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UMAi Dry

We have been with TrustSpot since July 2016. Initially, we chose it because the platform was a US-based, affordable way to gather verified reviews for our growing business--and the team was supportive with on boarding.
In the years since, Trustspot has grown more sophisticated in its collection of user generated content--and only a recent service review made us aware of how much more powerful this tool can be for our search ranking and social media strategy. Trustspot is a true repository for the priceless credibility that our loyal, deeply satisfied customers offer freely, generously and --thanks to Trustspot-- authentically and securely. We really appreciate the tightly integrated, responsive team at Trustspot. We recommend them as true partners in growing our e-commerce business.

Sibu Seaberry

Trustspot has all of the features, if not more, of all their competitors at a lower cost. It's everything you need and want (and a lot more) for collecting reviews with full automation and understanding how your customers are feeling about your product and company so you know what to improve not only on your product, but your marketing and messaging as well.

Developer reply

April 2, 2021

Thank you for the review, Sibu Seaberry! We're glad to hear you're enjoying the automation and marketing pieces.

Please let us know if you ever have any questions or need any help.

Rep Your Water

This app has a great in-email review that creates tons of product reviews. It is simple for the customer and to generate additional review information, the customization of the app to incentivize additional info like a photo is very simple! Also, the customer service is exceptional.

Developer reply

April 2, 2021

Thank you for the review, Rep Your Water! We're glad you're having success collecting photo reviews from your customers.

And thank you for your comment on our customer service We're always here if you need us.

Alpine Rings

We started using the Trust Spot platform with my store at the beginning of August 2020. It's been a full 4 months now since the install and now that I've had plenty of time to test their product, I thought it was a great time to leave a review. Transitioning from Yotpo, I was desperate for a solution that offered better customer support and still had the premium features I needed like Google Shopping's product star integration. I also needed a brandable solution and something that was visually appealing and flowed well with our site. Trust spot checked all of these boxes. Hannah did a screen share with me during the on-boarding process and we literally went through every single feature to make sure it was fully set up and customized before going live. I had a few custom requests during this process and she was great about advising instant solutions, and the things she couldn't help with, she made notes to pass on to her developers to create a custom solution. This whole process was so refreshing and honestly unlike any other experience we've had with a shopify app team previously. The support team behind Trust Spot are the real star of the show. The fact that these guys' support are US-based is such a breath of fresh air compared with Yotpo. All support emails with Trust Spot are replied to usually within a matter of minutes.. Not with some generic template-generated reply like with Yotpo- But an actual thoughtful reply with a timeline and steps to complete. They also have a great dev team that can make changes for you if you are less savvy with code like me. I've had probably 3-4 minor issues, usually related to CSS or some other design tie-in. Every single time I've reached out to them for help, they seemingly move mountains to resolve my issues and are very thoughtful with their communication. This is the kind of service every SAAS company should strive for and anyone looking for a solid reviews platform should give these guys a try. Some of these 1 star reviews are likely fake, so take them with a grain of salt. At the time of my review, they are rated at a 2.6 here which is honestly a joke because of how great their support is and how well their product works. Depending on which package you go with, it can be pricy, but nonetheless, they are competitive with the other platforms. You know the old saying- You get what you pay for!

Developer reply

December 15, 2020

Thank you for the wonderful review! :)

Safe Toys

Years ago they were great. A small company that cared, then they were purchased and just like every other company that is gobbled up, they raise the prices and don't care about the small businesses. The app stops sending review requests all the time and you have to ask them to restart it all the time. You miss an entire month of reviews and to customers it looks like you are out of business. When you call them on it (at least 6 times) they offer to send out all the emails that they should have sent out already. In other words they should have been doing what they were getting paid to do. I used to love this company, now I despise them. If you are a champion of small business, stay away from this company.

Developer reply

November 23, 2020

Hi Safe Toys,

It's always disappointing reading a less then stellar review. We care deeply about our customers and their businesses.

We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced due to technical issues. But, there are comments in your review that are inaccurate.

• We most definitely do care about our customers. We respond to and address all questions, concerns, or technical issues.
• The technical issue you reported was resolved within 24 hours. Our team has been in an open and on-going communication with you.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have a positive experience with us. If you need any further help, please reach out to support.

Your True Nature, Inc.

My company signed up originally with another company that was purchased by TrustSpot. The onboarding/transition was good, but we were only getting a few reviews per month and paying $199/mo for a plan that was grandfathered in from the previous service. I cancelled our plan with them. I then started receiving about 2-3 reviews PER DAY. We have contacted them several times over the past couple months to ask why our customers are still getting prompts to review purchases. They say they are not sending emails to our customers- how, then are so many current customers leaving reviews all of sudden? They won't give us access to our reviews unless we resubscribe to a plan which I don't intend to ever do after this experience. It's not ok to contact our customers without our consent and control over the experience.

Sound Aegis

Excellent support, very quick and technical responses from the live chat team, plus they are actually US based. If you are looking for a more hands experience this is the tool for you, if you want some cheap self-service app made and managed overseas there's a bunch of those. Being able to talk to someone is important for me and the only other US based solutions are 4x the price and want yearly contracts.

Kendama USA

TrustSpot is a decent review platform for folks looking for a little more functionality over Shopify's out of the box solution, but their lack of care, support, and responsibility will leave much to be desired.

Here are a couple of issues we experienced after making the switch:

1. Lack of Support
2. They do not support review stars on Ads. Only Google Shopping.
3. You will also need to switch your structured data from microdata to JSON, which will cause issues if not done properly. They will not assist you. (Rich Snippets) We had to invest in a third party to fix coding issues caused by TrustSpot.
4. They are not a Google Partner. (Can only push show reviews acquired on TrustSpot, time for stars to show can be exorbitant)
5. Co-branded emails are sent from TrustSpot servers, no way to remove TrustSpot branding, no integration with ESP available to completely white label it.
6. Product Review Widget suddenly placed site reviews on all product pages.
7. Co-branded company profile page with all reviews.... duplicate content w/ no syndication.

Developer reply

October 30, 2019

Hi Kendama USA,

It's always troublesome reading a less then stellar review, but many of items you mentioned are factually not correct. So even though you might not be happy about features not available on your plan, there's no reason to not tell the truth about the platform. I'll provide a detailed overview here on all points in hopes it helps.

1. TrustSpot has been around for over 5 years and services more then 22,000 global brands. The majority of these brands are eCommerce based and find value in Google Shopping, Inline SEO and Rich Snippets driving the majority of their traffic. These are the areas we focus on. We do not focus on CR's, which are generally for service based businesses.

You can use Google Customer Reviews (free) to achieve CRs, without having to pay services for them. We've always made brands aware of this.

2. Not true, as indicated above. We provide star ratings in 3 areas really, Google Shopping PLA & Rich Snippets (2 major CTR drivers for eCommerce brands), in addition to an optional company page to help drive SEO rankings. The page can be disabled, but most clients tend to utilize it.

3. Google recommends to use LD-JSON since that's the latest / recommended version, which TrustSpot does utilize. If your site already has rich snippets it can conflict (Google doesn't like to see dupes on the page), thus we recommend to use TrustSpots.

If you prefer to not use TrustSpot's, you can simply disable them under: PR > General Settings > Disable rich snippets.

4. Not true, our Enterprise $399 Plan has this feature. Your plan (Premium $149) does not have Custom Sender Domain feature. Just because the plan you're paying for doesn't have it, doesn't mean the actual platform is missing it.

5. Correct, the role of the Product Review widget is to display reviews for your products on the product template. This is true for any review services, not just TrustSpot. If you wish a particular product page to NOT show the widget, you can blacklist this from under: PR > Products.

This feature takes about 15 seconds to enable since it's a simple checkbox.

6. Not true, as indicated above. Syndication is a feature on our Enterprise $399 Plan, and you were paying for the Premium $149 plan. If your plan was upgraded, you would have access to this feature. Again, just because a feature doesn't exist on your paid plan, doesn't mean it isn't available for other clients on higher plans.

7. I suppose the 30+ live chat conversations, and email chains from your team to our team are fake as well over the course of 1 year are a clear indication of "lack of support"? Happy to provide screenshots of all conversations to you anytime you request them.

You spent considerable time receiving care from Hannah, Beth, Kelly, Bonnie and Larry. Larry was helpful with your rich snippet questions.

It hurts me personally as a company owner, that you would mention this given all the time our team has invested in helping you.

I wish you the best of luck in your venture.

Ryan Haidinger
CEO, TrustSpot

Swing Design

I moved over to Trustspot from yotpo. At the time yotpo was trying to charge me 15k a year for their review app. Trustspot gave me even more options, such as customer images, at a fraction of the cost of yotpo. I have had very little issues and any requests Trustspot was quick to act on. They also migrated all our yotpo reviews over so we lost no data. I highly recommend their app. You can see on our site we have almost 30k reviews at the time of this post. Very happy with the app.


DO NOT USE. I have asked the company to send me an export of my reviews as we are moving to another provider and they have refused. They have told me ""they do not have a mechanism to do this"", yet 1 year ago they sent me a spreadsheet when asked.
So please be wary YOU will probably not be able to get your REVIEWS off these people if you want to leave them.

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