TRAFFIC BOOST : Word of Mouth

TRAFFIC BOOST : Word of Mouth


Shares | Discounts | Emails | Sell even ​​more Post Purchase

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Boost your visits, increase your conversion rate and retain your customers and their relatives by inviting them to share your store!


Encourage your customers to share your store by private message or post to those around them !


Attract prospects for free thanks to your customers: their positive recommendation will encourage their friends to order without hesitation!

TRAFFIC BOOST : Word of Mouth 정보

Boost your conversions after purchase

Increase your orders for free thanks to a snowball effect: the customer shares with his relatives, which generates traffic and potential sales without promotion.

Word of Mouth: an ultra powerful marketing technique

Improve your conversions by directly reaching those close to your customers. Word of mouth is the best marketing technique, used since the dawn of time!

Thank you page

A sharing window appears on the thank you page to offer a promotion code or a gift to your client, while allowing them to share it with their loved ones!

Email Post purchase

Send an automatic e-mail to each of your customers after their purchases in order to put all the odds in your favor to reach those around them.

Statistics analysis

In the application, a "Statistics" tab is available so that you can track the number of shares as well as the traffic gained through the application! This will allow you to analyze the potential of your product, to see if your customers are proud to share it with their friends. You will also learn more about your product and your customers!

Technical characteristics

  • Offer coupons to customers and their families/friends/entourage for their future purchases when they share.

  • Mobile / computer sharing choice option for Messenger, WhatApps, etc.

  • A fully customizable text according to your store, its image and the period (Christmas, Valentine's Day ...)

  • Choice of your offers: reduction coupon, free delivery or gifts ...

  • Discount code directly integrated into the sharing link: the customer just has to click on the link to initiate the offer and proceed to checkout

  • An attractive and responsive design on computer and mobile / tablet, which integrates perfectly with the thank you page

  • Analysis of visit rate statistics, clicks on sharing link and conversion rate

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  • You don't pay if you don't sell
  • Customizable Thank You Page & Discount
  • Customizable Email Post Purchase
  • Stats
  • Chat support h24



  • 1-50 orders after free trial (store orders)
  • Customizable Thank You Page & Discounts
  • Customizable Email Post Purchase
  • Stats
  • Live chat support



  • Up to 200 monthly orders (store orders)
  • Customizable Thank You Page & Discounts
  • Customizable Email Post Purchase
  • Stats
  • Live chat support



  • Up to 1000 monthly orders (store orders)
  • Customizable Thank You Page & Discounts
  • Customizable Email Post Purchase
  • Stats
  • Live chat support

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Application trés rare qui fera exploser votre taux de conversion ! Je recommande a 100% ! N'hésitez pas !


Super application! Elle est devenu l’une de mes indispensables lorsque j’ouvre une boutique. Elle me permet d’augmenter mon panier moyen et incite les clients à repasser commande. Merci!

개발자 회신

2021년 5월 9일

Bonjour Bellamata 👋
Merci d'avoir pris le temps de nous laisser un avis. Nous sommes ravis que vous appréciez TRAFFIC BOOST 😁


j'ai vu le changement assez rapidement après l'installation de l'application. le bouche à oreille 2.0 a bien fonctionner. ça m'a super bien dépanné en cette fin de mois car généralement , je vend moins de produit. Je valide donc et je la reprend pour le mois prochain. merci

개발자 회신

2021년 5월 9일

Hello 👋 Merci pour votre retour d’expérience, nous sommes vraiment ravis que notre travail vous aide dans votre business.
Nous restons à votre disposition si besoin. 😊