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Developed by Gazebo

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Price: $6.99 / month More info
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Creates tags for of all your product types
  • Automatically adds missing tags

Ever needed to add the product type as tag for a lot of products Opening all products and adding all the types can cost you hours and in some cases even days. Type-to-Tag does it in a few minutes.

For some themes you need to add the product type as tag for each product, mostly to add custom filters on the collection pages. Most clothing webshops want this to be able to filter on clothing types within a collection. Tagging is to do that, and we can help you getting started on that!

Type to tag costs $6.99 for a month of unlimited use or $69.99 for a year of unlimited use.

If you have any questions, please use the email address on the right.

Type-to-Tag reviews (3)


This app does what is says, but has some issues. For starters you only get to use the app for 24 hours, which works good for the initial setup, but not for maintance. I would need to use the app daily or weekly, so $6.99 is too high. There should be an unlimited use version at say $24.99. Ideally the unlimited use version would run automatically on a user set schedule. My POS automatically pushes products to Shopify and it would be nice if the tags could be added as the products are synced without me purchasing the app again or manually adding them.


It was super easy to add tags for all my products with just a few clicks, huge timesaver!


Having a fair amount of product types, all ready added, named, tagged etc in the backend due to our then upcoming launch deadline...we did some quick math. It would mean going back into every individual product, a rough total of 700+ and add the corresponding tag by hand....Imagine doing that kind of monks-work during the process of simultaneously 'setting up shop' in both back- AND front-end...

Gaze.bo came with this nifty solution that literally saved us hours. Few clicks and the job was done in a couple of minutes.

It does what it says: reads your Type and adds the corresponding Tag to your product...in a blink.

$6.99 / month


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