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Traffic Control - Bulk Redirects

Traffic Control - Bulk Redirects

Developed by Refersion, Inc.

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  • Generate unlimited redirects for your shop automatically using a simple feed
  • Never lose orders again due to 404 error pages
  • Manage redirects seamlessly through an easy to use platform

Create thousands of redirects in minutes!

Traffic Control makes creating redirects for your shop easy. Either create a redirect manually or upload a simple feed to create them in bulk.

Here is how some of our customers are using Traffic Control:

  • Redirecting users that are being sent to old shopping cart pages.

  • Correcting mass 404s due to moving from a different shopping cart solution.

  • Fixing old affiliate links that are sending users to the wrong landing pages.

  • Creating vanity URLs for marketing campaigns.

Here are some additional features that you can expect in Traffic Control.

See all of your redirects in one place.

Searching and viewing your existing redirects is easy with Traffic Control. Search by your own criteria to find the redirect that you're looking for.

Anyone can build a bulk feed.

We have step-by-step instructions ready for you on how you can build a feed with as many redirects are you need. Then, all you have to do is upload it and Traffic Control will process it in the background!

Swift support

If you're stuck we're here to help and listen. Just click on the little badge on the right of your screen within Traffic Control to contact us or to submit a feature request. We'll get back to you within 24-hours.

Traffic Control - Bulk Redirects reviews (120)


Great App! Easy to install...love it!


After a brief learning curve this app works nicely. Just make sure you leave yourself some time to allow them to process the re-directs. And make sure it loads the url successfully. Now it's my goto source for bulk redirects - fixed over 600 redirects today with relative ease.

Jeff Pape
WrestlingGear.Com, Ltd


Great app, seamlessly moved our old website to our new shopify site!


Fantastic app for managing a large number of redirects and it's really helpful at identifying ongoing "404 page not found" errors. Very happy with it.... nicholasmosse.com


awesome worked perfect still working today redirecting 4000 moves? easy to use and we jump 2 different platforms in 2 years so a lot of redirecting, fixing... simply works - surgicalcaps.com


I first used the bulk redirects which went really well but I needed more time for the money. Then I realized I needed to make more changes as people were using old bookmarks from my prior store that did not exist. I needed to make new ones. This is when I added the monthly correction to my plan as well.

Now all I need to do is figure out how to stop 404's from happening when all the content is gone. I guess I need to make a page for all sold out designs? That is a question for support!


Never replied to my issue. Paid $39 and now I'm moving to a competitor and paying again.


Awful, negligible instructions, assumes everyone is an expert programmer. I have no idea where to get a site map of my original site, it just assumes you have one. The worse thing this app want to charge you $39 to try it for 5 minutes. I sincerely hope they don't charge me, I have deleted the app immediately as it not a usable application.


Wonderful app! The bulk upload feature literally saved me hours and hours of work. I had a question and Alex responded to me within minutes and really went above and beyond to help me out. Unbelievable customer service! 5 Stars.


Easy to use app for mass uploading lots of 301s. Cranked out over 1000 in a couple of hours. Use the CSV file macro formular =RIGHT(B4,LEN(B4)-FIND(".com",B4)-3) to quickly erase URL prefixes in your spreadsheet. The 404 list is awesome for monitoring and updating as needed.


There are two pricing plans:

1. $39 (one-time) with 7 days of 404 tracking ($4/month thereafter).

2. $149 (one-time) with 1 year of 404 tracking ($4/month thereafter) and redirect mapping.

More info about our pricing.


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