Pix ‑ Trust Badges

Pix ‑ Trust Badges

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Trust Badges prove to your customers checkout system is safe

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Increase sales and conversions

Grow your conversion rate by getting customers to trust you

Fully Customizable

Customize the text, size and color of the badges to perfectly match your store design.

Pixel-Perfect Rendering

Our Badges are meticulously designed on a grid that helps them render perfectly

Om Pix ‑ Trust Badges

Naturally build trust

Do you know the most important factor that governs the volume of sales on eCommerce sites? To let you know, it’s the “Trust” factor that makes a HUGE impact on sales on eCommerce sites. So, it becomes necessary for you to build trust for your eCommerce site. Well, there are lots of ways to build trust, but the best way to do it is to include Pix - Trust Badges into the mix.

Pix - Trust Badges prove to your customers checkout system is safe and Increase the trust perception of shoppers by displaying the unique features of your shop. You'll be able to visually represent your key sales points beautifully and effectively. Your shoppers will feel more trusting when they see that you securely accept their trusted forms of payment.

Grow your conversion rate by getting customers to trust you by displaying clear trust badges.


  1. 100% Responsive
  2. Can preview how it looks on your store
  3. Choose a beautiful badge from our gallery
  4. Simple setup in just two minutes
  5. Fully Customizable


Just send us an email or reach us via chat inside the application. We are very responsive.



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yan clothes

it's amazing I have used this application and it was a great experience as I noticed a high conversion rate, thank you pixelab

My Righteous Apparel

I have sent multiple messages to this developer through different "contact us" buttons and not a single response. App worked for a few days and then stopped. Cheap price, but not worth any amount of money if it doesn't work. There is clearly no support for this app. My first one-star review.

Northland General

You say free plan available, but there is none. 7 day free trial is not a free plan. 0.99/month is cheap though.

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30. april 2019

we are sorry about your experience with our app PIX - Trust Badges
its just bug in our app it's now totally free.
you can check again