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Bewerkt 18 februari 2023

While the translation is good, there are few unbelievable issues with this app - if you duplicate a product, the translations will only show you the old description (of the product that was duplicated). We figured this out after few weeks and few hundreds of products that we must fix manually now in German and English....
Some other issues:
- Some products will only have partial translation.
- If you edit a description/option sometimes the translation app is not adjusting the translation (even if you go and press translate for the language in question).
- Is translating some html parts of the theme (color code from "red" to "rood" for example, 30px to 30 pixels, icon names...), causing a broken layout in german (and probably other languages).

Floraria Secret Garden (SG)
App gebruikt gedurende 5 maanden
Bewerkt 4 oktober 2022

Up to 2 stars because of the reply from the team, thank you.
I believe our case won't be an isolated one, as people who use Traditional or Simplified Chinese all scatter around the globe, so any website that is using Shopify and serving both sides of them at the same time would face the same problem.
======= We appriciate shopify to have their own lanaguage translate app but this mess up our website and setting.
Initially, we were using another app and let the website display English, Chinese Traditional (with /zh-tw) and Chinese Simplified (with /zh-cn) and customers can choose the langauage they want with a selector. Now shopify put all chinese language under /zh only and can only allow us to choose 1 of them as the store language along with English, we understand we can assign Simplified to China, and Traditional to Taiwan but the problem is we serve customers from both side who live here in UK. You just put our hours of work of doing translation into nothing. I sincerely hope you can rectify this asap, thank you.

Oxford Mart
Verenigd Koninkrijk
App gebruikt gedurende 11 minuten
Shopify heeft geantwoord 4 oktober 2022

Hi there, these are fair critiques. Whilst this situation isn't caused by the app directly, a Shopify level solve will be required. The reason for it happening is the clash with the markets subfolder format:{country ISO code}-{language ISO code}/ but we are looking at a solution - accelerated by your feedback, so thank you. Note that it is unique to having both forms of Chinese on one market, but your use case totally makes sense. We'll be in touch once we have something to test.

Translate & Adapt product team