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29 april 2023

Not the best app out there but customer service is always here to help so that is a big plus. It just takes time to set up and is too expensive for the services it provides (automatic translations are not good so you most likely will have to translate a lot of the website yourself or using a translator)

App gebruikt gedurende 14 dagen heeft geantwoord 8 mei 2023

Hi Andrea,

Here's Oriana from Transcy and thanks so much for your feedback

We're constantly improving AI translation to be better. Also we're glad to inform the new function called translation expert and we have recently released it, so you can check and experience on it

In addition, using Transcy combined with general knowledge about e-commerce market via our OneCommerce blogs at which might be helpful for your business

Please, don't hesitate to reach us for any queries or concerns via our 24/7 live chat or email us at

Transcy by OneCommerce

Bewerkt 18 januari 2023

I am not very satisfied with the App, because it can only translate 1000 products, in our shop there are more than 13000. It means that the remaining products are not translated for the seo and other functions.
On the other hand, the assistance is excellent.
Kind and competent staff.

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een maand heeft geantwoord 19 januari 2023

Hi Carlo,

I'm Bellamy from Transcy and thanks for your feedback

In relation to your concern, we're aware that this limitation might affect your business demand so we're making more effort to improve it in the near future. So please stay tuned

At the same time, your business would be more than successful, if you spend your time to take a look our blog at for for latest news regarding not only Transcy, but also other our OneCommerce applications and e-commerce tips.

Our Support Team is always available 24/7 so please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any help via live chat or email us at

Transcy by OneCommerce

22 november 2022

5 star for good customer service and 3 star for basic setup on a free plan. When I switched the app to Vietnamese, it changed the font of my website to an ugly looking font :( but the English version is still OK. You'll also need to upgrade to a paid plan if you want the language to show as a button instead of a dropdown list.

Colostrum Prime
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 22 uur heeft geantwoord 23 november 2022

Hi there,

My name's Carrick from Transcy. We appreciate your feedback and comment about your experience when using Transcy and loving our support.

In relation to your issues as following:

1. For the font issue of your target language as Vietnamese, our app does not change your font when switching to target language, we just translate text and still keep the same font as your default language. For the customization of font for target language, unfortunately it is not possible to do that at the moment. However, I still note your point and our Dev team will take it into consideration in the future release, so I highly appreciate your empathy on this situation

2, "how can I setup Vietnamese first without the user to click on the dropdown to change the language?" => it's auto switch language function, it will be available from Growth plan and above

We have seen that one of our colleagues is following your case, he gave you a clear explanation, please kindly check and let him know if you need further support.

Transcy by OneCommerce

5 oktober 2022

außer einige Schönheit Fehler, ok. Die Übersetzung schlägt fehl bei größere Texte, die Geo Location sollte nicht nur den Standort sondern auch die Lieferadresse berücksichtigen, weil sonst falsche Versandkonditionen benutzt werden, am besten sollte der Kunde wählen können vor den Check Out.

Ikram Bellanova Cosmetics Shop
App gebruikt gedurende 5 maanden heeft geantwoord 6 oktober 2022

Hi Livio,

I'm David from Transcy and we're sorry for any inconvenience causing to your experience

Regarding to your issue as following:

1. As you mentioned "The translation fails with larger texts", for making it clear there're some special texts and you should not translate them to avoid its format broken because some texts are customized by special format, even if includes code inside text, translating them will lead to the broken format

2. For the rest of issue about Gelocation and shipping zone, actually our app just help you translate text, we're not allowed to interfere to the code of Shopify settings especially Shipping zone. Therefore, please help us contact Shopify for better advice. We have seen that one of our colleagues is following your case, she gave you clear explanation, please kindly check your email and let her know if you need further support

Best Regards
Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency

Bewerkt 25 januari 2023

First 2 weeks: 5 stars:
This is the best service I have ever received on an app. I was very shy with all the different translation apps, and in the end I choose this one because of the price and that you are not charged for the AI translation. I would suggest it is best to have your store base language in english, I unfortunately did not have. But the app easily allows you to manual change the languages on each page. Great app!

Update 4 months later:
Great customer service. But the app itself is lacking a lot. If you are using many theme templates, you are better off with another app. There is no clear way possible of easily managing the translations of your different theme templates. For shopify 2.0 this app is not recommended. The app is messing with internal links often. If you don't pay attention your site is probably unusable and showing a lot of 404 pages in the other language. The customer serivce is fast and good. I guess they have a hard job only working on solving problems.

App gebruikt gedurende 5 maanden
Bewerkt 31 oktober 2022

They ask you to review straight after you set up the account and I've had to come back an edit my review again now. I am a premium user and the app itself is indeed really helpful for me and I will continue to use it but it does have some issues. The customer service is very nice. Super nice. But some of them really don't really know anything if you have a genuine problem. And being nice just becomes annoying after a while. They need to have a proper escalation system where if the customer is not getting a proper solution somebody considerably higher up fixes it. It took 3 days of multiple hours per day and multiple customer service people before I was given the most simplest of answers (so simple that i was annoyed at myself I didn't figure it out but even more annoyed that all these staff members couldn't tell me the answer, really poor. After that I was given somebody who knew what they were talking about but for my business, it had already cost me literally thousands of dollars with mistakes. And in addition, the app doesn't offer HREFLANG functionality, which given how much money they are making is quite annoying, it is the make or break for multi-lingual SEO and I would like to see them add it. I've updated my review a few times and will continue to do so as the app changes. For now I'm very happy with the customer service and the translations are now working very well on my site, but the costly mistakes early on cannot be overlooked and I don't think they are made apparent enough to onboarding customers and there is definitely ways to go for improvements for things like HREFLANGs so that multi-lingual SEO can be an option within the app... otherwise translating your store without HREFLANG can cause you more problems than you wish to have SEO-wise.

Big Dream Boat Man Coron
Verenigd Koninkrijk
App gebruikt gedurende 6 maanden heeft geantwoord 5 september 2022

Hi Oliver,

I'm Lauren and we sincerely apologize for your unexpected experience with our app

Regarding to your main concerns as following:

1. For support skills regarding to our staffs, we will review their case and have a proper training to avoid it in the future. We have seen that one of our colleagues is following your case, he gave you clear explanation as well as solution for your case, please kindly check your email and let him know if you need further support

2. For HREFLANG functionality, unfortunately our app has not yet supported Hreflang. At the moment, we just helps translate language on store font, we don't interfere hreflang, so it's out of our expertise, meanwhile please help me contact theme for further support. However we still have been trying to get more research on this regard to have resolution in the near future. We will keep you posted once we have any good news

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible

Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency

Bewerkt 27 mei 2023

I uninstalled this app after using 10 months. So many issues occurred and made me so upset all the time. It was just the waste of time and money. But I would like to say thank you to Johnson. He was the only person who tried to understand the issue correctly and help me. But he was busy and not always available. Transcy should hire more advanced customer support like him. He did not hurt my feeling, while other did. But I also know it is not totally their fault. When their shift was over, the issue was transferred to the next available customer support who did not understand what really happened exactly. So I had to explain the issue to the new customer support. But she/he was gone also when her/his shift was over. And then another new support person asked me the same thing. I had to repeat and repeat the same things. Never ending. Transcy should not waste the customer's time like that. They also give the stress to their own support people with this system. If customer has the issue, somebody needs to be responsible until it is fixed. I hope they respect my opinion to improve their support system to make the customers & support team more comfortable.

小鳥雑貨専門のお店 スウィート・バーディー・ブティック
App gebruikt gedurende 10 maanden
14 juli 2022

Garlic was very helpful when I asked for his help. However the app itself has horrible translations for the free version which i have to remove as it doesnt make sense!

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 3 uur heeft geantwoord 19 juli 2022

Hi Franco,

I'm Jolie. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with Transcy

However it sounds like you did not have a good time with us. For the translation quality, we are using an AI Translation System including Google, so sometimes quality will not meet customer's expectation due to specific language/context/situation/business industry. However, we guarantee that the system is being upgraded frequently, and the quality keeps improving when time goes.

Due to the limitation of AI system, we provide Edit translation feature in case customer can modify target translation if any mistakes made by AI. Note that Paid plan will be required to edit translation.

As I have seen that one of my colleague has send you follow-up emails, please kindly check it and let them know if you need further support.

Best Regards
Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency

13 juli 2022


App gebruikt gedurende 13 dagen heeft geantwoord 19 juli 2022

Hi there,

I'm Scott. Thanks for your feedback about our app.

We hope you have a good experience with our support team and Transcy app.

Additionally, please spend your precious time to visit our blogs at in relation to e-commerce knowledge as well as the latest news of Transcy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via our 24/7 live chat or email us at, we are always willing to help you!

Best Regards
Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency

Bewerkt 5 juli 2022

UPDATE OF MY REVIEW *** The app is doing a great job. It is super easy to work with. My main reason for choosing Transcy are the unlimited words & pageviews! I had some technical issues in the beginnig, that sometimes seem to be bug-related – so I nearly switched to Weglot instead. But the support is outstanding and fast-replying, all problems were solved to my full satisfaction! This is one fact that Weglot can learn from Transcy, as their support is not very helpful and friendly. UPDATE: As Transy won't translate all notifications, this app is useless to me. Selling internationally while sending notifications in my default language German doesn't help. Now I'm changing to Langify …

Breuers Weltkarten
App gebruikt gedurende 8 dagen heeft geantwoord 5 juli 2022

Hi Rebecca,

Here's Emma. Thanks for your great review and your feedback about our support would be really meaningful to me. Rest assured that we will do our best to deserve your trust.

More than this, our FireApps blog has been a great source for merchants in e-commerce market, and we are proud that we are contributing our effort to make our visitors knowledge deeper, so do not hesitate to give it a try at

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us at any time via our 24/7 live chat or email us at

Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency