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9 maart 2023


The app totally destroyed my store! After i deleted the App because it did not work as i should I COULD NOT CUSTOMIZE MY OWN STORE ANYMORE!


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Shopify heeft geantwoord 10 maart 2023

Hi there, not clear what's happened here but please get in touch via the email sent to you and we'll fix for you.

Thanks, Translate & Adapt team

7 februari 2024

worts app ever

Shopify heeft geantwoord 9 februari 2024

Hi Mufasa, We would love to learn more about your experience with the app which led to this review. Feel free to edit the review to tell us what went wrong, and we will also try to reach out via email and see if we can help!

Bewerkt 26 september 2023

EDIT: After using the app, for a while I had to change my review unfortunately. Every time I make any changes to my product listing, changing product variants, the variants end up showing as not-available in the translated versions or old variants still show.... I would have to either create a complete new product listing every time I make some changes, wich would mean I would loose my reviews or I would have to download the CVS file and manually go through that and upload again etc...... incredibly frustrating.

Old review: I used this app to translate my english content into italian and german. The automatic translations are decent but obv still need to be revised so they don't sound like a literal translation. I would like it if the app was a bit more intuitive to use and most of all it would be great if it had 3 languages for free. especially for shopowners in europe with its many languages

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19 januari 2023

Mon application ne veux plus s'afficher et fonctionner et je n'ai absolument aucune idée du pourquoi

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Shopify heeft geantwoord 20 januari 2023

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review - we are very sorry you lost access to the app. This was a momentary outage that is now fixed. Please let us know if it is not working at

9 februari 2023

With Unknown reason, every time we log out some translations will be lost, we have to constantly reset the translations ..

MR.Balloon 氣球先生官網
4 maanden gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 11 september 2023

Hi, thanks for using the app and the feedback - please check your email for a response.

Bewerkt 21 december 2022

This app is horrible in so many ways.
No way to set default language without UNINSTALLING the language you translated??? what's that?
lets say I set up 3 langauges, English (Default), Polish and Icelandic, translate everything. and then want to make Icelandic the Default one, that will DELETE my translation and I need to start over, but NO, that won't work because that language does not have the assets strings to be translated when default...
I lost weeks of translation work due to this app and my store is a mess

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Shopify heeft geantwoord 21 december 2022

Hi there, thanks for trying out the app and sorry to hear you've had a rough experience. It sounds like you're describing Settings > Languages functionality issues rather than Translate & Adapt, but we'll be in touch nonetheless and sort all we can.

Translate & Adapt team

Bewerkt 21 december 2022

The Finnish translations are awful, and the worst thing is that this app is affecting every other language app and making it nearly impossible to fix it. I can't recommend this.

Saul's Cart
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 16 november 2022

Hi there, the auto-translations are provided by Google Translate. The quality of languages may vary and we'll note that Finnish was not as you'd hoped for your store. We'll be in touch to understand clashes with other apps; Translate & Adapt does not add code to the theme.

The Translate & Adapt team

14 oktober 2022

Buggy! Now I am on a state it says it is translating and never finishes the job. Regardless if I clean the cache, change the browers, or even uninstall and install the app again does not work. Very bad design and the problem is probably on the back end.

Le LanVin
Verenigde Staten
20 dagen gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 14 oktober 2022

Thank you very much for this review. There was a technical problem that prevented your translations from finishing. This problem has been resolved, so we'd love to invite you back to try the app again :)

30 januari 2023

De repente dejó de funcionar. Desinstalé e instalé de nuevo y me dice que no tengo permiso para instalarla.

Maricarmen Bigler
3 dagen gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 11 september 2023

Hi, thanks for using the app and the feedback - please check your email for a response.

5 oktober 2022

Can't add both Traditional & Simplified Chinese to the site, and only allow choosing one of it, that's not make any sense... do u know in Asia Pacific trilingual that included English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese are quite common. I'm so disappointed T_T...

Hongkong SAR van China
2 dagen gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 6 oktober 2022

Hi there, these are fair critiques. Whilst this situation isn't caused by the app directly, a Shopify level solve will be required. The reason for it happening is the clash with the markets subfolder format:{language ISO code}-{country ISO code}/ but we are looking at a solution - accelerated by your feedback, so thank you. Note that it is unique to having both forms of Chinese on one market, but your use case totally makes sense. We'll be in touch once we have something to test.