou uma resposta 6 de abril de 2024

You could have cancelled your account with us at any point and yet you chose to keep renewing it for a whole year and then disputed the last 3 months asking to get funds that were already wired to Google Ads on your behalf and that have gained a positive ROAS for your store.
We are sorry to see you leave, and in order to keep your store's privacy, we will not disclose the real stats gained which are not as stated in your review.

14 de março de 2020

Wasted marketing dollars. Do it yourself or get help from a Fiverr freelancer. You'll get far better results with a lot more transparency. Automated robots don't work. I used for 2.5 months. Enough time to prove themselves. Original charge was $120 a month. Then the next months went up to $180. During the last month, my campaign was cut 2 weeks short because they said it was too expensive to attract the target audience. So you need to pay them more before they turn it back on. If you are in business sales are what count. You won't get them from Storeya.

FUSCI Seated Clothing
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 ano usando o app
11 de dezembro de 2022

Started off really good, got sales, lots of hits. We doubled the monthly payment, wasn't as good. Gave it a full year and it ended up not going dead three weeks before Black Friday, and there was no warning or email on this happening. Didn't find out that this happened until after, and only by checking the numbers ourselves. Emailed them, they told us our ads dried up due to low funds, advised us to double our payment. Gave it another month, literally less than 1% traffic from this time last year. Emailed to cancel, they told us that if we do our other ads (not having to do with them) would suffer. Sounds like extortion/ransom for ads. Definitely a no go.

V Development Group
Estados Unidos
11 meses usando o app
StoreYa deixou uma resposta 12 de dezembro de 2022

Over the course of a year, we gained a ROAS of 5.2X for your store.
We have alerted you twice before and during the high season that your funds were exhausted (Nov. 16th and 26th).
Our Google Ads account was driving 25% of your store's revenue hence we recommended not to take it off to avoid harming your other efforts.
This was a professional insight - not extortion.

9 de dezembro de 2023


Be Proud of Insanity
1 dia usando o app
StoreYa deixou uma resposta 12 de dezembro de 2023

You have never used our app, so we're not sure why you would write such a review.
You are welcome to first try us out and then share your feedback.

17 de janeiro de 2019

Blocked me out of my account, charged without permission and refused to provide me account access.
Performance was ok but this is a VERY bad ending and has left a sour taste in my mouth.

Would NOT recommend after such a terrible experience at the end-simply cannot trust them anymore which is an essential when it comes to finances and your site

8 meses usando o app
16 de agosto de 2019

This app is extremely deceiving. We started using the app in the middle of June and chose the second tier which estimates around 14-20 monthly sales. The first month with the app went great. However, the second month has not shown to be successful at all! So far this month the app has NOT brought any new traffic to our site and no sales and we paid $500 this month, since last month went so well.
Another thing that is so deceiving is the weekly emails this app sends to get you to spend more money and keep using the app. Each week this app sends you an email summarizing "your week" but it actually is showing what you're sales/traffic has been since using the app. This weekly email is extremely deceiving and makes it seem like the app is bringing in sales and traffic but it is not.

Estados Unidos
8 meses usando o app
StoreYa deixou uma resposta 22 de agosto de 2019

Hi Amy,

We are sorry to hear you are frustrated with our app.
The first month was successful and in the 2nd month, we spent only 28% of the budget so far. I'll elaborate a bit more below.

Regarding the number of visitors we've driven, we are in a stage of optimization that we are looking for what works best for you and do not want to waste the marketing budget on traffic that is not the highest of quality. Since your last payment, we have decreased the daily spend and so far from your last payment, we have only spent 28% of your marketing budget. We share the same goal of growing your business. When you generate more sales, we get to keep you happy for a longer period of time. Our business is built upon happy customers who use us for years. For this reason, we are optimizing your campaigns towards sales, even if that results in us driving less traffic for a couple of weeks until we learn what works best.

Reviewing your store's performance we see that it is has a low conversion rate, we recommend on our free site audit offered by our Benchmark Hero app which will pinpoint where there is room for improvement.

In the weekly email, we provide the total sales and traffic since sign up and the updated amount each week with the plus sign (similar to Google's reports).

I'll be happy to further assist. Feel free to contact us at support@storeya.com

26 de novembro de 2019

V bad value, V poor results, V Low quality traffic, keep saying budget exhausted, constant encouragement to upgrade, with no way to go back, overall it STINKS of rip off !

Equip To Work
Reino Unido
8 meses usando o app
StoreYa deixou uma resposta 27 de novembro de 2019

We are sorry to hear your feedback.
We believe that you kept on extending your advertising budget with us for 8 months because we drove 33% of your sales.
We encourage you to use our free Benchmark Hero app in order to improve your store's conversion rate.
If you need any further assistance feel free to reach out at support@storeya.com

13 de novembro de 2018

Used the app to drive traffic for 3 months. The traffic was of lower quality than the traffic I could get from google on my own (I got people to add to cart/view multiple products etc, not so with the traffic from this app, also much less traffic for same amount of money).

It is easy to setup, you also pick key words yourself, this could be the reason, as the true amount of optimization is not big? On my own I kept optimizing the words and add copy in google, which improved the performance. I did not notice any improvement of the add campaigns performance.

I want a refund!

7 meses usando o app
17 de dezembro de 2020

There promo sponsor ads you see in your feed promise the moon in ROI X-times... they said and delivers ROCK SAND...Went from the starter price of $120 a month (which I only got 60 views the first month on my site morati world) "where they said there A.I will find the right customers in fashion, after the first few months of investing in this trash app I talked to customer service to get a better understanding on how things work, they said I need to increase my budget which I did to the $250 plan to see if there would be any difference where I could at least get one sale, invested over $$$$ and got $0 sales what a waste. I should have spent that money on Facebook ads and at least get a few last.

Morati World
Estados Unidos
3 meses usando o app
StoreYa deixou uma resposta 18 de dezembro de 2020

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with our company, we do our best to keep our clients happy with us.

We understand that getting the first few sales is always the hardest and can be very frustrated.
We encourage you to put an effort into improving your shopping experience by following the free site audit our Benchmark Hero app offers. This should help you jumpstart your store and improve your conversion rate.

Data de edição: 14 de setembro de 2021

My biggest mistake of 2021. This app won't make you more money, they will just POACH ATTRIBUTION from your other campaigns and make you think theirs are profitable. These guys are REALLY dishonest and won't give a clear answer when asked questions. Here's what happened. I paid for storeya for 2.5 months on the basic plan. During that time I think I got a few sales. 2.5 months in I found out that they were running ads on the NAME of my store, and these accounted for MOST of the sales. Not products or product keywords. My store's name is unique and we rank #1 on google (duh!). But above my #1 google spot, storeya was running ads poaching customers with purchase intent from my other campaigns. Here's what was happening: 1. you run influencer/cpc/whatever campaign
2. customer googles you
3. customer clicks on storeya ad running at top of Google instead of your store which is prob #1
4. they purchase 5. Storeya attributes this purchase to their advertising. I literally had 2 customer tell me this, but the attribution was to storeya. When I discovered this I asked storeya to plz stop running ads for the name of my store. they refused. Got super vague and told me their ads help me to rank better on google. I said "I'm #1 on google for my store's weird name. Why am I paying you for this!?" Save yourself $$$$$$ and AVOID.

LLUME Jewelry
3 meses usando o app
StoreYa deixou uma resposta 16 de setembro de 2021

We have spent $12 bidding on your brand name since your competitors were taking 60% of your most targeted traffic and bypassing your natural results by bidding on your brand name using Google Ads. This is a common best practice one that we run on our unique brand name as well for the same reasons.