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TrustSpot Product Reviews

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Collect Product & Site Reviews, Photos, Videos, Q&A and more.

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Generate Authentic Reviews

Collect product reviews, ratings, photos, and customer questions. A true user generated content marketing platform for your business.

Drive Traffic and Sales

Showcase product reviews, ratings, photos, and Q&As on your homepage, product pages, and social media platforms.

Install Quickly

The easiest install for your shop! Set up with only a couple of clicks. Import reviews from your previous review platform.

Su TrustSpot Product Reviews

What is TrustSpot?

TrustSpot helps Shopify brands generate Product Reviews, Photo Reviews, Video Reviews, Q&As, and more to boost sales. Our User Generated Content (UGC) marketing platform generates authentic content from actual customers to be used on your online store and in your marketing.

TrustSpot offers an easy-to-use app to collect, curate, manage, respond, and display user content from a single platform.

Reviews are automatically posted to the associating product on your shop.

Start capturing reviews in minutes.

TrustSpot + Shopify

TrustSpot and Shopify work hand-in-hand to capture and showcase your product reviews. Install TrustSpot to your store in minutes and begin collecting reviews from your past or current customers.

Easily import reviews from your old system to retain historical reviews on your store with TrustSpot.

With TrustSpot, you can:

  • Make intelligent review requests with in-email form technology
  • Allow prospective buyers to ask questions on products
  • Reward customers for sharing reviews with coupons
  • Send review request emails from your own domain
  • Ask custom questions during the review request
  • Customize the design to match your brand
  • Collect photos and videos with reviews
  • Utilize Google Rich Snippets and Inline SEO
  • Curate photos from Instagram
  • Utilize Google Shopping PLA
  • Send email upsells

TrustSpot is supported by actual people. Reach us via **live chat and email**.


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  • Product Reviews

  • Photo Reviews

  • Instagram Curation

  • Google Shopping PLA

  • Respond to Reviews

  • Install & Design Service

  • Import previous reviews



o $199.17/mese fatturato a $2,390 una volta all'anno

  • Video Reviews

  • Custom Review Forms

  • Community Q&A

  • Photo Studio

  • CSS Editor

  • Review Maps

  • Visual Insights



o $319.17/mese fatturato a $3,830 una volta all'anno

  • Experience Surveys

  • 12 Question Types

  • Net Promoter Score

  • Custom Sender Domain

  • Review Syndication

  • Human Moderation

  • Dedicated Account Manager

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2.6 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Safe Toys

Years ago they were great. A small company that cared, then they were purchased and just like every other company that is gobbled up, they raise the prices and don't care about the small businesses. The app stops sending review requests all the time and you have to ask them to restart it all the time. You miss an entire month of reviews and to customers it looks like you are out of business. When you call them on it (at least 6 times) they offer to send out all the emails that they should have sent out already. In other words they should have been doing what they were getting paid to do. I used to love this company, now I despise them. If you are a champion of small business, stay away from this company.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

23 novembre 2020

Hi Safe Toys,

It's always disappointing reading a less then stellar review. We care deeply about our customers and their businesses.

We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced due to technical issues. But, there are comments in your review that are inaccurate.

• We most definitely do care about our customers. We respond to and address all questions, concerns, or technical issues.
• The technical issue you reported was resolved within 24 hours. Our team has been in an open and on-going communication with you.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have a positive experience with us. If you need any further help, please reach out to support.

Your True Nature, Inc.

My company signed up originally with another company that was purchased by TrustSpot. The onboarding/transition was good, but we were only getting a few reviews per month and paying $199/mo for a plan that was grandfathered in from the previous service. I cancelled our plan with them. I then started receiving about 2-3 reviews PER DAY. We have contacted them several times over the past couple months to ask why our customers are still getting prompts to review purchases. They say they are not sending emails to our customers- how, then are so many current customers leaving reviews all of sudden? They won't give us access to our reviews unless we resubscribe to a plan which I don't intend to ever do after this experience. It's not ok to contact our customers without our consent and control over the experience.

Sound Aegis

Excellent support, very quick and technical responses from the live chat team, plus they are actually US based. If you are looking for a more hands experience this is the tool for you, if you want some cheap self-service app made and managed overseas there's a bunch of those. Being able to talk to someone is important for me and the only other US based solutions are 4x the price and want yearly contracts.