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21 de mayo de 2023

The so called AI translating doesn't really have the I part - nothing is intelligent of the machine translating. The glossary doesn't seem to be working

Steel Vintage Bikes
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 2 días
Fecha de modificación: 15 de mayo de 2023

This is the worst experience ever! Mandatory rating to use the free version! And the translation of the free version doesn't work at all

Reino Unido
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Alrededor de 2 horas
Fecha de modificación: 8 de mayo de 2023

It's terrible to use, there is no online customer service, many functions are not very smart, and I can't find the answer, and I can't solve it well after paying.

Pascal Official
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Alrededor de 16 horas
Hextom respondió 15 de mayo de 2023


We do offer online support for our app TMS, including email support and many online guides and videos. We are always happy to help new users set up our app, and any questions you might have! Our records indicate that you sent us an email that we did reply to, but we never heard back from you afterwards. Can you check your email again in case it was sent to your spam folder by accident? Or maybe send us another message so that we can get your problems sorted out for you?


Fecha de modificación: 12 de febrero de 2023

BAD! Never work with this. Photos on different pages do not sync. Everything is translated incorrectly. Their answer there is a bug in it. Weeks later, still nothing has changed. How unprofessional you come across al brand. You pay so much money monthly for an app that doesn't work.

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 4 meses
Hextom respondió 24 de febrero de 2023

Thank you for your feedback.

The described issue was not caused by our app. Our app requires users to provide new image translations when you update your images. It does not synchronise these new images automatically, it would link the new image with the oudated translation. We have sent a few emails, please check your inbox when you have time and we will help if you have any other requests.

Fecha de modificación: 5 de octubre de 2022

No Transparency, Terrible customer support.
No responding my replied.. it didnt work as expected.. My checkout page didnt perform well even using their tools. wasting my time. . It didnt fully convert all the pages.. It immediately charge my 19.99 even it's not working

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 2 días
11 de agosto de 2022

I used too love this app but after updating app doesnt work well anymore. Impossible to edit and set things as I want to.

Omiyage From JAPAN
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Casi 2 años
29 de julio de 2022

I spent almost 40 hours translating my store in June. I come back from vacation and all the translations are gone, and I see no way of getting them back. What a waste of time.

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 7 meses
16 de mayo de 2022

At a first glance the app looks really good.
But when you starts use it... than all falls down
I can't use the features I want and disable what I do not want to use.
If I want to choose currency selector from another app and use this one only for translation... nobody cares. You MUST use currency feature, you MUST use markets and regions feature

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 7 días
13 de mayo de 2022

There are just better options out there, the app is not easy to use, to be honest one of the most difficult to use apps I have been using since years now. And they don't have a live chat function which is standard for most apps and also your competition. This is not the cheapest option and the service is just bad compared to other apps, answering every now and then to an email is just not enough to perform good long term on Shopify. I am sorry to tell you, but you are one of the few apps I am really disappointed about.

Diamond Smile Europe
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 3 meses
Fecha de modificación: 2 de marzo de 2022

This app trying to withdraw money from me even though I canceled my subscription. I don't use your app please remove your payment from my bill.

My Fashion Fever
Reino Unido
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 1 día
Hextom respondió 5 de marzo de 2022

Please be assured that there will not be any further charges after you unsubscribe from a paid plan. The charge occurred because you signed up on the paid plan. We have tried to contact you by email a few times to review the charges with you. If you did not receive our emails, please check your spam folder and contact us.