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Same day local delivery for all your customers with Trexity.

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Contactless Deliveries

The Trexity driver community has been trained and certified in 'contactless delivery'. Keep your team and customers safe.

Same Day Shipping

Drivers are pinged and en route to your store as soon as you fulfill the order. Get orders out for same day shipping for your clients.

Real-Time Tracking

Your Trexity dashboard provides real-time tracking, each order is photographed at pickup and drop-off for validation. #PeaceOfMind goals!

Su Trexity

Shopify's only same day, contactless delivery system for merchants

Ship customer orders as they come in and have them delivered the same day! Empower your business and offer your customers the level of service they’ve come to expect.

Take full control

Trexity gives businesses the ability to ship packages as they need. Understand the costs, track all packages in real-time, and receive notification on pick up and drop off. Your customers will also be notified when their packages are being delivered, meaning less scheduling and overhead for your business.

Shipping estimates and costs included up front

To make sure that your business or customer isn’t surprised by any hidden fees, we provide all pricing up front for each package. Regardless of any driver delays or detours, your package will only be charged on the distance and time determined in your estimate.

All Features

  • Flexibility to let your shoppers make the choice of 'same-day home delivery' directly as a shipping option
  • Cheaper than couriers. No surprise fees based on postal code or fuel charges. No up-charges for after hours, weekends or holidays.
  • Trexity is hidden as a shipping option if drivers are not in the area
  • All customer details are automatically synced with the shipment request, so all you have to do is fulfill the item and our driver community is instantly pinged
  • Merchant portal will show all your orders and the up to the second shipment status
  • Flexibility to turn Trexity on/off as you see fit
  • Save time by keeping your employees focused on fulfilling orders while we handle all the home delivery and shipping
  • Expand your delivery radius and extend online order cut-off times by being able to deliver same-day to a wider audience.

Pricing that allows you to stay winning

We don't charge monthly fees, service fees, peak fees or anything that may have you thinking twice about offering up home delivery to your customers. Our model is based on distance and time, allowing customers to view the exact shipping cost directly in your checkout process. No one is ever surprised, and customers will keep thanking you for being so speedy and efficient!

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Costi esterni potrebbero essere applicate. Queste spese sono fatturate dal fornitore esterno e non verranno visualizzate nella fattura di Shopify.

Installazione gratuita

Customers will be charged at checkout, and merchants will be charged from their Trexity dashboard at the same amount.

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