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  • Embed tweets fast, easily and hassle-free! Install with zero theme knowledge.
  • Adhere to Twitter's new embed policies. (June 2013) but have infinite customizability
  • Customise your tweets with themes and settings.

The original and best way to embed tweets into your shop front

Please note that some ad-blocking browser extensions are now blocking alot of sections that popular themes use for twitter, contact us support@onestopshopify.com if your twitify install is no longer appearing on your store front, we will be happy to make some small changes to your theme to get around this.

As of June 2013, Twitter significantly changed the embedding of tweets on websites...

We built Twitify to get Shopify users back up-to-speed with embedding tweets, easily and without the hassle of complex coding.

Our aim is also to use themes to help you find harmony between your shop's existing theme/style and Twitter's new display requirements.

Twitify is a non-profit app, it is very efficient to keep subscription prices down, and all subscriptions are to cover running costs only, we want shopify users to be back up and tweeting again.

Speed and reliability

Be immune from all "Over Capacity" server errors. If twitter malfunctions your tweets still get delivered.

We fetch your new tweets every two minutes so you will always have the latest news and product updates from your twitter feed. Our testing shows that tweets show up on our shopify store before they appear on our twitter dashboards!

Our servers are monitored constantly and we receive alerts for anything that isn't working optimally.

Any feedback and reviews are greatly appreciated.

No hassle installation

You can request an assisted install from the Twitify developers themselves, complete with custom styling! all from your Twitify settings dashboard (via your shop's admin area). You will not have to touch your theme template at all.

If you wish to install this by yourself some familiarity with HTML/Shopify theme templates may be required to paste in a snippet.

Who uses Twitify?

Existing Twitter feeds

If you already have a JavaScript/jQuery solution for your shop's Twitter feed, you can simply replace the deprecated Twitter JSON feed with your new Twitify one.

However, please do read up on Twitter's new display requirements.

Coming soon...

  • More preset themes to easily style your tweets

  • complete — Auto-inject Twitify for easier install & setup

  • complete — Support more older themes

  • complete — IE 10 support, our little problem child

  • Use Twitify with a private twitter account so that you can show protected tweets only on your shop front.


Friendly Support

Please drop us a line to info@onestopshopify.com if you have any problems or queries - we'd be happy to help!

Twitify is a labour of love created by full-time shopify developers, our app has been through many revisions to make it lighter, faster and more flexible than any other twitter apps for shopify.

For news and feature updates subscribe to our newsletter or follow @onestopshopify.

- Keir & Dan

Twitify reviews

12 reviews
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Fantastic app and even better support staff! The people behind this app are simply the best that I've come across in the App Store without exception. They were kind enough to deal with me asking more questions than is probably reasonable and made sure everything worked correctly and was visually integrated with my theme. Simply the best.


Really happy with this app, as well as the price & service. I installed last night, but needed it (initially) set up for me. It was installed by the time I got up! (With a notification in my inbox. Thanks, Keir!)


Keir and the Twitify team did an incredible job from installing the app, to providing suggestions for the functionality of the webpage, and finally with the presentation of the app so that it matches the page exactly.

Great work and we can't wait to see what they come up with next!!!


I paid the $5 and got amazing quick service! Love the app for my new site! Highly recommend.


The perfect Twitter app. I paid the $5 to have it installed by the admin. He installed it that very night and customized it to how I wanted it to look.


Excellent service - prompt and personal responses to change the display layout and also helped fixed a couple of other things without asking. Highly recommended!


Great customer service - I paid the extra $5 to have this installed by the developer and he customized it for me. Went back and forth at least 5 times.

Highly recommended.



If you follow the instructions, which are really clear, this is so easy to set up. With a small amount of CSS knowledge, you can do anything you want with this script.

I would DEFINITELY recommend it as the solution to get around Twitters API changes.


Great app. My old twitter feed stopped working when twitter made their changes but I was able to quickly get it working again with this app.

To counter the other review here - of course some basic HTML knowledge is required, how else are you going to be able to put the app in the correct place? Without at least a little HTML knowledge it is not really possible to use most apps on Shopify.

The default templates for Twitify are great looking, but I did the styling myself in CSS. There are no restrictions as to what can be styled manually, which is refreshing, many apps give you too little control over the styling.

In conclusion: Great app; it works, looks good, can be completely customized, and is very reasonably priced.


Hi Storm Raven - thank you for posting feedback to our beta app Twitify and please accept my apologies that you experienced difficulties with its installation.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible within the constraints of the Shopify system but it should have been made clearer that some familiarity with HTML/Shopify themes was still necessary. Based on your feedback, we've amended our listing page - so thank you for that.

Unfortunately automatically installing the app is very tricky because it involves adding code and content to your store's theme without being able to take the existing design constraints into consideration.

That said, our team are scratching their heads (and beards!) to try and improve this in any way we can.

Follow @onestopshopify on Twitter to keep up with updates and improvements. -Keir

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