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Horrible customer service. I chose the basic $120 plan to start and was charged $335. I was sent setup instructions hours after creating the account. I would not recommend them. Very unprofessional. And the so called positive reviews are from people who don't know anything about marketing and let these people get over on them.

Developer reply

December 25, 2019

You provided us with a site that was offline and online at times and had demo text and images in it and therefore couldn't be promoted. The site was registered 4 days period to signing up and was not indexed on Google yet.
Your account was immediately canceled and fully refunded. We invite you to come back once the store is ready for paid traffic. 


**Dropped from a 2-star to a 1-star review as Storeya just bumped 4 positive reviews above mine.**

I don't normally write app reviews, but I wanted to provide a detailed review of this app as it is a large investment for many small businesses and there are a couple of things I thought it was important for other stores to be aware of.

I used Storeya's Traffic Booster for 2 months, the first month I was on the basic plan, the second month I upgraded to the standard plan.

1st Month
Paid $178AUD for basic plan. Storeya drove 152 visitors, resulting in 2 sales.

2nd Month
Paid $730AUD for standard plan. Storeya drove 462 visitors, resulting in 9 sales.

- Quick & Easy set-up
- Responsive Email Customer Service
- Reporting Dashboard

- Delivered about half the traffic they advertise in their marketing (Storeya advertises that the basic plan will drive 250-500 visitors and standard plan will drive 700-1,400 visitors)
- Lack of transparency around the ads they are running on your behalf as they run the campaigns in their own account.
- High-bounce rate of traffic compared to other sources.

General Comments:
I have my suspicions that some of the claims made by storeya in their marketing activities are misleading. For instance they are currently running a video ad on instagram featuring 'Christine Jones' from Christine claims that she is seeing a return of 6.5X ROAS, then in the review posted from zodiac fanatic below they claim a ROI of 13X. Obviously extremely impressive results, but I was a little sceptical. I looked at zodiac fanatics website, which says it is located in New Jersey, USA. However their facebook pages shows that it is managed by 11 people from Israel, the same country that Storeya operates from. Seems unlikely that these are REAL results IMO.

Final comment:
Buyer Beware. If you are going to use this app start with small amounts, and don't expect the incredible results they advertise.

Developer reply

December 5, 2019

Thank you for your feedback.

We think it is important to mention that:
1. We have gained the majority of your sales.
2. We have gained a conversion rate that was twice as high as your general store's conversion rate. You are welcome to use our free Benchmark Hero app in order to improve your store's conversion rate.

As for ZodiacFanatic, they have no issue being a USA company and letting an Israeli company (with team members in Germany and USA) managing their ads and social activities. We do the same for merchants from 186 countries.
Their Shopping ROAS was indeed 13X while their total ROAS was 6.5x, so we kept our ads intact accordingly.

Equip To Work

V bad value, V poor results, V Low quality traffic, keep saying budget exhausted, constant encouragement to upgrade, with no way to go back, overall it STINKS of rip off !

Developer reply

November 27, 2019

We are sorry to hear your feedback.
We believe that you kept on extending your advertising budget with us for 8 months because we drove 33% of your sales.
We encourage you to use our free Benchmark Hero app in order to improve your store's conversion rate.
If you need any further assistance feel free to reach out at


I tried this bullshit for $120, then I didn't know that it's a recurring charge and they took now $180! Fucking disgusting deceiving piece of crap!

Developer reply

October 30, 2019

1. You were charged according to the plan you signed up for. Recurring payments are meant to keep your account alive at all times which is very important for its performance. We publicly mentioned the recurring payments on 4 different places along the flow.
2. You were refunded immediately upon receiving your request for a refund.
3. We do not appreciate your language.


This app is extremely deceiving. We started using the app in the middle of June and chose the second tier which estimates around 14-20 monthly sales. The first month with the app went great. However, the second month has not shown to be successful at all! So far this month the app has NOT brought any new traffic to our site and no sales and we paid $500 this month, since last month went so well.
Another thing that is so deceiving is the weekly emails this app sends to get you to spend more money and keep using the app. Each week this app sends you an email summarizing "your week" but it actually is showing what you're sales/traffic has been since using the app. This weekly email is extremely deceiving and makes it seem like the app is bringing in sales and traffic but it is not.

Developer reply

August 22, 2019

Hi Amy,

We are sorry to hear you are frustrated with our app.
The first month was successful and in the 2nd month, we spent only 28% of the budget so far. I'll elaborate a bit more below.

Regarding the number of visitors we've driven, we are in a stage of optimization that we are looking for what works best for you and do not want to waste the marketing budget on traffic that is not the highest of quality. Since your last payment, we have decreased the daily spend and so far from your last payment, we have only spent 28% of your marketing budget. We share the same goal of growing your business. When you generate more sales, we get to keep you happy for a longer period of time. Our business is built upon happy customers who use us for years. For this reason, we are optimizing your campaigns towards sales, even if that results in us driving less traffic for a couple of weeks until we learn what works best.

Reviewing your store's performance we see that it is has a low conversion rate, we recommend on our free site audit offered by our Benchmark Hero app which will pinpoint where there is room for improvement.

In the weekly email, we provide the total sales and traffic since sign up and the updated amount each week with the plus sign (similar to Google's reports).

I'll be happy to further assist. Feel free to contact us at

Jazame, Inc.

My plan was for $120 per month. Got one sale that cost me $120.00
The second month they billed me $180.00
DON'T WAST YOUR MONEY you can do it better your self.

Developer reply

May 5, 2019

We were happy to resolve this issue to your satisfaction.
We wish you all the best with your business!

Trumpy Shop USA

They charged me $335.00 for the app at a 33% discount from your monthly $500.00 rate for a promotion. As a result, they were able to get me: $142.27 in sales on 5 orders. Their average monthly orders during the sale process based on this rate of $500 is: 20-30. I have a very simple website with an easy checkout process. Then they stopped ads in the middle of the month because they stated, "It was too expensive." Not sure how a business can succeed under this model. Very disappointed. Wanted to make sure others were made aware of this. Also, there weren't a ton of abandoned carts or anything -- just 2.

Developer reply

March 3, 2019

Hi There,

Thank you for sending your feedback.
According to your Google Analytics all of the sales you've gained were generated by the Traffic Booster.
We have driven almost 800 targeted shoppers to your store with a very high click-through rate of 2.42%, spending the entire budget you paid us ($335).
The issue is with your store's conversion rate which is way lower than the average 2% an eCommerce store would have.

Selling online is a challenging journey, it's our passion to help small business owners like yourself to grow their businesses. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us at we'll be happy to further assist!

Imperial Blades Wholesale | Oscillating Blades |

ZERO transparency on the key words used, can't see the ads published and they stopped showing my ads mid-month because they said that it was 'too expensive to target my key words and service would resume when next billing cycle starts' Oh..and it didn't generate a single sale. This was a complete and total waste of time and money for me.

Developer reply

March 3, 2019

Hi David,

Thank you for sending your feedback.
On Jan. 20th, you have paid us $335. In return we have set up a Google Ads account and drove targeted traffic with a high 2.74% click-through rate worth $343 - we spent more than you paid us.

Your niche was indeed more expensive than avg. ($0.83 cost per click in comparison to the avg. $0.50). Your store has a relatively low conversion rate in comparison to the eCommerce standard average of 2%.

We use dynamic search terms which change the keywords all the time, we also use Google Shopping and Dynamic remarketing which don't use keywords at all. Preview of the ads is shown in the edit settings section of the app.

Selling online is a challenging journey, it's our passion to help small business owners like yourself to grow their businesses. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us at we'll be happy to further assist!

Positivity Apparel

Don't waste your money. This app is nothing like the description. I was hesitant to make the purchase, but after seeing all the 5 star reviews, I decided to give it a try and boy was that a mistake. I was charged $120 for a product that REDUCED traffic to my store and INCREASED my bounce rate. So, any traffic I was getting as a result of this app was completely useless. Another thing that I found sketchy is when I allowed the app access to my Google Analytics it showed that I was getting all this traffic, but my Shopify analytics didn't match up with this. When I revoked the apps access to Google Analytics, the traffic shown was in sync with Shopify showing that my traffic actually decreased and my bounce rate was phenomenal. The app description promised great results right away, but once you purchase the app and get to the dashboard, it wants you to pay the full $180 for 2-3 months before you see any changes. I don't know about you but that sounds like a complete rip off and I refuse to waste money on a service that is obviously misleading. Don't be fooled by the 5 star reviews like I was! I'm disputing the charge in PayPal because this service is not as described. I get better traffic from Google and Facebook ads.

Developer reply

March 3, 2019

Hi Devin,
Thank you for your review.
In the 4 days we were running your campaigns we only had time to drive 19 visitors to your site.
Those visitors were highly targeted and all came from Google Ads.
There is no technical way we could have reduced your traffic.
We would love to see your business grow with us, that's our goal and passion, but unfortunately, you stopped the campaign at a very early stage.


Blocked me out of my account, charged without permission and refused to provide me account access.
Performance was ok but this is a VERY bad ending and has left a sour taste in my mouth.

Would NOT recommend after such a terrible experience at the end-simply cannot trust them anymore which is an essential when it comes to finances and your site

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