StoreYa: Google Ads & Shopping

StoreYa: Google Ads & Shopping


Google Shopping, Google AdWords, Remarketing & Facebook ads!

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Google Shopping

Automatic modification of your products feed for Google Shopping + real-time optimization of your campaigns.

Google Ads & Remarketing

Automatic setup and real-time optimization of keywords, ads, bidding and the most relevant landing pages.

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

We will combine growth and retargeting campaigns in order to provide you with the best ROAS and scaling opportunities.

StoreYa: Google Ads & Shopping 정보

Before we elaborate on this amazing app there are two important things to mention:

This is not another simplified Facebook or Google Ads dashboard where you still need to set up and manage your campaigns. Our AI technology will do everything on your behalf! We automate Google Ads and Facebook Ads using our unique AI technology. Take the burden off your shoulders, and get the right customers at the right time for the right cost.

The prices you see on this page include the ads budget. There are no additional fees.

How does Traffic Booster Work?

Our expert marketing team has experience managing over $150M on PPC ad campaigns. They will create personalized campaigns for your business on the largest ad networks, like Google Ads (Search, Shopping, Remarketing, YouTube, etc.), Facebook, and Instagram.

Then our algorithm kicks in - optimizing in real-time the bids and matching the keywords and ads with the most relevant pages on your site - all in order to get the most effective campaigns at any given moment.

In doing so we can achieve the lowest price per click in order to help your company achieve its goals. If you're looking to boost your sales, increase leads or generate high-quality traffic to your website, then the Traffic Booster is what you need!

All of our plans include: Setup + Ads Budget + Optimization + Management = One price

Our smart algorithm was designed to drive targeted traffic from day one. Below you'll find a few of the features it includes:

Automatic bid optimizer: real-time bidding helps us to get the most cost-effective bid for your campaigns at any given time.

Geo-targeted visitors: drive traffic targeted to the countries you ship to.

Dynamic keywords & ads: real-time adjustments of the keywords, ads and the most relevant category or product page at your store to the search queries seek on Google.

Machine learning: constantly use the most suitable advertising method for your store.

The only app that will advertise your business using:

Search ads

Dynamic search ads

Shopping ads

Smart shopping ads

Smart display campaigns

Dynamic remarketing

YouTube Remarketing

Gmail remarketing

Facebook and Instagram acquisition ads

Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads

What makes us different from the competition?

We do everything from setup to optimization - you don't need to do anything! This is not another PPC management software, once you finish the short setup process we do all the heavy lifting for you! We will set up, manage, optimize and include the ads budget in any plan you select.

The days of paying set up or retainer fees for PPC agencies are over, with the Traffic Booster you can start with a small monthly budget and grow when you see a positive ROI.


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외부 요금 가 적용됩니다. 이 요금은 외부 공급자가 청구하며 Shopify 인보이스에는 표시되지 않습니다.



  • Advertising budget is included
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Customized search ads
  • Our AI working for you 24/7
  • Support



  • Advertising budget is included
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Remarketing ads
  • Our AI working for you 24/7
  • Support



  • Advertising budget included
  • Search ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Remarketing ads
  • Youtube ads
  • Facebook/Instagram ads
  • Our AI working for you 24/7
  • Support

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Abound Pet Supplies

I used this app and basic service for 28 days. Received $0.00 return on ad spend. Definitely not worth the money for my store. Customer service did reply back to my concerns about this issue and recommended a few things on my side but I honestly had more success running my own Google ads. I cannot recommend this app based on my experience which I hoped would be better.

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 26일

Hi Troy,
Thank you for your feedback.
As mentioned in our correspondence, since your store is not generating revenue regardless of our traffic and doesn't have any past data to work with it takes more than 28 days to collect the data and optimize it.
We also created a site audit for you, I recommend you to review it.
If you need any further assistance, please contact us at


I originally signed on with StoreYa for the ease of advertising across all channels. Unfortunately due to algorithym changes and updates with Facebook we have not achieved the ROAS we wanted in that channel. I suggest if you're starting out to spend your budget with Google as our ROAS is much better with them and it can provide you quicker results and better confidence with this company. Customer service is very responsive - but keep in mind they are in a different time-zone than the US. I will further update this as the process goes.

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 10일

Dear James,
In a very short period of time of 23 days, we have managed to get you -
Google Ads - ROAS of 3.4x (this is according to your Google Analytics segment for StoreYa users)
Facebook Ads - ROAS of 0.3x (this campaign is live for only 11 days)
Combined ROAS - 2.1x

We share the same goal of getting you the best possible ROAS, but we do ask for your patience as it takes time to collect data and optimize it.

The Useless Pancreas

5 stars. Incredible responsiveness and service by Emma and her team. If you're looking for a quick, simple and turn-key solution for Google advertising, check out Storeya.