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Merchants highly recommend this inventory management app for its real-time syncing across multiple platforms, including Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. It's particularly useful for businesses selling unique items, preventing double selling and overselling. The app is praised for its simplicity, effectiveness, and quick inventory syncing. Features like bundling & kitting, inventory stock alerts, and stock lookup by SKU or partial product title are appreciated. The customer service is described as excellent and responsive. The app is easy to set up, operates effectively in the background, and is ideal for businesses expanding to new platforms or managing inventory across wholesale and retail sites.

April 11, 2022

Perfect for syncing my Etsy and Shopify inventory in real-time! Easy to set up and I really appreciated the quick response from James when I had a question. I chose Trunk because it syncs inventory faster than any other app or solution I had researched! A must when you are launching a new release!

The Stellar Heart
United States
24 days using the app
June 1, 2020

A big worry when launching my new jewelry business was how to manage inventory with multiple products having the same items and furthermore, how to manage inventory selling across potential multiple platforms like Shopify and Faire. This app seems to take care of all of that and already my mind is at ease about it!

Botanical Bright - Adding a 'Lil Beauty to Your Everyday
United States
24 days using the app
December 21, 2020

This app saved my life. I'm the sole owner and operator of my rapidly growing business. I was spending countless hours going back & forth between Shopify & Etsy to update inventory after every single sale to ensure each site's inventories matched. It was exhausting! I was getting burnt out. Then I stumbled upon TRUNK! Thanks to this genius app I now no longer have to pause my life to update inventory. I highly recommend this app.

United States
23 days using the app
June 22, 2022

I have been looking for an app for really long time. It’s the best! It can connect stores, handel duplicates and manage my bundles.. Love it! Customer Service is also helpful.

LiaaBébé Bamboo Baby Sleepwear
23 days using the app
May 19, 2020

Great app and great service. This apps does exactly what it says it will on the tin so we couldn’t ask for more. We have quite a large Shopify inventory which changes daily and also have a select range listed on eBay and Etsy. With such a large inventory it is a real hassle trying to keep stock levels synchronised across all three sales channels so there was always a risk we will over sell if we forget to do a manual adjustments. This app takes care of that and in real time which is a huge relief and lets me concentrate on work other than constantly trying to keep stock levels up to date over several platforms. Easy to set up, accurate and fast so I can now confidently leave this app to do its thing and get on with other work The service and response times from James are second to none so I would very highly recommend the app and Trunk as a company to anyone using multiple sales channels.

The Bone Art Place
New Zealand
23 days using the app
October 14, 2022

I highly recommend using Trunk. I had researched other companies, but nothing compared. They made it SUPER convenient for me to manage all my inventory across multiple listings and platforms. I can't imagine going back to not using it. SUCH A TIME SAVER, and instantly calculates my inventory after a sale. Having to manage hundreds of orders a week was getting hard to keep up with inventory changes. It was a little tough to grasp at first because I suck at technology but with the help of a super great customer service I was able to figure everything out. The quick response rate was incredible. I'm sure as I continue to grow my business and platforms I will use Trunk. Definitely worth the investment. :)

United States
23 days using the app
February 8, 2023

I have tattoos and candle-making kits in my shop. The tattoos sell either in single design or in combos. Trunk was the only one that allowed me to package my items so that it would deduct available inventory from all the listings that would use a given product. Plus, it synchronizes from Etsy to Shopify and vice versa. Two things made me hesitate before subscribing, it doesn't calculate COGS, and it doesn't link with Quickbooks. But I still went for it. James is the main contact person, and he is very friendly. As we recommend improvements, he adds them to his queue and lets us know what he is currently working on. Thumbs up to James.

Larkin Crafts
23 days using the app
November 19, 2021

I was looking for a simple and easy solution to manage my inventory across my Shopify and Etsy stores so I could get out of my Excel spreadsheets. Many of these solutions were too complicated and too expensive, but I stumbled upon Trunk and it was exactly what I needed. Fairly priced, quick setup, and simple! Highly recommend.

United States
23 days using the app
June 29, 2021

As my Art Business grew I needed to have a more cohesive inventory system to make product inventory stream across my sales channels, etsy, shopify etc. It has been so easy to set up and the team at trunk have been on hand to answer any questions I have. LOVE IT!

Anja Jane
23 days using the app
August 2, 2022

Inventory management is a crucial part of the eCommerce business. Synching order from multiple marketplaces is a great feature in the Trunk Inventory app. We are happy to use this service.

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