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Turbo Retargeting (Advanced Facebook Ads for E-commerce)

Turbo Retargeting (Advanced Facebook Ads for E-commerce)

Developed by Turbo

6 reviews
Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Never waste another dollar on campaigns that don't convert.
  • Generate new sales with hyper-targeted ads.
  • FREE Access to unlimited strategy calls and 24/5 live support

Over 17,654 entrepreneurs and marketers just like you use Turbo to grow their business faster with smarter facebook ads!

Why install Turbo Retargeting

If you've spent too much time, energy or money on Facebook ads without at least an 10x ROI or Return On Ad Spend - you need Turbo.

Because merchants with little to no marketing expertise are achieving these kinds of results - and you could be too.

With our campaign templates, all you need to do is copy-and-paste our proven ad campaigns and within hours, new sales are rolling in.

Try Turbo for Free today and see why thousands of people are in love with our apps!

What does it do?

Turbo puts years of marketing knowledge and countless hours of labor into your ad campaigns... so you don't have to.

We automatically create the campaigns, ad sets, custom audiences and fine-tune all of the campaign settings you'll need to be successful and achieve a serious ROI.

Not only do we save you from hours of work and thousands in potential loss -- but we make sure you're following the cutting edge marketing strategies that we *know* will work!

We also release new campaign templates as we learn from what's working for other Shopify stores and from the millions of ad dollars spent via our agency partners.


Most advertising apps charge you a percentage of every dollar you spend on ads.

That's wrong.

That means the more you spend, the more they make. Regardless of performance.

And if we're being honest, that usually means they don't care if your campaigns are efficient or not.

At Turbo, we believe in helping our customers achieve the cheapest conversions possible - which is why we're the only marketing app that offers True Optimization technology.

Our campaign technology is 100% optimized to help you achieve the lowest conversion cost and highest return possible.

Because we only charge you $9.99/mo regardless of how much you spend on ads.

Which makes our incentives are aligned with yours - more sales with less ad spend.

And we're the only app that can say that truthfully.

Plus, we have a free trial and almost always prove our ROI within the first few days -- so give us a shot and cancel if you don't see the results.

Note: We will raise monthly prices as we release new features but all customers get locked into the price they start at, so subscribe now!

5-star live support

Not Facebook ads expert yet? No worries! Our live support team is happy to help and equipped with answers to any question about facebook ads!

Click "Get" and get started for FREE today!

Turbo Retargeting (Advanced Facebook Ads for E-commerce) reviews

6 reviews
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We have a new store that's barely been online for 90 days. It's taken a while and trial and error to get effective marketing to work, but Turbo has been there the whole time to help us. I know we're not yet using this app to its fullest potential, and I'm anxious to see how it works when we can afford a full funnel (btw I highly recommend watching Dom's tutorial videos on their website to give you a full picture of how powerful Turbo can be).


I just came from trying to use the retargetapp and over there I had to wait an entire day before they were in office and then at the end of the day I was not able to use them. The customer support over at this app is way faster and better than the other apps. Just read the comments and people love Dom the customer support man for his superbly great customer service and we love this great app! I got great customer service within 60 seconds of installing! Looking forward to working with these guys. keep up the great work Turbo Retargeting! Thank you!! Excited to make big money together! :)


I added the ap to my store on Friday. There were many issues. I contact customer support and Dom was very helpful in the beginning. My free trial was from 3/23-3/27. Friday afternoon, he stopped communicating completely with me. The ap was running, but not working correctly ( I only had $.68 in FB fees for the whole weekend) Monday afternoon, I still had not head anything back from him, I deleted the ap. I then receive an email which he states ", live support is only on weekdays.." That is ok I guess, but then I should have had a response first thing Monday morning since my problem was on going since the minute I added the ap. I would not recommend using this app.


I have talked to Dom twice. Each time, he devoted his time to not only walk me thru the ins and outs of the app, but also invested his time to discuss e-commerce best practices. I have used other retargeting apps thru Shopify. By far, Dom and Turbo are the best! Couldn't be more pleased and look forward to growing our business thru their app.


I recommend this app to everyone.
Very useful app and the best support you can have!


Amazing app with unreal potential can save you important time and more importantly make you a huge amount of cash.

Shout outs to Dom you the man!

$9.99 / month
5 days


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