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Product Reviews & UGC

de TrustSpot Acq Inc

Collect Product & Site Reviews, Photos, Videos, Q&A, and more.

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Capture More Reviews

Collect product reviews, ratings, photos, and customer questions.

Drive Traffic and Sales

Showcase product reviews, ratings, photos, and Q&As on your website. Match the displays to your brand.

User Generated Content

Display your customers photos and videos on your website. Pull in Instagram posts via Instagram Curation in TrustSpot.

Acerca de Product Reviews & UGC

What is TrustSpot?

TrustSpot helps Shopify brands generate Product Reviews, Photo Reviews, Video Reviews, Q&As, and more to boost sales. Our User Generated Content (UGC) marketing platform generates authentic content from actual customers to be used on your online store and in your marketing.

TrustSpot offers an easy-to-use app to collect, curate, manage, respond, and display user content from a single platform.

Reviews are automatically posted to the associating product on your shop.

Start capturing reviews in minutes.

TrustSpot + Shopify

TrustSpot and Shopify work hand-in-hand to capture and showcase your product reviews. Install TrustSpot to your store in minutes and begin collecting reviews from your past or current customers.

Easily import reviews from your old system to retain historical reviews on your store with TrustSpot.

With TrustSpot, you can:

  • Make intelligent review requests with in-email form technology
  • Allow prospective buyers to ask questions on products
  • Reward customers for sharing reviews with coupons
  • Send review request emails from your own domain
  • Ask custom questions during the review request
  • Customize the design to match your brand
  • Collect photos and videos with reviews
  • Utilize Google Rich Snippets and Inline SEO
  • Curate photos from Instagram
  • Utilize Google Shopping PLA
  • Send email upsells

TrustSpot is supported by actual people. Reach us via **live chat and email**.

Se integra con

  • Facebook,
  • Google,
  • Twitter,
  • Klaviyo,
  • Instagram,
  • Google Shopping

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o $15.17/mes se factura $182 una vez al año

  • Unlimited Orders
  • 500 Email Credits
  • 250 SMS Credits
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Custom Review Forms by Product
  • Photo & Video Reviews
  • Coupons & Rewards



o $63.17/mes se factura $758 una vez al año

  • 3,000 Email Credits
  • 750 SMS Credits
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Custom Review Forms by Product
  • Photo & Video Reviews
  • Coupons
  • Review Moderation



o $119.17/mes se factura $1,430 una vez al año

  • 15,000 Email Credits
  • 3,000 SMS Credits
  • Facebook reviews tab
  • Q&A
  • Instagram curation



o $319.17/mes se factura $3,830 una vez al año

  • Unlimited Orders
  • 25,000 Email Credits
  • 5,000 SMS Credits
  • Experience Surveys
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Custom Domain
  • Dedicated Account Manager

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD.
** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

3.8 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes

UMAi Dry

We have been with TrustSpot since July 2016. Initially, we chose it because the platform was a US-based, affordable way to gather verified reviews for our growing business--and the team was supportive with on boarding.
In the years since, Trustspot has grown more sophisticated in its collection of user generated content--and only a recent service review made us aware of how much more powerful this tool can be for our search ranking and social media strategy. Trustspot is a true repository for the priceless credibility that our loyal, deeply satisfied customers offer freely, generously and --thanks to Trustspot-- authentically and securely. We really appreciate the tightly integrated, responsive team at Trustspot. We recommend them as true partners in growing our e-commerce business.

Sibu Seaberry

Trustspot has all of the features, if not more, of all their competitors at a lower cost. It's everything you need and want (and a lot more) for collecting reviews with full automation and understanding how your customers are feeling about your product and company so you know what to improve not only on your product, but your marketing and messaging as well.

Respuesta del desarrollador

2 de abril de 2021

Thank you for the review, Sibu Seaberry! We're glad to hear you're enjoying the automation and marketing pieces.

Please let us know if you ever have any questions or need any help.

Rep Your Water

This app has a great in-email review that creates tons of product reviews. It is simple for the customer and to generate additional review information, the customization of the app to incentivize additional info like a photo is very simple! Also, the customer service is exceptional.

Respuesta del desarrollador

2 de abril de 2021

Thank you for the review, Rep Your Water! We're glad you're having success collecting photo reviews from your customers.

And thank you for your comment on our customer service We're always here if you need us.