Trust Pitcher

Trust Pitcher

de Gotelz Enterprise

Sales Pitch and Badges with "Amazon-like" Shipping Info

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Increase Conversion

Boost conversion with trust and confidence.

Less Cost

Transparent shipping and delivery information reduces the cost and time for customer support.

Fast & Reliable

Speed is our top priority, everything is minified, CDN-cached and subsetted. We know that every milliseconds impact the conversion rate.

Acerca de Trust Pitcher

What is it?

Trust Pitcher allows merchant to easily place a customizable box on Online Store product pages where you can include your preferred contents to increase their trust, we called it the Pitch Box. Use our special tag to automatically displays location information specific to each visitor.

Trust Badges is another feature available in the app to be used in conjunction with the Pitch Box.

Why you should use it?

  • Explore the untapped customers outside the US, by inserting our special "tags" into the Pitch Box content, the app will detect the visitor's location (city and country) and display them inside the box. This is great to let them know that you are shipping to their respective location. Any visitors from all around the world won't be guessing anymore on whether you ships to their location or not.
  • Use the estimated delivery date "tag", this tag will automatically calculate the expected delivery date based on your settings in the app. This comes with zones settings to fit your various shipping times. This is especially useful for Dropshippers where lead times may be higher than average.
  • Sales pitches - tell buyers on your current promotions, discounts, shipping worldwide, money back guarantee and more.
  • The app also comes with the popular Trust Badges feature to place your customized badges into your product pages.

When you should consider using it

  • You are shipping to more than one country, but having this thought of your customers not aware of your ability to ship worldwide/countries.
  • You are dropshipping your products, which leads to above average delivery duration, and have to handle enormous customer support.
  • You are conducting special promotions or discounts and want to let visitors know it immediately once the landed on your product pages.
  • Just to increase your customer's trust on your newly established startup, show them your shipping ability, money back guarantee, and available payment method.

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4.0 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes

Anabolic Health

Amazing support team, they basically customized the whole functionality of the app according to our wishes in a matter of days. We have been looking for an app like this for a long time, highly recommended!

Respuesta del desarrollador

27 de marzo de 2020

Thank you for using our app. We will try to fulfil merchant's request as much as we could. Do contact us anytime if you need any help or have some suggestion of a new feature.

Audio Volt

When we initially installed the app, we were happy with it. It was easy to use and looked good on our store. The only thing I would have wanted was to be able to upload my own custom badge graphics. But unfortunately, after 6 days our entire Google Adwords account was 'Disapproved for Malicious/unwated software'. Google Adwords has confirmed it was this app that got us blacklisted. So far we have lost 5 days of Google Adwords revenue and are still trying to get our Adwords account back up and running. For this reason its a 1 star review from us. 

Respuesta del desarrollador

9 de marzo de 2020

Thank you for the feedback. We’re really sorry on the issue you’re facing when using our app. We’ll use all our efforts to prevent this from happening again.


Finally, a geolocated box on product page that looks amazing and has HTML capabilities. It's all you need! Customer support is excellent.
we display free shipping and free returns using this app. Shipping price and time vary with country.

Respuesta del desarrollador

18 de febrero de 2020

Thank you for the kind review! Do let us know anytime if you need any feature and we can consider it in the next update!