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Troupe ‑ Style On‑Demand

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Easily Sell Your Artwork on Boutique-Quality Jewelry.

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4 reviews

Soze Squared

extremely not happy with this app. I have a customer waiting on their product and can not get in touch with customer service

St Augustine Lions

I thought I'd give this app a try in spite of the reviews. Customer support has been very responsive and excellent. The designing tool wasn't hard to learn. I'll update after I get my samples in the mail and as things move along. I'm giving it five stars for now.

Update: I ordered a sample of the silver fox coin bracelet. It arrived sooner than promised. My custom image looks very good, the bracelet is daintier than I thought based on the photo, the silver face around the image was not as shiny and large as it appeared in the photo. Otherwise, it seems like a well-made bracelet and I like that the size can be adjusted for varying wrist sizes. I'm going to add it to my website for selling, but explain to my customers about the differences between the image and the actual bracelet. Don't expect to see it at my site anytime soon, though. Other things have come up that I have to take care of before I add a new product. I like the little bracelet and wear it myself. Be sure to order a sample before selling - I recommend getting samples for all print-on-demand products. You don't know what it will really be like until you sample it and you don't want disappointed customers. My rating for this app remains at five stars.

Bubble Sprint

Delivery time long. Medium quality product. Out of product and no communication


I would give it 5 stars if it weren't for recent changes in their product line that left limited choices. I had been using them in one of my shops and loved it. They had beautiful unique statement pieces, bracelets, pendants with numerous interchangeable choices. The quality is excellent, high end boutique quality and my customers loved my designs on their pieces.

But their best designs of thin chain necklaces and statement pieces disapeared, leaving only one box chain choice an only more common looking round and square pendents that was the least popular with my customers. I inquired on what happend since they did not inform sellers/designers that they removed their best designs. They said a company had secured the exclusive right to their best pieces. They assured me more designs were coming out "in a couple weeks"... that was almost 3 months ago and no new designs. Leaving my sales, and I'm sure many others, flat with no new better designs to create with.

Pros: -Excellent Quality, beautiful and well made -Your prints looks like part of the jewelry, not as if it's just printed on top. -Very Easy to create -Easily add to store -Made in USA -Ships Quick -Great prices

Cons: -your designs are not editable once created. -You can't choose the same pendents on different chains while designing without going back into the designer as a "new campaign" each time. -Limited designs that they said through email inquiry they would be adding to but haven't in the past few months. -The Best designs are removed without explanation to sellers, without returning

If they add these illusive designs they claimed were coming to replace those that disapeared I'll be glad to update this review. But it won't be a 5 star if they continue to pull the rug out from under us sellers/designers without notice to sell out to big store buyers whenever they come out with designs people actually will buy.