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Transparent Kitty

Transparent Kitty

Developed by Resistor Software

10 reviews
Price: $49.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Keep your third party vendors happy with a percentage of sales
  • Take advantage of the profit per sale reports and cost prices per product
  • Allow your vendors to securely see their sales when they want, how they want

A New View of Shop Sales

If you're a merchant with a lot of products and those products are assigned to third party merchants, vendors or partners, you need the Transparent Kitty App.

  • Easily assign a cost price to every product in your shop

  • View reports of sales made per vendor for any time period

  • Assign a share of profits to vendors with a percentage

  • Allow your vendors to securely login and view their sales

The concept is simple. Every line item is a product, and every product has a vendor. Since a product can have a cost price, the difference between the selling price and the cost price is the profit. The App takes care of calculating and reporting those sales. Vendors can be assigned accounts and thus they can see their share of sales and they can download the numbers for their own purposes.

It's Open Book Accounting!

Transparent Kitty reviews

10 reviews
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Excellent app, Nice pricing structure, you're getting a lot of features and its relatively simple! Bit of a learning curve but very prompt respond time! Love it, Makes my life super easy! Be aware; the email log in's are case sensitive though!


I was hoping this would be a good app for keeping track of money I owe to vendors for drop shipped goods... but seems to be only for consignment purposes and profit splits. And the price... yea, maybe a fair price for an established store with a stream of revenue. But as the others have pointed out, not an option for a store that's just starting. It's simply too expensive. I would suggest a starter package... <= $20/mo.


What I need too! Awesome.but $50 dollars is way too expensive. Now for those of you that are slightly interested, there is a 7 day trial and this may fit your needs for $50. After researching several e commerce sites and what not, I felt Shopify seem to fit the best budget and is very user friendly. However, no dashboard for outside Reps to use. Then there is transparent Kitty....Oh could I use this app and I could afford this app, but I draw a line on affordability and the Kitty does not offer that! 600 annually, one can pay that to have someone setup an e commerce site with the system already included. Now this is strictly just my Opinion.


Shoot! This is exactly what I'm looking for, but as a new store, it's really affordable.


Very expensive, unaffordable really..!


Exactly what I'm looking for too but expensive for a shopify store that is just starting out.


Exactly what I need for my shop. Looking forward to trying this out. Thank you! :) (it is a bit pricey though...)


This app costs to much money.. Sad


Yes! That is exactly what I was looking for and finally it's in the Shopify store. It has the perfect set of functions. So a definite thumbs up for the "quality" part.

However - $600/year... meh. Unaffordable for a store that's starting out. I don't think such an app should cost the same as the Shopify subscription itself. Perhaps $20/mo? $25? Need to search for other solutions for the time being...

$49.99 / month
7 days

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