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7. kesäkuu 2024

I love Trendsi! Among the good things are the selection, quality, customer service and ease of ordering. My only complaint would be that they don't cover return shipping under any circumstance, so I have to eat the return shipping costs once my customer submits a receipt to me. Otherwise, they're a great vendor, and the only one who keeps me updated daily on any product changes, which is outstanding. Thanks, Trendsi!

Pack Less. Travel More.
4 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 12. kesäkuu 2024

Hello Pack Less. Travel More.,

Thanks for the awesome feedback! We're thrilled you love Trendsi! We're constantly working to improve and appreciate your support. We'll definitely take your return shipping feedback into consideration. Keep rocking with us! ❤️

3. heinäkuu 2024

I received great customer from Raymart. Very patient and extremely helpful. Thank you.

Touch Me Textures
Noin 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 5. heinäkuu 2024

Hello Touch Me Textures,

Thanks so much for the kind words! Raymart will be thrilled to hear your feedback. We're always here to help! ❤️

16. kesäkuu 2024

Great store/app with great customer service. When I spoke with Lorie she did not hesitate to help me with my issue & fixed everything. Trendsi has great merchandise & great prices and always keeps their inventory updated.

Ellima Unlimited
11 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 19. kesäkuu 2024

Hi Ellima Unlimited,

Thank you so much for your awesome review! 🌟 We're thrilled you had a fantastic experience with Lorie and enjoyed our merchandise and prices. Keeping things updated is key for us! We can't wait to serve you again at Trendsi!

26. kesäkuu 2024

I'm new to trendsi and shopify platforms so trying to figure out the quirks.. I have not sampled any of the clothing yet or tested the ship time.. I did test the order from my site and cancellation.. I needed assistance with releasing the funds from Shopify which Harold was very helpful with! Thanks so much!

Resort Ready
3 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 28. kesäkuu 2024

Hello Resort Ready,

Welcome to the Trendsi and Shopify community! It's great to hear you're diving in and testing things out. We're thrilled that Harold could assist you with the funds issue. If you have any more questions or need further help, don't hesitate to reach out. Happy selling! 🚀

7. heinäkuu 2024

I love this app and their customer service. Joel helped me figure out what I was doing wrong in no time.

Kiara Starling
4 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 9. heinäkuu 2024

Hi Kiara Starling,

Thank you so much for your kind words! We're thrilled you love the app and had a great experience with our customer service. Joel is fantastic, and we're glad he could help you out quickly! 😊🚀

25. kesäkuu 2024

I love this app. The apparel is top notch. great customer service, and shipping doesn't take too long to reach my customers. My customers boasts to me about how great the quality of the apparel is. i highly recommend this app for women's fashionable clothing.

Trendy Fashions R-US LLC
5 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 27. kesäkuu 2024

Hello, Trendy Fashions R-US LLC

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear that you and your customers are enjoying our apparel and that our shipping and customer service have met your expectations. Your recommendation means a lot to us. If you ever need any further assistance, we're always here to help!

7. kesäkuu 2024

My customers love the products and I love how well they keep their inventory updated for the business owners via emails.

10 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 12. kesäkuu 2024

Hello The802Gypsy,

That's fantastic to hear! Keeping our inventory up-to-date and making our customers happy are top priorities for us. Thanks for the positive feedback!

13. heinäkuu 2024

Got my first order after including some styles on my website only a week prior. Had several questions regarding setup and Raymart was extremely helpful in answering all of them. He was very patient and super knowledgeable. Thanks so much again Raymart for helping me out. Looking forward to increasing my online sales thanks to the ease of Trendsi's dropshipping methods.

The Edge
10 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 15. heinäkuu 2024

Hello The Edge,

Thank you so much for your kind words! It was a pleasure assisting you. We're thrilled to hear you're excited about our dropshipping methods. Here's to boosting your online sales together! 🚀

3. toukokuu 2024

Joel was so helpful with the status of my orders and the other things I needed done. I really appreciate the quick response especially when you have a customer standing in front of you.

Vuosi sovelluksen käyttöä
ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 7. toukokuu 2024

Hello SassyBWV,

Thanks a bunch for the awesome feedback! Joel's always on the ball, even with a full plate. Glad we could keep things moving swiftly for you, even with a customer in the mix. We're here whenever you need us!

9. kesäkuu 2024

I love the selection Trendsi provides that allows me to curate great fashion for my online store and their customer service is excellent!

Lemon Snob
10 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 12. kesäkuu 2024

Hi Lemon Snob,

Thanks a bunch for the shout-out! 🎉 We're thrilled you're loving our selection and service! Keep rocking those fabulous fashion choices in your online store! 💃