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17 décembre 2022

This injects code into the theme code.

Careful on downloading this as it could set you back a few hours in work.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 5 heures
17 novembre 2022

That app is horribly outdated. No Meta Pay, extremely old icons for most payment methods (from 2+ yrs ago). Seems to not be updated anymore. Uninstalled immediately.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 8 minutes
4 janvier 2020

Wouldn't show any badges, tried contacting support and still nothing after several days. I tried troubleshooting it myself, uninstalling and reinstalling it but nothing. After several days of no response from support I gave up and now here I am.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 13 heures
SEOAnt a répondu 6 janvier 2020

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. We reply to you a few hours after receiving your email, and we are waiting for your reply. We're sorry we haven't confirmed whether your issue was resolved. The app may encounter different problems in different environments. We need to understand your actual situation to solve your problem. We tried to contact you but we didn't get a response. If you would like to give us another chance, we would be very grateful.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

Modifié le 4 janvier 2020

i choose your badges, awesome. and then what? push save and thats it, no option to place your badges, no customizing, just SAVE button... horrrible. wasted my time..

I dont think you realise the mistake or problem you have with your badges.. I can not use them. After choosing your budges, the app gives you one option "SAVE" and thats it, i click save, and the budges dont appear anywhere.. nor in my theme, nor in my store, nowhere. Until it hasn't been fixed, this review stays here, because i dont see the point to use app which isn't functioning.. sad, really sad because you have great variations of budgets, but no instructions how to use them or anything..

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 1 jour
SEOAnt a répondu 4 janvier 2020

Sorry for the inconvenience. The current function of this APP does not include the function you mentioned. We are constantly updating the functions of the APP.
We are sorry to make you feel that using our app wasted your time. Thanks for your feedback, we will try our best to make the App.

23 décembre 2019

Pathetic support from app devlopers, i installed this app and within 5 seconds of clicking 'save' my entire theme coding was wiped! luckily a shopify expert took my theme back to an older version before the app was installed and got it back. App developers claim the app doesn't mess with your code. i'm not the only one this has happened to!

Freya Myla.
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 16 minutes
SEOAnt a répondu 23 décembre 2019

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Our tech person is checking this issue. The app is no code. And it is our fault that made you a bad experience. If you are convenient, please let us help you. We are glad to help. Sincerely regret.