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Traffic Guard

Traffic Guard

Developed by Oriontec

14 reviews
Price: From $19.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Automatically block and redirect visitors from specific countries, regions, cities or IP addresses.
  • Protect yourself from fraudulent orders.
  • Get complete control over your store’s incoming traffic and monitor the visits with a precise IP logger.

Create rules to block & redirect traffic based on geolocation and IP address.

You can block anything from a whole country (e.g. China), to a specific IP address.

Create as many rules you need to! No coding experience necessary to use this app.

Traffic Guard offers all the options you need to block or redirect traffic based on city, region, country or IP address.

Traffic Guard gives you total control over your store’s incoming traffic.

With simple rules, you can create strategies to get an edge over your competitors.

Redirect traffic to country specific stores, block rivals, protect your store from fraud, and so much more.

With the app, you can create rules to give yourself an edge over your competitors. Keep your strategies to yourself, redirect traffic to country specific stores, and so much more.

Fraud Protection

  • Protect your money from fake orders and high return rate regions.

  • Don’t lose your money in the near $7 billion/year wasted in e-commerce fraud.

  • Completely block known fraud-prone regions or specific IP addresses.

  • Tackle chargeback fraud in an innovative way.

Geolocation based redirection

  • Target by country, region, city, and IP address.

  • Optimize revenue by sending users to the right store.

  • Present the right language to the right users and increase your conversion rate.


  • Go stealth in the eye of your competitors and enemies.

  • Keep your marketing strategies and competitive advantages secret.

  • Prevent or thwart spying by an enemy through denial of access or redirection to a facade website.


Targeting - Precise & efficient

With our dedicated IP database, you get fast and precise targeting.

  • 4 targeting level: Country, State/Province, City, and IP address.

  • Target single IP or IP range. Supports IPv4 and IPv6.

  • Own dedicated proprietary IP address database providing top speed and accuracy.

  • Global IP database is updated frequently for precision and efficiency.

Behaviors - Customizable & Flexible

Three different behaviors for maximum flexibility.

  • Hide page: Show a blank page to visitors.

  • Redirect: Reroute users to another website.

  • Allow: Grant access to visitors based on IP address or geolocation.

Statistics & Traffic logging

Keep eyes on your customers with a precise log of your traffic with information about IPs, location, browser type and visitor's devices

Get access to reporting dashboard globally and for each target.

Get behavior statistics and see how many people have been blocked and allowed by each rule.


★ Instant setup ★

  • Easy installation, no commitment.

  • Get started with Traffic Guard for free in seconds.

  • No coding experience required.

  • No messy code added to your theme’s code, guaranteed.

  • Clean uninstall. Not a trace of the app after uninstallation.


★ Pricing ★

  • Free for unlimited use during the 14-day trial period, full support included.

  • Simple & predictable pricing:

    Only $19/month, with 30,000/month visitors included. Every additional visit is charged at the rate of $0.001 per visitor up to a maximum of $299 per month. Have specific needs? Contact us for a custom plan.


★ Support & Assistance ★

Friendly Support - contact us today!

  • Unlimited chat, email and phone support.

  • Assistance in creating rules and managing behaviors.

  • Help to develop the best strategies for your store if needed.

Traffic Guard reviews

14 reviews
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I only sell in North America so I wanted to block all other IP from store. Set up rules for US and Canada. Used a VPN to try to access my store from various countries around the world and found that several got through to site anyway.

Program seems easy to set up and has some nice features but I just don't have the time or desire to fine tune it, should just work with the rules system available.

Update: Traffic Guard support has been active in checking out my situation and looking into the issues I had with my original installation. The company seems very responsive and extremely interested in helping solve issues. I'm increasing my review to 4 stars due to their willingness "make things right" and ensure their product performs as expected on my web site.

I'm willing to try the program again and will update later after using the app for a couple of months.

From $19.00 / month

★ ★ ★ FREE FOR 14 DAYS ★ ★ ★

14 days

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