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1 giugno 2023

Trunk has been vital in helping us link stock between our two Shopify stores together. Without trunk our business wont be able to keep track of inventory, and we'd be consistently letting customers down.

Reptiles By Post
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 17 giorni
30 maggio 2023

Well organized and easy to use. I had a bit of a challenge with setup but James was a great help.

Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 2 mesi
Data modifica: 23 maggio 2023

You know, my company has been sync'ing a lot of products with other vendors for quite a long time so I feel qualified to speak about things. Trunk is a extremely easy to set up and use app, mismatched SKU matching works well and is a fast process. The sync times we see are very fast, in fact at one point today my team simply went from one tab on the browser to the other and the SKU count was already updated.

Frankly, if you need to sync inventory this app is well worth considering!

Dave's Hobby Shop by W5SWL
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 5 giorni
Data modifica: 5 giugno 2023

Updated Review | Trunk App works really well in syncing product inventory. What you need to know: Increasing inventory (especially from Etsy) may take a minute to update. Everything works super simple to start up and link up. Had a hiccup with some adjustments with my inventory in which James and Arturo swooped in to help me out. The only major downside is if linking with Amazon: Amazon delays inventory adjustments with their pending orders, and this will absolutely cause inventory to be off. You will need to keep an eye on this every few days if you have low inventory and hot selling items. Otherwise, great App and I look forward to using it with my next shop.

Five Corners Co
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 5 mesi
30 marzo 2023

We have been using Trunk for a few years now and we're very happy with the service. We originally used it to sync between Squarespace and eBay. But, recently we moved our online shop to Shopify. We were happy to see that Trunk integration was only a click away. With Trunk we don't have to worry about anything, when it comes to inventory keeping in sync. It's lightning fast and so is the customer service from James! Thanks Trunk!

Trains in the Valley
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 15 giorni
29 marzo 2023

Perfect programme to manage live sync inventory. Simple and effective in what it sets out to achieve. Really pleased with it!

Cult Football
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 30 giorni
22 marzo 2023

Was on Woocommerce and spent 3.5 months trying to find a solution that does the inventory management I needed.

Moved to shopify because I thought I found a solution, but it didn't end up meeting all of my needs.

After much desperation I stumbled across Trunk, and it does EXACTLY what I was looking for. Not only that its sync is super fast and maintains my inventory levels across multiple channels almost instantly when an adjustment is made.

Geek Tech Supply
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 16 giorni
Data modifica: 16 marzo 2023

I just launched my Shopify store this week. With the help of Trunk Inventory I was able to sync my Etsy inventory with my Shopify store. I did have a question which I submitted to trunk and they immediately got back to me and gave me instructions for what I needed. Trunk is a game changer. I love it. Thank you Trunk.

Stone Barn Quilting
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 6 giorni
13 marzo 2023

What can I say, I am a fan!
We keep a small inventory and so Trunks ability to keep all our inventory across the 4 different platforms correct and in real-time is key. Every other software needed at least 15 min.
Additionally, they are the only ones who do bundling and kitting. Such an overlooked but priceless feature.

Little Prince Customs
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 29 giorni
10 marzo 2023

Trunk is working great - it helps us manage all our kits for dogs and our shared components across products so that we don't accidentally oversell a FURB product. I also love that it has the capability to manage inventory across platforms so when we launch somewhere besides, all of our inventory will still sync.

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