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Muokattu 5. heinäkuu 2022

good support. I like. they supported in short term und give us an analysis. they doing a good job. so i can recommend

tentia bad&mehr GmbH
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26. lokakuu 2021

I used this app for the trust icons on my store. What they don't tell you is their code also adds opt-in code to your site. Removing the app also leaves remnants of their code in your shop code. Not impressed and removing the app.

Fly Flask
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Nova Apps vastasi 1. marraskuu 2021

Thank you for your feedback and I'm so sorry about the hiccup with the app.

Our Trust Badges app doesn't add any kind of opt-in to your store, it’s designed only to add small payment icons to your product page. Our Support team has reached out and advised that this prompt may be coming from another app you have installed for notifications.

We've sent you an email with some steps to solve the problem as well as a video outlining how to solve it. Looking forward to chatting!


23. lokakuu 2021

Link is not working Link is not working Link is not working Link is not working Link is not working Link is not working

Mijn Hummeltje
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Nova Apps vastasi 23. lokakuu 2021

UPDATE: October 23, 2021

Our server provider has resolved the issue and the app is back up and running as expected. I've also reached out to you over email. Thanks for your patience and I'm so sorry for the inconvenience here.


Hi there,

James here from Booster Apps! Thank you for your feedback and I'm so sorry for the trouble loading our app.

It looks like one of our servers is experiencing a hiccup loading our app – we're working with our server provider to solve the problem. I'm so sorry for the disruption! Our development team is working to resolve the issue and we'll update you as soon as it's resolved.


17. elokuu 2021

体验非常好,简洁明了直观。使用了Trust Hero之后,信任度提升了不少,让用户更加相信我们的公司的实力与产品的质量。体验非常好。使用了之后,信任度提升了不少,让用户更加相信我们的公司的实力与产品的质量。

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 19 päivää
Nova Apps vastasi 18. elokuu 2021

非常感謝您詳細而周到的評論! 😊我們很高興我們的應用程序為您的商店提供了出色的結果! 如果您在此過程中有任何疑問或問題,請告訴我們! 一切順利,凱文

9. heinäkuu 2021

Great support, easy to use and looks great, a nice addition to any shop.............................

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Nova Apps vastasi 9. heinäkuu 2021

Thanks so much for the positive feedback and review! 🚀 We are here for you anytime you need us. Cheers, Kevin

2. huhtikuu 2021

The app is kept simple but very functional. The trust badges look great in the shop, and there are all the payment options you need. I like it very much.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 18 päivää
Nova Apps vastasi 2. huhtikuu 2021

Wonderful! Thanks so much for the positive feedback and review! 🎉 All the best, Katherine

22. tammikuu 2021

Germans liked to be convinced that every thing is secured ,so thats why i installed the app And its well integrated in my shop Looks very convincing

Metallvögel von Metalbird
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 8 kuukautta
19. tammikuu 2021

I hope to get the credit from the clients. to strengthed the confidence from the cleints. and get the good feedback for my shop.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 5 päivää
Nova Apps vastasi 20. tammikuu 2021

Hey Benogadget team!

Here at Booster Apps we love helping our merchants get to know our apps inside and out. Your review is very much appreciated and we would like to help out anywhere we can! Feel free to drop us a line at support@boosterapps.com with any questions or if there is anything that we can assist with. 😊

Cheers, Stuart

6. tammikuu 2021

Great app. I used many Free apps on my store from Booster Apps. Always great services and fast response.

Wall and All
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 3 kuukautta
Nova Apps vastasi 6. tammikuu 2021

Thank you so much for the 5-star review! We're so thankful for customers like you and are super excited to be able to contribute to you and your business's success! 🚀

4. tammikuu 2021

This app will help me to have the sales increased on my online store. I found it extremely easy to use and the effect on the product page is fabulous.
I do recommend using this app.

Trai Dat
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: Melkein 2 vuotta
Nova Apps vastasi 4. tammikuu 2021

Awesome! Thank you so much for the positive review and for recommending us to the Shopify community! 🚀 Cheers, Stuart