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Forecasting. Stock Alert. Bundling. Purchase Order. Reporting.

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Improved Forecast Accuracy

Create fast, more complete and accurate sales forecasts you can trust generated from our AI machine learning engine.

Reduced Inventory Risk

Confidently provide suppliers with reliable demand predictions and overcome challenging inventory replenishment issues.

Smart Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders using accurate data and suggestions. Take into consideration predicted returns, sales forecasts, pricing history.



TrueStock Takes the Uncertainty out of Demand Forecasting

Forecasting future sales can play a major role in an e-Commerce businesses success. Stores capture large amounts of data including historical sales and pricing history. To achieve more accurate forecast predictions, this data and a wider range of other demand impacting factors including seasonality, the weather, events, marketing activities and promotional periods are considered during the forecasting process.

  • 120-day forecasts show sales, revenue, and profit predictions
  • Real time data, no need to sync
  • Real time market analysis
  • Automatic Inventory Alerts
  • Customised Reporting
  • Manage Purchase Orders
  • Predict Customer Returns

Optimise Demand Planning and Replenishment with a Truer Forecast

The automated replenishment system will let you know about future inventory requirements. eCommerce stores can ensure their customers receive products when and how they want them gaining their loyalty with satisfactory order fulfilment.

  • Automated monitoring and notifications with replenishment quantities and costs
  • Receive notifications when inventory needs replaced, hits low or buffer stock levels
  • Set up customised daily stock monitor alerts including supplier lead times
  • View predicted revenue and the costs of missed sales opportunities

Pinpoint Future Marketing Spend and Focus

Within the TrueStock’s machine learning demand forecasting model marketing activities are analyzed and insights provided for use in future marketing campaigns.

  • Identification of optimum sales promotion periods
  • View ROI insights from different channels and locations

About Us

TrueStock utilizes high-performing machine learning algorithms to predict the volume of products or services to be purchased during a defined future period.

This smart technology incorporates data from a range of internal and external demand drivers that impact future forecasting. Replacing traditional sales forecasting methods, it has been proven that machine learning techniques can improve forecast accuracy especially over time.

Shopify stores can leverage data science and predictive analytics to create sales forecasts that are more accurate than ever.


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Forecasting Plan


  • Accurate forecasting.
  • Customised Reporting.
  • Bundling.
  • Inventory alerts.
  • Purchase orders.
  • Sales ranking.
  • Market Analysis.

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4.9 5つ星


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Three Bears #threebearsperth

Love Truestock it tells me my stock levels for year end which saves me a heap of time with stocktakes etc

Allure Beauty

Used this app for managing our purchase orders and suppliers. Love how the sales forecasts auto-suggest our purchase order quantities and estimates how long they will last for. Really easy to export via PDF too. Support team always been very responsive which is a plus. Definitely recommend!

The Silk Company Ireland

Amazing sales forecasting app. It has massively improved our own internal demand planning and inventory management. Was really easy to get started.