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12 maart 2023

Good feature. Really hope that the team can implement "Glossary/Dictionary" to apply translation for key words.

TD Pajamas
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 13 uur
Bewerkt 8 maart 2023

I changed languages. But I cannot change default languages for automatic translation. After I discussed with app team. I can reset program but it still need progress of many parts.

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
28 februari 2023

I think this is really good function wise. It does the translations super quick and its easy to read your original text to the translated text as well as to fix it. However, translations always seem to work better in google going from another language to English and not the other way around. I am translating to Swedish and my husband ( who is swedish) still has to rewrite almost everything to really localize it so it really sounds correct. I would really prefer an app that has that local touch. When amazon opened in sweden they did an AI translate for swedish and it landed in the news bc it they translated a necklace or something into the word for a male private part or something rediculous like that. I mean no one needs that to happen for their small business. So overall, its a good app with a good base but if you wanna be local you gotta go to local to get it right.

App gebruikt gedurende 20 dagen
Shopify heeft geantwoord 28 februari 2023

Thanks for the review and taking the time to work with the app. Translations themselves come from a Google Translate integration which means we don't control the text, but aim to give the opportunity to amend what comes back. I can relate - my store sells 'sloth necklaces' which translate as 'lazy necklaces'! As Google Translate continues to improve over time, the quality of auto-translations will continue to get better. Whilst it's taken longer than you'd hoped, the way you've done it - auto-translating and correcting, is a great way to go about things.

19 februari 2023


everything works fine except for 2 things:
1. the main menu is not translated
2. And words with "&" are translated with: &

Could you maybe help me there?



App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 uur
17 februari 2023

The app is fair, not excellent. Duplicate products should not preserve the original translation. In some cases when translating certain fields the case is not maintained. When editing an existing translation from scratch, sometimes the descritption does not translate again. There should be a button to translate from scratch when reviewing a product. Aside from that, the translations are pretty decent, not sure if it will be upgraded to fix the bugs to reduce time from the shooper. Oil Paintings Shop:

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App gebruikt gedurende 4 maanden
5 januari 2023

Hello, I wish this App wouldn't be limited to just 2 languages. Any idea when it will allow all supported languages? Thanks.

Songbird Hut
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App gebruikt gedurende 2 dagen
14 december 2022

I think the result of auto-translation is quite acceptable. But not having the option to select multiple or all products to translate at once is painful, especially when you have 100+ products to translate into more than 1 languages..
And also not sure what happens when a product description or any content is updated?

the Atelier H
App gebruikt gedurende 3 dagen
Shopify heeft geantwoord 14 december 2022

Hi there, thanks for trying out the app. Stores can be translated entirely in one go, and unedited auto-translations will update if the default content is updated.

The Translate & Adapt Team

6 oktober 2022

It's great but 2 languages is definitely not enough so I had to remove the app. When will the paid plan be available for more automatic languages?

Free Spirit Shop
App gebruikt gedurende 4 dagen
Bewerkt 15 september 2022

Good, but it lacks some important features:
1. Export/import specific content for CSV/Excel: for example the possibility to export/import ONLY the products or ONLY the collections or ONLY specific metafields or ONLY the theme sections, etc.
2. Add "Name" or "Namespace and key" in the metafield export file (it is impossible to filter specific metafields if you do not name them in the spreadsheet)
3. Move translations between themes (Theme Sections and Theme Assets)
4. Apps text translations

Ghidini 1849
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
Shopify heeft geantwoord 15 september 2022

Hi there, thanks so much for trying the app and your feedback.
1. From Settings > Languages you can export and import a CSV. You can delete any rows you don't want to upload, so you can import a resource type at a time. Export by resource is coming.
2. This is helpful feedback. It's a limitation from outside our app, but improved metafield support is under development. In the short term the CSV can be used to translate all instances of a phrase using your spreadsheet tool's find and replace.
3. This is an additional limitation outside the app but one we are looking at closely. Standard theme content such as checkout and system messages are included in all Shopify themes in supported languages. As themes can differ, migrating edited content between themes has challenges. The CSV can also be used to match content between themes.
4. Shopify Translate & Adapt translates content available via the Translations API, which for 3rd party apps means it saves to metafields or the theme. However some 3rd party apps can translate other 3rd party app content on the storefront using Javascript. These can be used alongside Translate & Adapt.

Best wishes,

Shopify Translate & Adapt team

14 september 2022

Je viens d'installer votre application et j'ai des problèmes à certain endroits ou la traduction ne se fait pas et je tente de voir à qui je peux parler et il n'y a aucun endroit pour recevoir de l'aide.

Bracelets Nimar
App gebruikt gedurende 31 minuten
Shopify heeft geantwoord 14 september 2022

Bonjour, merci pour votre commentaire.

Notre équipe de support chez Shopify peuvent répondre a vos questions sur l'application "Translate & Adapt" à travers le l'assistance client au

Cependant, nous vous avons envoyer un e-mail où il nous fera plaisir de vous assister là!