Translate My Store & Currency

Translate My Store & Currency

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Translate store in multi language, auto currency at checkout

Shopify Native Translation

Using Shopify's SEO-friendly native translation API, the App offers Manual, Auto AI, CSV Import translation. It can translate checkout pages

Shopify Native Multi-Currency

Building on top of Shopify Payment, the App supports multi-currency & regional based pricing. Yes, currency conversion works with checkout.

Selector for 160+ themes

No coding required! A few clicks, you can have a selector supports 160+ theme and counting, with language & currency auto-redirection.

Translate My Store & Currencyの詳細情報

New Feature Added: Translation backup and restore, your translation data are protected, you can restore anytime you want.

Translation + Multi Currency for all pages including checkout

Selling internationally requires your online store to support both local languages and local currencies. Translate My Store & Multi-Currency is the app that is built on top of Shopify’s native translation feature and multi-currency feature.

With this App, you will get many benefits including:

Checkout page:

The checkout pages can display the text in your customers’ local language, and prices in their local currency. More importantly, your customers can make payments in their local currency. That is the true localized experience across your entire online store, from landing page all the way to the checkout pages.

Fast Loading:

Shopify hosts and renders all the translation, so your online store can offer more seamless multi language experience without slowed page loading time or 3rd party translation overlay.

SEO Friendly:

Search engine will rank your store higher not only because of the faster page loading time, but also because different languages of your store are recognized by locale-aware URLs.

Auto Language & Currency Selector:

You can add a fully customizable language switcher on your store websites with a couple of clicks, No coding required. We support 160+ themes and counting.

The selector can auto display your website in customers’ local languages and currencies.

Multi-Currency + Regional Pricing:

Thanks to Shopify’s currency feature, you can control your pricing by setting separate manual exchange rates, price rounding rules, and price adjustments for different regions.

Auto AI Translation:

You will be amazed by how advanced AI translation has evolved. AI translation can translate your store into a new language within minutes. All it takes for you is just a few clicks in the app.

Manual Translation:

The App offers a clean & simple translation interface. Translatable items are grouped together ranging from pages, products, collections to blogs, Email/SMS, etc.

CSV/Excel Export & Import Translation:

The App offers in-app CSV/Excel export import. You can export your translatable items into CSV/Excel files, send them to professional translators. Once they finish their work, simply import these files back into your store.

Glossary Support:

We understand there are things that should stay in original language, such as brand names. You can set glossaries, and the App will use them for translation.

Backup and Restore:

Auto-backup your translation data, you can restore anytime you want.

1 click installation, 0 developer needed

Compatible with all major SEO apps.


  • Free Shipping Bar,
  • Countdown Timer Bar,
  • Ultimate Sales Boost,
  • Review,
  • GDPR/CCPA iSense lab,
  • Google Shopping Feed








1000 monthly AI translation words + Extra Free 20,000 AI translation words for 1st-timer users

  • MultiCurrency
  • Manual & AI Translation
  • Language & Currency Selector
  • Bulk Translation
  • 30-day Translation Backup & Restore

Basic Plan


20,000 monthly AI translation words + Extra Free 20,000 AI translation words for 1st-timer users

  • All in Free
  • Auto Language & Currency Redirection
  • Import & Export Translation
  • Auto Translation Update
  • Glossary
  • 60-day Backup & Restore

Pro Plan


50,000 monthly AI translation words + Extra Free 20,000 AI translation words for 1st-timer users

  • All in Basic
  • Advanced Translation Filter
  • Integrated App Translation
  • 90-day Backup & Restore



200,000 monthly AI translation words + Extra Free 20,000 AI translation words for 1st-timer users

  • All in Pro
  • 180-day Backup & Restore

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Ren Jewelry

I use this app for about a year now.
AI translation (at least for translation from ENG to GR) is awful. So I have to manually translate everything. App offers migration feature to its paid plans and also an export/import feuture so you can transfer your old trasnlation to a new theme "easily".
That's a big lie. I have to manually translate about 5k words everytime my bought theme (Impulse) gets an update.
I contacted them, they sent me a request to join as developer at my shop, I accepted it and then they were trying to make me look like an idiot telling me that after the migration the app translates everything from the old theme while at the same time at my website (which was on air and free to see) nothing was translated. Whole pages were not translated, home page attributed were not, whole Account page were not and they were stack at their same answer. I had the word "Newsletter" at my home page (which I had not translated because we use it in Greek) and because this was not translated they were using it as an excuse for all the rest. I wanted to give 1 star but I will give 2 because if you manually translate everything again and again it seems to work well.


Just great, I didn't expect that making a shop multilingual would be that easy, but really all functions of the app make so much sense! THX!


I used a theme that had a problem at checkout page. It was a theme's problem. Support logged in my website, did all necessary theme code settings and everything works correctly. These guys are amazing. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Vasiliki