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Price: $5.00 – $15.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Save time and money using Trello to administrate your processes in Shopify - simple, clear, structured and very easy to use
  • Accelerate the rate of strategic improvement by focusing on the task at hand
  • Streamline processes and collaboration with team members and external service providers

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With one click you can sync your Customers, Orders, Pages, Collections and Blogs to your Trello Boards.

Trellofy brings easy-to-use project management to your operation. Finally, you are able to create, collect and distribute tasks related to any Shopify object. With Trellofy you can structure information and design processes in infinite ways, including:

  • Visualize your entire operation in one Trello Board and assign to-do's, members and labels to reduce complexity and accelerate improvements

  • Set up a content management process by syncing pages, blogs and articles and assigning them to team members

  • Streamline your order flow by sorting orders based on status and assign to-do's to the respective staff

  • Organize, supervise and process client support requests in a structured, visual process

The sync process is super flexible, the only limit to Trellofy's application is your imagination.

Sync between Shopify and Trello for Customers, Orders, Pages, Collections and Blogs with no effort

The app is focussed on simplicity while offering all the flexibility needed. Create rules to sync any number and combination of objects (Pages, Articles, Clients, Orders and Products) to any Trello Board and List. The ability to sync products, customers and orders filtered by rules allows you to structure all information just as you need it.

Focus on the task at hand and accelerate the rate of improvement within your business

Stop wasting time by collecting ideas and to-do's in random Trello cards and endlessly clicking around the Shopify admin to (eventually) implement your idea.
Instead assign ideas and tasks directly to the relevant card. The card will not only hold all relevant information in one place but also links to the respective area in your Shopify Admin.

Streamline collaboration and communication with team members, freelancers and external service providers

No matter if your business relies on internal or external support, you will need to organise your staff in some way. Instead of writing emails and getting lost in translation easily assign tasks and dead-lines within Trello. This way, all your activities will be clearly arranged and accessible where needed, for example:

  • Visualise your supply-chain to give your team a clear overview of orders and products

  • Assign your content specialist to relevant cards and give detailed instructions

  • Visualize the sitemap of your store and create tasks for each item. Share those tasks with your Shopify Expert.

We are still in Beta version but are continuously adding new features, including:

  • Inventory Sync: track inventory for better resource planning

  • Client Filter: Create client tier groups by assigning them to different lists based on order volume, order frequency, etc.

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A big fan of Trello so useful to have something that syncs with it. Functionality still seems a little basic but like where it's headed


I've been a Trello user for a long time, as part of my other business. When I was struggling to keep up with my orders and their exceptions, with the help of Trellofy, I turned to Trello to keep things streamlined.
This app has a lot of potential and the base is very solid.
Well done!

$5.00 – $15.00 / month

Trellofy Basic: 5 Rules - Unlimited Syncs - Manual Sync - 5$/month
Trellofy Pro: Unlimited Rules - Unlimited Syncs - Automatic (Live) Sync - 15$/month

7 days



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