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3. februar 2023

Easy to install and happy to recommend. Good range of badges which I will investigate further once my shop is up and running longer.

Tid brukt i appen: 10 dager
5. januar 2023

I'm here new user, that's why I'm unable to explain some more features abut that app. I think it will be really helpful for me

The Products are on your door
Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 2 måneder
ShopClimb svarte 6. januar 2023

Glad to have you on board 🙌! Please feel free to reach out if you have any issues.

7. august 2022

Lo que me gusto es que puedes ajustar el tamaño del logo, lo malo es que la versión gratis tiene pocas opciones, solo puedes usarla en la pagina de producto

Casa Hannah ™
Tid brukt i appen: 3 måneder
ShopClimb svarte 14. august 2022

¡Gracias por tus comentarios!

30. januar 2022

i use this app to label my pages with pay opptions, great to use and it was a great experience. i would recommend.

Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 6 timer
9. januar 2022

nice and easy to nice and easy to nice and easy to nice and easy to nice and easy to nice and easy to connect

Tid brukt i appen: 18 minutter
ShopClimb svarte 9. januar 2022

We're glad you found it easy to use 😊!

14. september 2021

Very cute >.< I think i like le app bc it very helpfuls and maybe gets le zales for me's as well. we will see boi boi ^-^

Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 21 timer
ShopClimb svarte 14. september 2021

Thank you 🙏 . Best of luck with your sales!

20. mars 2021

good job...... very useful application that save time to put this cards logos on my online store. Easy steps to follow and just go...................

e-useful store
Tid brukt i appen: Over 1 år
15. mars 2021

i used this app, thanks you, very good jobs ! i'll recommend this app to my friends (sorry for my bad english)

Tid brukt i appen: 15 minutter
10. september 2020

FREE version includes only black logos. I was expecting also colored ones to add on my website. But good app at all.

Tid brukt i appen: 3 dager
21. august 2020

it would be helpful to have a full version for a trial period of about 4 weeks. That way we can test out the benefits of the app. I hope you consider this suggestion.

KwiknNeat Online
Tid brukt i appen: Over 1 år