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Find products that sell, backed by real trends

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Search Trends In Any Category

Search live trends on millions of stores. See every supplier and filter by category or profit margin. SmartMatched by our team working 24/7

Suppliers & Ads As You Browse

Our toolbar reveals the secret data on any dropshipping store. We check our database for ads and supplier matches as you browse

Run A Report On Any Store

See any stores suppliers, ads, trends and profit margins. Our store reports give you insight into any store that was never possible before

Su Trending Products

See the hidden trending data on any dropshipping store. We show you winning ads, suppliers and store profit margins. Our goal is to help inspire you to create the best store possible, what better way to learn than by seeing what's working on other stores?

Trending Products monitors millions of ecommerce stores, ads and social sharing patterns for products starting to trend - we then find suppliers for these products on AliExpress and deliver them to our users. Order management for products found with us can be handled with Oberlo in a few clicks.

With Trending Products you'll get a product feed that we send trends to in real-time as they are detected. For more specific trends, we let you search all of our trending data so you can find products that sell well in any niche. You'll see the exact ads & sales copy competing stores are using to get sales.

That's not where it ends, if you have Google Chrome our toolbar lets you run analysis on any ecommerce store to reveal their profit margins, ads and best selling products. We have data on most dropshipping stores.

Wish you knew about the fidget spinner first? Trending Products actually detected this trend when the first Shopify store started to sell them (you can read about that on our blog).

Here's a look at our best features..

Live Trends

See product trends in real-time, backed by live social media growth.

Search Products & Stores

See the highest margin trends in any niche along with supplier information.

Store Reports

Run a trend report on any store to see their suppliers, ads and margins.

Sidebar & Product Ads

We show ads, suppliers and profits for any product as you browse a store.

Strength Metrics

Every dropshipping store and their products are assigned strength metric based on our trending data. Quickly identify if a store is worth paying attention to.

Supplier Detection

Ever wanted to find out where a store is getting their products? We developed SmartMatch to help our users find product suppliers faster. SmartMatch lets you find the supplier for any product on a dropshipping store.

Automate Contact

Easily contact every supplier for a product with AutoContact. Finding a good supplier on AliExpress is hard. We simplify that by adding a 1-click option to contact a supplier asking for key information. You can send this to every supplier and monitor replies via Trending Products so they don't get lost in your AliExpress inbox.

Store Shuffle

Stuck for inspiration? Click shuffle on our toolbar and we will take you to a random trending dropshipping store.


**Google Chrome is required if you want to use our toolbar functionality**

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5.0 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

furry empire

the products list shows high selling products from actual stores, which gives a credibility. and i can also search for stores which for me is great to inspire from.


Shows you the ads and suppliers for almost any store that dropships, couldn't run my business without it. Mainly use it to find products getting a lot of traction and then add to my store using suppliers they provide from aliexpress. Particularly useful in seeing what price points are working for certain products so you're not going in blind, takes the guess work out of the equation

Luv My Outfit

Usually these apps suck, and I was actually expecting this one to be bad but I was plesantly surprised

Added to my morning routine!

> Coffee
> Load up Trending Products
> Search and filter by high margin products
> Import winning products with Oberlo
> Test in email blasts / upsells
> Drop losers + pick best + copy the ads
> Win

Best app I've used hands down