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12 de maio de 2024

Have use for a month now and got around a 3x ROI have found it to be reasonably good. My biggest criticism is the set up is a little too basic and so is the dashboard. You need to use Google analytics to have half an idea of what is happening. They have been very helpful everytime we made contact (sometimes a bit slow).
Only got around half the traffic advertised but,
The traffic they do send has been good at just under 5% conversion rate (my store normally sits at 2%)
Overall have been happy with it.

Response Wize
3 meses usando o app
22 de maio de 2024

First, I must say that five stars for me means I'm astonished at the value received for whatever I'm rating (e.g., three stars means it meets my expectations).

That said, there is real value to be had with this service, especially if you like a hands-off approach. You will get a nice boost in traffic and tangible sales that should easily cover the cost of the service for you.

Home & Kids Co.
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
StoreYa deixou uma resposta 28 de maio de 2024

We're grateful for your positive review! Hearing that our app helps you drive traffic and boost sales is incredibly motivating for our team. Thank you for sharing your experience. You're spot on about our hands-free approach, we take pride in taking the burden off our clients' shoulders.

2 de outubro de 2023

L'app fa quello che promette. Occorre un po' di pazienza all'inizio in modo che si assetti nel modo giusto, ma poi da risultati. Consigliata per chi non ha tempo o esperienza nell'advertising.

Fango Store
5 meses usando o app
21 de julho de 2020

Storeya has become one of our most successful and reliable advertising channels and we haven't needed to create any of our own google ads since. Our ROAS is 10.7. The results are pretty self explanatory. I recommend relying on storeya for 30-50% of your marketing activity, and focusing your limited energy on the other tasks that you can't automate. Take advantage of this resource, just be specific about your budget and goals with your campaigns and they will listen.

Walkabout Harnesses, LLC
Estados Unidos
Mais de 4 anos usando o app
3 de outubro de 2022

We've been using StoreYa to run our facebook and Google Ads for about 3 months now. I would give it a 4.5 stare but the option is only either 4 or 5 and so far, they do not deserve a 5 star but they're definitely close. I will do a breakdown base of our 3 month experience with them so far. FACEBOOK ADS.
The facebook ad is the reason why they don't have a perfect 5 start. If we were using them solely for google Ad's they would get a perfect 5 star (so far). The reason they lose a star is because the facebook ad's they're running is not performing well. Now I know that ad's do not perform miracles and that there are A LOT of different variables that can affect it's effectiveness such as the design of your website but we know this is not the case because when we first started with StoreYA, we only ran facebook Ads and they were generating great ROAS, specially on our retargeting Ads. But after we were recommended to increase our ad budget, our ROAS has dramatically degreased by more than half. Our retargeting Ad ROAS went from 12 in august to 4.5 in September with our higher budget. I've talked to Emma regarding this issue after she recommended we increase our Google ads in which she responded it should get better after it starts working together with the google ads. We will wait another month or two and if it does not get better, we might just stop using them for our Facebook Ads and only stick with google Ads which is what they're really good at. GOOGLE ADs.
StoreYa does a GREAT job running google Ads. Although our google Ads have dropped in ROAS from 20 in August to 14.5 in September, it is still well above the ROAS we use to get from running our own Ads. As mentioned above, If we were using StoreYa solely for Google Ads, they would have gotten a 5 star review. If you're going to use them for facebook ads as well, For now, we recommend you stay at a low budget since they seem to generate better ROAS as lower budget. If our ROAS does not improve soon with our new higher budget which was recommended by them, we will end up going back to our lower budget and transfer that to Google Ads instead.

Estados Unidos
Mais de 1 ano usando o app
21 de dezembro de 2021

We used StoreYa to help us start advertising on Google. They are great to work with and have shown us results. We are excited to see how our partnership continues to grow.

Estados Unidos
10 meses usando o app