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Redigert 11. januar 2023

thannk you i appreciate very much what this application offers for us small business owners. thanks again

Food Backwards
Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 1 måned
ShopClimb svarte 14. januar 2023

Our pleasure! Your note of thanks means a lot 😊.

6. januar 2023

This app helps us to build trust with the customers. easy to use and navigate and it's for free. Thank you

Tid brukt i appen: 4 måneder
ShopClimb svarte 6. januar 2023

Thank you for your review! We're happy you found the app easy to use 😊.

20. desember 2022

I love how the app gives my store a professional look and builds trust with my customers.than you guys

All Things Smart
Tid brukt i appen: 3 måneder
ShopClimb svarte 29. desember 2022

Thanks for the review. Your shop is looking awesome 👍!

18. november 2022

Tid brukt i appen: 8 måneder
15. november 2022

Sehr gut! Einfach zu verstehen, einfache Bedienung. Auch gut ist, dass man mehrere Optionen dazu buchen kann, aber die einfache Version reicht auch völlig aus!

Tid brukt i appen: 5 måneder
ShopClimb svarte 16. november 2022

Vielen Dank für das Teilen Ihrer Erfahrung! Freut mich zu hören, dass der kostenlose Plan für Sie ausreichend war 😊.

13. november 2022

Ευχαριστώ πολύ καλή εφαρμογή, δωρεάν χωρίς έξτρα κρυφό κόστος το συστήνω σε όλους όσους ξεκινάνε το Shopify και θέλουν να έχουν μια ασφάλεια στο ποιες πληρωμές δέχονται.

Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 2 måneder
ShopClimb svarte 16. november 2022

Σας ευχαριστούμε που μοιραστήκατε την εμπειρία σας!

8. november 2022

Took 5 minutes to install and set-up, incredibly easy and intuitive, the free plan gives you already plenty, what's not to like!

Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 3 timer
ShopClimb svarte 12. november 2022

Thank you for sharing your experience 👍!

4. oktober 2022

Good app. Especially if you are starting your online shop and you can use only Paypal in your store. Makes it look more professional.

SoHum Art Deco
Tid brukt i appen: 8 måneder
ShopClimb svarte 5. oktober 2022

Thank you for the review! Your shop is looking great 😊

31. juli 2022

Great app & easy to use. It is easy to navigate and many options are available to choose from which makes it helpful & trustworthy
Tid brukt i appen: 2 minutter
ShopClimb svarte 2. august 2022

Thank you for your great feedback 🙏!

19. juni 2022

Very good app, the free version is fine but premium is very good. Got foreign payment apps, like Vipps and Klarna. Very good! :)

Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 3 timer
ShopClimb svarte 21. juni 2022

Thanks for your review 🙇! We're glad you found a lot of value in the premium option.