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My honest review to this app.. PLEASE READ WHY I UNINSTALL THIS APP

1. Their conversion is most likely same as google conversion rate, which is good
2. They support multi language and their basic translation I notice there is a minimal issue, but overall for me is not an issue.

1. This fu'king app damage my theme coding. My product page>variant color/style was damage. If you select specific color and style the picture of the product will not display above and the most critical is the selected color/style will not appear on check out page which is very important.. and this issue is not a minimal because variants plays a big role in your product listing. if there's a problem of it, it can create trouble of your futures clients.
2. Customer service, I can rate 3-out-10. WHY? People here are so unprofessional. If you have concerns they will say I have meeting I will answer you after the meeting.
3. Customization- so hard to get in touch with them to customize your currency locator position.


I reach out to shopify to file a formal complaint and to investigate this app, because it damage a lot for me I know shopify don't allow app that has no security measure especially if there app can cause damage to the customers theme. I consume 1 day to solve the issue.. because I need to reach out all app developer on my store that has added recently.. but after reaching out other app developer they say that this HEXTOM made a damage to my theme.. they send me the issue on code 215, about their currency formatting.. after that I file a complaint to shopify.. because I know shopify will not disregard this issue.. and for me I don't want this issue will pass without paying their damages they made on me. Because if shopify will not address this it can affect also to their credibility and many users maybe will affected and also shopify..

MY ADVICE ALSO because this is the third time I install Translate/currency switcher app but nothing of them has a good services, other app also there conversion is higher than google conversion, the other has lower conversion and also damage my chat box after I install their app.. and please don't always rely on 5 star rating, because developer tactics they always ask higher rating on the day you install the app thats why many users put 5 star rating after they install the app without any experience because they will give you the support about your concern which is their basic job.. sometimes they say please rate me according to the assistance I gave it to you.. but actually is not about the app..

Hope this review helps a lot of all shopify users here, thanks for reading.

Sasil Gallery
使用應用程式 2天

This app is not ready for prime time, its full of bugs and the visual translator really screws things up and seems to over ride the shopify translate and adapt and makes a total mess. Hard to get support also. The AI translation quality is pretty good though, but once that is complete I cant see value. Also they keep charging you $9.99/month even if you cancel and come back in the same 30 days. This makes no sense.

使用應用程式 7天
Hextom 已回覆 2024年5月15日


We apologize for any difficulties you may have experienced while using our app.We have reached out to you via email to gather more details about the issues you encountered, but we have not received any responses yet. Could you please check your inbox or spam folder when you get time and reply to us? We are looking forward to your response and are here to assist you further


Very bad. Customer service often doesn't respond. And it crashes easily

使用應用程式 大約1個月

Stay far away from this app!

The translations they offer are terrible and trying to communicate with their customer support team is like talking to a wall.

They simply do not care in the slightest about your problems with the app as long as you pay them money. I have used this app for almost three years and therefore I have a lot of experience with their customer support.

Seriously save yourself the headache and the money and do not give these developers a single cent, for they do not deserve it.

使用應用程式 2年多
Hextom 已回覆 2024年5月5日


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced.

We've addressed and resolved some difficulties you've contacted us about. We've also sent several emails to you to gather more details, but we haven't received any replies yet.

Could you please check your inbox or spam folder when you have a moment, and reply to us? We're here to help further.

Thank you,


At first glance everything suggests that you have found the application of your dreams, there are positive evaluations, the offer and the promises in the offer.
But once installed and chosen your plan, you fall from very high.
Non-existent customer service.
They promise you unlimited translations, automation, etc. but then it plunges you into their settings, the basic translation and the advanced one and suddenly you don't know who, what, or how much. Manipulation, it smacks of fraud.
You contact the chat to your right at the bottom of the screen to have it logically as is the case for all worthy applications, but no one is on the horizon for hours. A waste of time.
They charged me $19.99, I request a cancellation and I withdraw from the purchase. I didn't even use any service or your so called customer service. Just a huge waste of time.

使用應用程式 大約3小時
Hextom 已回覆 2024年6月10日


Thank you for your feedback on our app. We apologize for any confusion you may have experienced. We have reached out to you about the issue and appreciate your confirmation that the confusion has been cleared.

We have followed up a couple of times since then to check for any additional issues but have not received a response. Could you please check your inbox or spam folder at your convenience and get back to us? Looking forward to hearing from you.


The RIDICULOUS translation quality of this app ruined our entire website and credibility and really damaged our brand. We are considering further legal steps against these amateurs!

使用應用程式 大約1個月

Not good at all, took hours to translate and the translations barely show up on my store. I now use another translation app and everything went 10 times quicker. Don't waste your money on this

使用應用程式 大約1個月

It translated our URL slugs even though we don't want to, there's no option to deselect URL slugs, which caused a big mess and a lot of broken links that we needed to search for and fix manually.
Their support is an absolute disappointment, we are trying to reach them for a week and all we get is a bot saying "will connect you to an agent"but that agent never appears.

Graudupes EU
使用應用程式 8天

totally trash, useless and ruin another apps

Miss Suki Wedding
使用應用程式 25分鐘

Good App

Trendy Threads
使用應用程式 大約13小時
Hextom 已回覆 2024年4月29日

Hello Trendy Threads,

Thank you for your feedback on our app. We apologize for any difficulties you may have experienced.

We recently reached out to learn more about the feedback you provided and to offer assistance, but we haven't received a response from you.

Could you please take a moment to check your inbox or spam folder? We look forward to hearing from you.