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10. mai 2023

nice options add more value to the store look
the personalisation is good too
easy to use
i recommand it

Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 1 time
26. april 2023

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Tid brukt i appen: 15 dager
24. april 2023

Great work, sight conversions 100% now! Highly recommend for all those interested in using ShopClimb!

Photography by Alyssa Paris
Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 5 timer
21. april 2023

Very intuitive and easy to use, the customer service is very efficient and really helps you solve all your problems quickly, plus they are very friendly.
It has a variety of icons of payment methods, which are very aesthetic. I have it in several stores and it is definitely an excellent app.

Factory 1 Direct
Tid brukt i appen: Nesten 2 år
ShopClimb svarte 21. april 2023

Thank you for your kind words 🤗. Happy to help!

7. april 2023

Lettvint og oversiktlig app som lar deg designe dine egne logoer. Fikk anbefalt denne fra annen bruker.

World of fairytales forlag
Tid brukt i appen: 11 minutter
12. mars 2023

Really easy and complete app. A lot of badges and customization options but still very intuitive and quick to setup.

Tid brukt i appen: 10 minutter
25. februar 2023

easy & nice

Make It Right
Tid brukt i appen: 6 dager
29. januar 2023

It was pretty awesome easy to use.

Universal market place
Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 2 måneder
ShopClimb svarte 30. januar 2023

Thank you for your review. We're glad you found the app easy to use 🎉!

13. januar 2023

great happy I was able to try it and it worked for my website and my sales. I look forward to what else it has to offer.

HeartMade Skincare
Tid brukt i appen: 11 måneder
ShopClimb svarte 14. januar 2023

Happy to help! We look forward to helping your shop succeed 💪.

Redigert 12. januar 2023

Great app thanks and Keep it up! Its helping building trust with customers and for a small business we need the free apps to get started!

Artworks WOW
Tid brukt i appen: 2 måneder
ShopClimb svarte 14. januar 2023

We understand as we are a small business too 🙌. Your feedback really helps, so thank you!