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29. kesäkuu 2024

Today I made my first sale. I was extremely excited. I discovered that my account wasn’t completely set up. I emailed customer support at 2:00am and within 3 minutes I received an email from RayMart. He was the best! He was so patient with me. He was so knowledgeable of the process. I have never engaged in such customer service in my life. Wow I am completely blown away. I can tell he has been trained with customer etiquette. If only we can get more customer service like RayMart displayed. What an amazing experience!

Suit Yourself Fashion
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ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 1. heinäkuu 2024

Hello, Suit Yourself Fashion

Congratulations on your first sale! 🎉 We're thrilled to hear about your excitement and even more delighted that Raymart was able to assist you promptly and effectively.

Thank you for your kind words about our customer service. We strive to provide the best support possible, and it’s fantastic to know Raymart made such a positive impression. We'll be sure to pass along your praise to him.

If you need any further assistance as you continue to grow your store, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here for you every step of the way!

11. heinäkuu 2024

Trendsi is in a league of its own in terms of excellent product selection, quality, affordability and speedy shipping, but today, I learned how amazing their customer service is! I called with a tech problem that was preventing me from loading new products onto my online shop. My customer service goddess, Chette, walked my 54-year-old computer illiterate self step-by-step as we tried to discover what was causing the error...for close to an hour! She did not give up on me or on fixing the problem. When she finally was able to find what I had done wrong, she helped me fix it, then stayed with me to make sure I could successfully load products and that all my questions were answered. Chette was so patient, friendly and kind - phenomenal! She never made me feel stupid, always saying it was a team effort and we would find the solution. This was THE most positive customer service I have ever had - anywhere. Thank you Chette, and thank you Trendsi. You have a loyal customer for life (P.S., give Chette a HUGE raise!). - Stephanie Thibeault, Curvy Craves, LLC.

Curvy Craves
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ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 15. heinäkuu 2024

Hi Curvy Craves,

Wow, Stephanie! Thanks for the glowing review! We're thrilled to hear that Chette provided such amazing support and helped resolve your tech issue. We're proud of our team and delighted to have you as a loyal customer. We'll definitely pass on your praise to Chette. Thank you for choosing Trendsi! 💖

7. kesäkuu 2024

Trendsi has revolutionized my online fashion boutique, Their extensive product selection, seamless dropshipping service, and top-notch customer support have been instrumental in the success of my business. With Trendsi, I can easily add trendy products to my store, and their efficient fulfillment process ensures my customers receive high-quality items promptly. I highly recommend Trendsi to any boutique owner looking to streamline their operations and offer the latest fashion trends to their customers. Thank you, Trendsi, for being an invaluable partner in my business's growth! Thank you from all of us at
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ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 12. kesäkuu 2024


Thrilled to hear how Trendsi has powered up your boutique,! 🎉 We're all about making fashion dreams a reality, with seamless service and top-tier support. Keep spreading those stylish vibes! 🛍️💫

7. kesäkuu 2024

It has definitely made it worth investing in. It's easy to personalize your store based on your vision. If you'd like to automate it to sync you can do that also. I find it very convenient to edit pricing and be able to see the profit prior to adding to store. I also appreciate the emails sent letting me know the updates to the items already in my store - whether it may be sold out, restocked, or price change. My store is still pretty new but whenever I need help in regards to the products Trendsi support is always there to assist.

Serenity Love Boutique
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ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 12. kesäkuu 2024

Hello Serenity Love Boutique,

Thrilled to hear that Trendsi has been a game-changer for your store! Personalization, automation, and real-time updates – sounds like you've got everything under control. Keep up the fantastic work, and know that we're here whenever you need a helping hand. Cheers to your growing success! ❤️

29. toukokuu 2024

The company offers stunning fashionable options for women. Many of the fashions look customizable for those looking to personalize. Love the customer service! Harold helped answer many of my questions about the setup and processes. Moreover, the integration into my store was seamless and super user friendly. I was also able to make layout adjustments and AI edits to the product descriptions. I have a custom layout made by a website designer so I am so glad it works for us. I just wish they offered men's fashions.

Kyublis DZigns
6 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 31. toukokuu 2024

Hello Kyublis DZigns,

Thanks for the awesome review! We're thrilled to hear you're loving our fashionable options and our seamless integration process. Harold is a rockstar, isn't he? 😉 We hear you on the men's fashion front, and we're always looking to expand our offerings. Stay tuned for updates, and thanks for being part of our stylish community!

12. kesäkuu 2024

I would like a better organize of added products to find easier which is out of order or updated info. Great app !

Ladies Knight
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ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 14. kesäkuu 2024

Hello Ladies Knight,

Thanks for the feedback! We're glad you like the app. We'll work on improving the organization of products to make it easier to find updates and out-of-order items. Stay tuned for updates!

26. kesäkuu 2024

Trendsi is the best I have ever experienced. I have no complaints. Whenever I need help for my shopify or trendsi, they are always available. Today, I was helped by Raymart, the best agent! I had a couple of questions regarding my store and he understood completely what I needed in a timely manner. Thank you.

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ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 27. kesäkuu 2024


Thank you so much for your glowing review! We're thrilled to hear that you had such a positive experience with Trendsi and that Raymart was able to assist you promptly and effectively. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and it's wonderful to know that our support team has been there for you whenever you needed help.

If you ever have more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for choosing Trendsi!

17. toukokuu 2024

I so appreciate the quick response time Joel
has given me today! As always when I send an email I always hear within minutes. Thank you for your effort.

CoCo-Blake and Company
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ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 21. toukokuu 2024

Hello CoCo-Blake and Company,

Awesome to hear, thank you! Joel's lightning-fast responses definitely keep things moving! 🚀 We're thrilled to provide speedy support anytime you need it. Thanks for the shoutout!

7. kesäkuu 2024

Great experience for more than 2 years - one defective product in that time. Consistent ordering process and new products that get dropped daily.

Palm + Poppy
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ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 12. kesäkuu 2024

Hi Palm + Poppy,

Thanks for sharing! Thrilled to hear you've had a fantastic 2+ years with us, with just one blip on the radar. We're all about keeping things fresh, so expect even more exciting drops ahead. Here's to many more smooth orders and exciting finds! ❤️

7. kesäkuu 2024

I discovered this app by mistake after giving hope on ever doing drop shipping again because of my bad experience with other apps. When I saw the app and the huge variety of trendy products, I was blown away. I immediately re-open a Shopify store and is currently adding products and optimizing my store. I hope to sell millions of products from this platform and looking forward to doing business with this company for years to come.

XQiZiT Chic Fashion Boutique
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ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 12. kesäkuu 2024

Hi XQiZiT Chic Fashion Boutique,

Wow, what a fantastic rediscovery! 🚀 It's amazing how a chance encounter can reignite the entrepreneurial flame. We're thrilled to hear you're back in the game and gearing up with our app's trendy products. Here's to your Shopify store's success and the millions of products flying off your virtual shelves! 🛍️💫 Cheers to a prosperous partnership ahead!