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24 de febrero de 2023

Finally a mean to translate the content of our shop, from Shopify themselves. However, completely unusable as long as there is no option to exclude the translation of some fields.
We have some metafields on products/collections that contain code or identifiers, we obviously don't want to translate those, and we can't get over all of them manually to revert them back to their original content on the translated version of the store.

YAY Paris
7 días usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 11 de septiembre de 2023

Thanks for using the app and the feedback. Please see an email send with how this is achieved.

30 de enero de 2023

De repente dejó de funcionar. Desinstalé e instalé de nuevo y me dice que no tengo permiso para instalarla.

Maricarmen Bigler
3 días usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 11 de septiembre de 2023

Hi, thanks for using the app and the feedback - please check your email for a response.

22 de junio de 2023

Serious Translation Issue Overshadows Shopify's Positives!!

My previous positive experience with Shopify has been overshadowed by a significant issue with the 'Translate & Adapt' plugin. Crucial for accurate product translations, this plugin has begun showing products as 'unavailable' on my translated pages, despite their availability on the regular pages.

Despite extensive troubleshooting efforts, the problem persists, highlighting a major disconnect between Shopify and its third-party plugins. The impact on my ability to serve my customers compels me to give Shopify a 1-star review. I hope this review prompts a swift resolution to these compatibility issues that significantly hamper an otherwise promising experience.

3 días usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 22 de junio de 2023

Thanks for the feedback. We have sent over a message to you to chat about the problem you've experienced.

Overall Translate & Adapt has no ability to change availability of your products. It can only take existing content and translate or localize it in different markets and languages.

5 de octubre de 2022

Can't add both Traditional & Simplified Chinese to the site, and only allow choosing one of it, that's not make any sense... do u know in Asia Pacific trilingual that included English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese are quite common. I'm so disappointed T_T...

RAE de Hong Kong (China)
2 días usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 6 de octubre de 2022

Hi there, these are fair critiques. Whilst this situation isn't caused by the app directly, a Shopify level solve will be required. The reason for it happening is the clash with the markets subfolder format:{language ISO code}-{country ISO code}/ but we are looking at a solution - accelerated by your feedback, so thank you. Note that it is unique to having both forms of Chinese on one market, but your use case totally makes sense. We'll be in touch once we have something to test.

9 de julio de 2023

Terrible assistence and support. There is no instruction anywhere, if there is a problem they do not help and ask you to hire someone. Terrible button!!! It's at the bottom of the page where no one sees, has no choice of style and how to switch to the header. There's no way to know whether or not it's working.

1 día usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 10 de julio de 2023

To update, the issues here were around placement of the language switcher and challenges with a 3rd party theme. Support has been provided. Please be in touch.

9 de febrero de 2023

With Unknown reason, every time we log out some translations will be lost, we have to constantly reset the translations

1 día usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 11 de septiembre de 2023

Hi, thanks for using the app and the feedback - please check your email for a response.

13 de noviembre de 2022

I DID NOT INSTALL THIS APP. Shopify apparently took it upon themselves to do so without my consent or knowledge. And it MESSED UP MY SHOP. I am absolutely FUMING about it. They should NEVER EVER EVER install ANYTHING without consent.

Rhonda World
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 12 horas usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 14 de noviembre de 2022

The app was installed when a market was added, as markets create the ability to adapt content by market - such as color in the USA and colour in the UK. After this feedback we stopped it from installing here as it was clearly unexpected. The theme's country selector became activated as a new market had been added, which is common across themes to enable switching country, and can be turned off in Online Store. There was a redirect that happened on this store due to some leftover code from a since deleted app, which we identified and provided a fix for. I hope this helps to communicate that nothing intentionally untoward went on and we're here to help.

23 de septiembre de 2022

vere bad it take a long time ........................................................................................................................

Tik NIte
Arabia Saudí
Alrededor de 6 horas usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 23 de septiembre de 2022

Hi there, we're sorry to hear that you encountered an issue with our automatic translations service. We've taken a look at your store, and we do see that we successfully completed machine translations within 10 minutes of starting, which is within our expected time to completion. Please let us know through the app support channel if we can assist you further with your translations.

9 de marzo de 2023


The app totally destroyed my store! After i deleted the App because it did not work as i should I COULD NOT CUSTOMIZE MY OWN STORE ANYMORE!


Alrededor de 2 horas usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 10 de marzo de 2023

Hi there, not clear what's happened here but please get in touch via the email sent to you and we'll fix for you.

Thanks, Translate & Adapt team

4 de enero de 2023

Limited to 2 languages, the upsell has hidden in the details, there are other apps that offer this for free

Estados Unidos
28 minutos usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 5 de enero de 2023

We've attempted to reach out - please be in touch at

Thanks for trying out the app, sorry to hear about your experience. You can have up to 20 languages with Shopify, and use auto-translation with 2 of them with Translate & Adapt, without word limits. We aim to make this clear - it's here: and shows when you first click auto-translate. Feedback welcome on how we can ensure no nasty surprises. There is not currently an upsell, though we are considering how to allow for more. Translate & Adapt can be used alongside other apps that use the Translations API, so you could get further auto-translations from an additional app.