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Translate My Store

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Translate your store with Auto AI, Manual & Import Translation

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Shopify Native Translation

Using Shopify's new SEO-friendly native translation feature, the App offers seamless multilingual experience without slowed page loading.

Human & AI Translation

Offers both Manual and Automatic AI Translation right in the App, with the option to revert/undo any changes

CSV import export Translation

Options to export translatable text into CSV/Excel files, send to professional translators, import back once the translation is completed

Sobre Translate My Store

The most anticipated feature from multi language store owners has finally arrived! Shopify has rolled out a new native translation support to all merchants. Unlike other translation apps, Translate My Store is based on this new native Shopify translation.

This is a game changer! With this new approach, Shopify will store and host all the translations within your Shopify account database. Your online store can offer the most seamless multi language experience without slowed page loading time or 3rd party translation overlay. Search engine will rank your store higher not only because of the faster page loading time, but also because different languages of your store are separately recognized by locale-aware URLs. You will have a TRUE multi language store!

We are dedicated to make this transition even smoother by offering this app. Here are some key features:

Auto AI Translation:

For those stores with many translatable items, Translate My Store provides AI translation from industry leading auto translation services using machine learning. You will be amazed by how advanced AI translation has evolved these days. AI translation can translate your store into a new language within minutes. All it takes for you is just a few clicks in this app.

Simple Translation Interface:

For those store owners who want to translate their stores themselves, Translate My Store offers a clean and simple translation interface. Translatable items are grouped together ranging from general store info, products, collections, blogs to Email templates, SMS templates, Meta fields, etc. This manual translation tool is free and will stay free forever.

CSV/Excel Import Export:

For those who want to out-source the work to professional translators, Translate My Store offers in-app CSV/Excel export import. You can divide and export your translatable items into different CSV/Excel files, send them to professional translators. Once they finish their work, simply import these files back into your store.

Glossary Support:

We understand there are things that should stay in original language, such as brand names.

Translation Statistic:

Translate My Store can periodically scan your store and report to you on translation coverage of different languages and different categories.

Language Switcher:

You can add a customizable language switcher on your storefront with flags and language names. More styles coming soon.

Level up your e-commerce success today by selling in multiple languages from a single online store!

1 click installation, 0 developer needed, easy to use.

Translate My Store App is compatible with all major SEO apps.

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4.7 de 5 estrelas

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We found "Translate" really easy to install, it looks very professional and works perfectly. Already we're getting increased orders from customers using the non-english versions of our site, so we're very pleased. We got in touch with support a few times and their response was really helpful and quick, we really appreciate that, thank you.

Rudolf De Coster

Tremendous system,
Easy to use and full of sub-applications and details.
Can be used Manually or automatically.
A very great tool complete and easy to use.

Boutique Rainspa

I use this app and I like the feature to export and import .csv files! It helped our team on uploading our professional translations, and save time.