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Great app! Currency and language all in one solution. Love the fact that it changes language based on where the customer is located. Support is always there to help and replies are speedy! Will definitely recommend this app 05/10/2022 - Transcy recently had an update which resulted in some of my currencies showing 3 decimals. I have contacted support and got the following reply " Sorry this cannot be changed" For this reason we're forced to look for a different app. I'm rather disappointed that something as simple as decimals cannot be rectified. This issue provokes my customers and scares them away.  Transcy is a great app, the support team is always quick to answer, but if your business is world wide, best to look for an app that has only 2 decimals for pricing.

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OneCommerce.io 已回覆 2022年1月25日

Hi Gidion,

I'm Marcus from Transcy and we're sorry for any inconvenience causing to your experience

In relation to your issue, around 2 months ago, we have updated our app by turning 2 decimals into 3 decimals and we have got some feedback about this, our team has realized this and will add more option with 2 decimals in the next releases, once it's officially released you will be informed accordingly, so we highly appreciate your empathy on this situation

As a temporary solution, you could use Custom rounding function to edit it manually. Kindly go to Currency setting> Edit> scroll down and you will find a place to edit

Please, don't hesitate to reach us for any queries or concerns via our 24/7 live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io

Best Regards
Transcy by OneCommerce


I uninstalled this app after using 10 months. So many issues occurred and made me so upset all the time. It was just the waste of time and money. But I would like to say thank you to Johnson. He was the only person who tried to understand the issue correctly and help me. But he was busy and not always available. Transcy should hire more advanced customer support like him. He did not hurt my feeling, while other did. But I also know it is not totally their fault. When their shift was over, the issue was transferred to the next available customer support who did not understand what really happened exactly. So I had to explain the issue to the new customer support. But she/he was gone also when her/his shift was over. And then another new support person asked me the same thing. I had to repeat and repeat the same things. Never ending. Transcy should not waste the customer's time like that. They also give the stress to their own support people with this system. If customer has the issue, somebody needs to be responsible until it is fixed. I hope they respect my opinion to improve their support system to make the customers & support team more comfortable.

小鳥雑貨専門のお店 スウィート・バーディー・ブティック
使用應用程式 10個月

Your customer support team and dev team are very helpful and efficient. We really appreciate your assistance. After using the app for months, we are able to manage most of the situations when using it, of course there are things of the app that need improvement, but with your hard work and good service attitude, we believe Transcy will continue to thrive!

Zupplo Creative Life Store
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OneCommerce.io 已回覆 2022年4月4日

Hi Peggy,

My name's Vincent. We really appreciate your feedback and comment about your experience when using Transcy and loving our support.

Also, I would be more than happy to make your business more and more increasingly if you spend your precious time to visit our blog at https://fireapps.io/blog for the latest news regarding not only Transcy, but also other our FireApps applications and e-commerce tips.

If you need any further assistance, please let us know via our 24/7 live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io

Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency


They ask you to review straight after you set up the account and I've had to come back an edit my review again now. I am a premium user and the app itself is indeed really helpful for me and I will continue to use it but it does have some issues. The customer service is very nice. Super nice. But some of them really don't really know anything if you have a genuine problem. And being nice just becomes annoying after a while. They need to have a proper escalation system where if the customer is not getting a proper solution somebody considerably higher up fixes it. It took 3 days of multiple hours per day and multiple customer service people before I was given the most simplest of answers (so simple that i was annoyed at myself I didn't figure it out but even more annoyed that all these staff members couldn't tell me the answer, really poor. After that I was given somebody who knew what they were talking about but for my business, it had already cost me literally thousands of dollars with mistakes. And in addition, the app doesn't offer HREFLANG functionality, which given how much money they are making is quite annoying, it is the make or break for multi-lingual SEO and I would like to see them add it. I've updated my review a few times and will continue to do so as the app changes. For now I'm very happy with the customer service and the translations are now working very well on my site, but the costly mistakes early on cannot be overlooked and I don't think they are made apparent enough to onboarding customers and there is definitely ways to go for improvements for things like HREFLANGs so that multi-lingual SEO can be an option within the app... otherwise translating your store without HREFLANG can cause you more problems than you wish to have SEO-wise.

Big Dream Boat Man Coron
使用應用程式 6個月
OneCommerce.io 已回覆 2022年9月5日

Hi Oliver,

I'm Lauren and we sincerely apologize for your unexpected experience with our app

Regarding to your main concerns as following:

1. For support skills regarding to our staffs, we will review their case and have a proper training to avoid it in the future. We have seen that one of our colleagues is following your case, he gave you clear explanation as well as solution for your case, please kindly check your email and let him know if you need further support

2. For HREFLANG functionality, unfortunately our app has not yet supported Hreflang. At the moment, we just helps translate language on store font, we don't interfere hreflang, so it's out of our expertise, meanwhile please help me contact theme for further support. However we still have been trying to get more research on this regard to have resolution in the near future. We will keep you posted once we have any good news

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible

Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency


Updated feedback after some months of using the Transcy app: I would give 5 stars to the team, AMAZING team, but the app itself is starting to get on my nerves seriously. Ok fine, the team is proactive and you can join them 24/7, they're polite and they fix most of the problems quite fast, but... new problems are showing up all the time! Things that were fine suddenly got translated wrong, problems that were fixed come back, and we don't have much control on quite "normal" editing things, such as writing a text on 2 different lines. I need to ask the team to break my own text so it shows properly. That's just an exemple. If you have a lot of variants on your website, I would suggest you look for another app. They can't edit variant menus, I mean, if you have side menus showing your variants as filters, it will end up being auto-translated, with mistakes that are not editable. And mistakes keep coming back in the variants in the listing pages. One day it's ok, the other it's auto-translated with mistakes. And I go in the app to translate back properly, and of course, it's already translated as needed. Since I did this work... Also, the team keep asking to change my review to a 5 star-review. It used to be a 4-star review but I had to go down to 3, because I'm started to feel super frustrated. I need to take 1 to 5 hours a week to get problems fixed with the team, and this is valuable time that could be spent in so much more ways for me, as a small entrepreneur. Again, the big value of this app is the amazing team behind it. I'm not saying anything bad about the team, but the app is not suitable for a professional website, which I'm trying to get. *** Idea for the team of something that could be improved in the app = I would enjoy A LOT if in the product translation boxes there was a word count in the SEO parts.... Now I need to copy my SEO translations and copy them into Word to see how many characters i'm at. That little improvement would save a lot of time to users who take SEO seriously.

Ruby Mardi
使用應用程式 6個月
OneCommerce.io 已回覆 2022年5月17日

Hi Ruby,

I'm Bellamy. We would like to thank you for such a wonderful review of you.

Your feedback really means a lot to our Transcy team and we have been trying our best to develop and improve Transcy to serve you and meet your demand.

At the same time, your business would be more than successful, if you spend your time to take a look our blog at https://fireapps.io/blog for for latest news regarding not only Transcy, but also other our FireApps applications and e-commerce tips.

Our Support Team is always available 24/7 so please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any help via live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io

Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency


First 2 weeks: 5 stars:
This is the best service I have ever received on an app. I was very shy with all the different translation apps, and in the end I choose this one because of the price and that you are not charged for the AI translation. I would suggest it is best to have your store base language in english, I unfortunately did not have. But the app easily allows you to manual change the languages on each page. Great app!

Update 4 months later:
Great customer service. But the app itself is lacking a lot. If you are using many theme templates, you are better off with another app. There is no clear way possible of easily managing the translations of your different theme templates. For shopify 2.0 this app is not recommended. The app is messing with internal links often. If you don't pay attention your site is probably unusable and showing a lot of 404 pages in the other language. The customer serivce is fast and good. I guess they have a hard job only working on solving problems.

使用應用程式 5個月

außer einige Schönheit Fehler, ok. Die Übersetzung schlägt fehl bei größere Texte, die Geo Location sollte nicht nur den Standort sondern auch die Lieferadresse berücksichtigen, weil sonst falsche Versandkonditionen benutzt werden, am besten sollte der Kunde wählen können vor den Check Out.

Ikram Bellanova Cosmetics Shop
使用應用程式 5個月
OneCommerce.io 已回覆 2022年10月6日

Hi Livio,

I'm David from Transcy and we're sorry for any inconvenience causing to your experience

Regarding to your issue as following:

1. As you mentioned "The translation fails with larger texts", for making it clear there're some special texts and you should not translate them to avoid its format broken because some texts are customized by special format, even if includes code inside text, translating them will lead to the broken format

2. For the rest of issue about Gelocation and shipping zone, actually our app just help you translate text, we're not allowed to interfere to the code of Shopify settings especially Shipping zone. Therefore, please help us contact Shopify for better advice. We have seen that one of our colleagues is following your case, she gave you clear explanation, please kindly check your email and let her know if you need further support

Best Regards
Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency


Just Started seems really good.
Easy to operate and looks easy.
I used other translate apps and it was not good.
But this one I shall carry on using.
I hope this helps customer.

GOTA Records
使用應用程式 4個月
OneCommerce.io 已回覆 2021年8月19日

Hi there,

This is Donna from Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency Customer Support Team. Thank you so much for your review.

However you left us with 3 star review, so I am wondering that there is something wrong with our app that makes you feel unsatisfied about our app. My colleague has sent you a follow-up email, please let them know if you need further support.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency


it's not easy to use at first but with some help it's fine. The person who helped me understood my problems and answered all my questions.
The only small problem is that you cannot change the currency on checkout. I don't have the possibility to have shopify payment in my country so it's a shame.

Top of the Dome Headwear
使用應用程式 2個月
OneCommerce.io 已回覆 2021年10月25日

Hi Bayane,

I'm Vincent from Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency Customer Support Team and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience causingto your store.

For your main concern as unable to change the currency on checkout page because your country has not supported Shopify payment yet, I would like to sympathize with you in this situation. However, this problem is not coming from our app and it's fully control by Shopify. To change the currency on checkout page or your customer can see their local currency on checkout page, you have to use Shopify payment. For further support about this kind of payment, you please contact Shopify for further support.

I have seen that my colleague has sent you a follow up email, please let them know if you need further support.

Best Regards
Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency


Trying to get the languages to work on shopify from the app was confusing, then when the agent would send a screen shot on what to do, it would come with an error msg 404 and it was just to much to go through for something as simple as changing the languages

HoocMeUp LLC
使用應用程式 2個月
OneCommerce.io 已回覆 2021年7月26日

Hi Deleecha,

I'm Joyce from Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency Customer Support Team and we're deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused to your store.

Throughout your conversation, although you met some troubles with setting up the translation from our app, the agent still helped you resolve all of your concerns.

With 404 error, this is not a bug from the app. The cause is from your language versions created on your Shopify admin before. For making it clear, if you have added other languages in Shopify admin before but have not enabled/published those languages for your store domain yet, then it will cause this problem.

As I have checked and seen that my colleague has sent you a follow-up email, please let them know if you need further support.

Best Regards
Transcy - Translate Language and Convert Currency