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Location United States

I'm glad other people had success with StoreYa, but I wasn't one of them. - It took about two weeks for support to help me complete connecting my StoreYa to my Google account as the step by step instructions they provided were not working.
- The first 2 days using the app were okay, but after Day 2 the views that the app was generating were cut down by 50%-75% depending on the day and they never bounced back up to where they were when I started.
- ZERO sales were generated. I know they recommend using the app for 90 days (3 months). That would be $360 in HOPES of then generating sales if you are only using the basic plan, the other plans would be even pricier. It honestly feels like the basic plan is just used to get people into the app so they can then begin pushing the other plans on to you. Example: There's a sliding scale on the page that says if you spend x amount you can expect y amount of sales. The pricier plans may work better but the basic plan certainly isn't worth $120. I'm pretty unsatisfied with the performance and I had reached out for a refund because of this but I never received a response.

Developer reply

June 2, 2022

Hi Tylor,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with our app.
You canceled your account within the first couple of weeks, even before your first month ended. One cannot expect to see results in such a short period of time with a store that doesn't have much data. We need to collect enough data for optimization.
As you mentioned in your review the other happy clients that wrote their reviews are with us for months if not years.
I see that we replied to all of your emails within the same day. We also sent you an email and will be happy to hear back from you.

I started out with this company last month and was skeptical from the beginning. First of all, when it comes to advertising with Google transparency is everything, the problem with companies like this is you don't know how much money goes towards the Google budget. The reports they send are so vague that really show nothing important. When advertising online you need to know how much money is going where, flying blind is a recipe for disaster. The main thing I wanted done was a Google shopping campaign which I paid for on the mid tier plan. After a week I noticed that the shopping campaign was not running so I contacted support, 24 hours later I got an answer, 24 hours is a lifetime when you are advertising online. The answer I received was "can you please send us your merchant account info" A couple of days later they informed me that the account was up and running only to see 80% of my products where not listed because they did not do it right. When I asked about that, the answer I received was oh we need to add it to our Google Merchant Account. Why? It's clear they do not know how to work with Google Shopping Campaigns. Also, the Google Ads they wrote were so poorly done that they would not entice anyone to click. I canceled the service. Now Google had suspended my ads account for breaking the Circumventing systems policy which is the worst suspension you can get from Google. There is little chance I will ever be able to get my account back because of this company that has no idea what they are doing. Lots of 5 star reviews for them can only make me think that the people that use them really don't know what to look at. Buyer beware. They did refund my money in full and kudos to them for doing so, I'm sure it's because they knew they messed up pretty bad. I wanted to update this review based on the vendors reply below, seems they always throw the "we need more time" excuse in all their replies. I was with them for 10 days yes. But they were not able to get the shopping campaign up for over a week. The problem here is not giving them enough time it's that they did not do the job right from the beginning. As for the suspension, my account was suspended because they did something wrong on their end , it has nothing to do with my site. It's a shame how they always seem to point fingers back to the accounts they fail with. As for Google analytics, you cannot see budget spend and CPC in Google Analytics.

Developer reply

March 8, 2022

Thank you for sharing your feedback, and I'm sorry to hear about the experience you had with us.
I do believe it's important to add a bit of context and information from our end regarding your review.
You tried our service for only 10 days. Your store is not converting regardless of our traffic and doesn't have history or data to work with, which means we need to collect enough data for optimization, and as mentioned 10 days is not enough time for that.
The traffic we drive to our clients' stores can be easily tracked in their own Google Analytics.

If your account got suspended you need to check that you are following Google's guidelines, your allegations are not related to us or the account you ran with us.

Since we never had a chance with your store in light of the above, we refunded you with your money in full, despite investing it partially on your behalf.
We've been in business for more than 10 years, and the amazing hard-earned 5-stars reviews, come from clients that use us for months/years.
We wish you all the best.

VVS Jewelry

Location Canada

Updating my review - these guys don't respond at all if you ask them for a refund. Ad performance dropped month over month and I want to spend more on SEO. I asked for a refund for my $2900 deposit and I haven't been able to get an answer for days now. Will likely file a chargeback.

Developer reply

June 12, 2022

It was our pleasure to support your business from 2017, helping you grow and scale.

You sent a refund request during the weekend, and our support response time was a bit slow due to a national holiday we celebrated.
We refunded your money in full at the beginning of that week.
We wish you all the best.

LLUME Jewelry

My biggest mistake of 2021. This app won't make you more money, they will just POACH ATTRIBUTION from your other campaigns and make you think theirs are profitable. These guys are REALLY dishonest and won't give a clear answer when asked questions. Here's what happened. I paid for storeya for 2.5 months on the basic plan. During that time I think I got a few sales. 2.5 months in I found out that they were running ads on the NAME of my store, and these accounted for MOST of the sales. Not products or product keywords. My store's name is unique and we rank #1 on google (duh!). But above my #1 google spot, storeya was running ads poaching customers with purchase intent from my other campaigns. Here's what was happening: 1. you run influencer/cpc/whatever campaign
2. customer googles you
3. customer clicks on storeya ad running at top of Google instead of your store which is prob #1
4. they purchase 5. Storeya attributes this purchase to their advertising. I literally had 2 customer tell me this, but the attribution was to storeya. When I discovered this I asked storeya to plz stop running ads for the name of my store. they refused. Got super vague and told me their ads help me to rank better on google. I said "I'm #1 on google for my store's weird name. Why am I paying you for this!?" Save yourself $$$$$$ and AVOID.

Developer reply

September 16, 2021

We have spent $12 bidding on your brand name since your competitors were taking 60% of your most targeted traffic and bypassing your natural results by bidding on your brand name using Google Ads. This is a common best practice one that we run on our unique brand name as well for the same reasons.


We opted in for the PRO SUBSCRIPTION, which costed $1000!! We were very hesitant because the price was extremely expensive but we thought to give them a try because they did such a great job advertising themselves and believed they were exactly what we were looking for to help increase our online sales and take it to the next level! They promised an estimated monthly visitors of 2,000-4,000. Guess how much we only received?Only 746 visitors!! They promised an estimated monthly sales of 40-60. How much did we receive? Only 10 sales! We were actually making much more sales without their service! And the funny thing is they think this is acceptable and think they've done a great job with their automatic SMART algorithm system! We cancelled our subscription before the month even finished! They would not give me my full refund or even a substantial partial amount and were very happy to let me cancel my subscription! I've had a really bad experience and would not recommend using them at all. Honestly what a waste of money! And also the video ad you guys made with the woman swearing with a temper, it was not funny and highly offensive!

Developer reply

February 9, 2021

Hi Cemal,

I'm sorry to hear that despite our efforts this is how you summarize your experience with our company.
We support thousands of merchants that are happy with us and we do our best to help them grow online.
As mentioned in our correspondence, your site is new, has no data, and a low conversion rate and for that reason, we took initiative and had our experts providing you with a free site audit to help you improve your store's shopping experience and conversion rate. We have even suggested to paused your campaigns until you execute our recommendations.
We have generated your business 14 sales. If you had the industry average conversion rate, the targeted traffic we drove to your store would have converted per our estimation as publically provided on our plans and pricing table.
In regards to the refund, we have refunded you with your unused funds and informed you about it a few days ago.

Selling online is a long journey, the first few sales are always the hardest.

I wish you all the best,
StoreYa Team


I signed up for the $1,000/month tier and committed to 3 months to give this app a real shot of success, and I really wanted it to work, because I'm not great at digital marketing. My shop averages 2-4 sales a day, so we can convert, but I was looking to boost sales. After 2 months, we had 4 total sales through StoreYa... not the start I was looking for, but maybe we were finding our footing? The Facebook integration didn't work for me, so I reached out and was told that there was a bug, and they were working on it. I never heard back on that, Facebook integration just wasn't included for me I guess... Suddenly in month 3, my traffic dropped off a cliff. I reached out again, and I was told that my site was the problem (not adding upsells, speed needed a boost, add some more reviews, etc). I explained that none of this should explain why my traffic was falling, despite still converting my own leads 2-4 a day. I was told they would keep an eye on it, and I never heard back from them again. Maybe this could work for a different store. It certainly didn't for mine, and I wasted $3,000 on it... Really disappointed.

Morati World

There promo sponsor ads you see in your feed promise the moon in ROI X-times... they said and delivers ROCK SAND...Went from the starter price of $120 a month (which I only got 60 views the first month on my site morati world) "where they said there A.I will find the right customers in fashion, after the first few months of investing in this trash app I talked to customer service to get a better understanding on how things work, they said I need to increase my budget which I did to the $250 plan to see if there would be any difference where I could at least get one sale, invested over $$$$ and got $0 sales what a waste. I should have spent that money on Facebook ads and at least get a few last.

Developer reply

December 18, 2020

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with our company, we do our best to keep our clients happy with us.

We understand that getting the first few sales is always the hardest and can be very frustrated.
We encourage you to put an effort into improving your shopping experience by following the free site audit our Benchmark Hero app offers. This should help you jumpstart your store and improve your conversion rate.


dont use this app, make your paypal permanent limit and now when i try to login in app its says "The service is unavailable.", wow DONT USE THIS APP

Developer reply

October 27, 2020

Our site was down for maintenance for a couple of minutes, I apologize for the inconvenience.
You wrote this review before trying our product. Our support team sent you an email, and we'll be happy to hear back from you.


Better set up a campaign yourself or find someone to do it for you! You will get a better results! Just not worth the money!

Developer reply

July 21, 2020

Thank you for your review.
We know that launching a new site and getting the first sales is hard. We have been helping people doing exactly that for the past 8 years building our reputation from the ground up. It would take more time and data for your site to succeed. Feel free to visit us in the future. Good luck!

FUSCI Seated Clothing

Wasted marketing dollars. Do it yourself or get help from a Fiverr freelancer. You'll get far better results with a lot more transparency. Automated robots don't work. I used for 2.5 months. Enough time to prove themselves. Original charge was $120 a month. Then the next months went up to $180. During the last month, my campaign was cut 2 weeks short because they said it was too expensive to attract the target audience. So you need to pay them more before they turn it back on. If you are in business sales are what count. You won't get them from Storeya.

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