Announcement Bar Pro

Announcement Bar Pro

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Promotion, Announcement, Countdown Timer, Free Shipping, GDPR

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High converting promotion bar

Announce your visitors special events, create a sense of urgency (FOMO) with pre-designed countdown timer, call to action button, text link.

Free shipping, Sales Motivator

Increase cart value by encouraging customers to spend more to get the your offer with sales motivator and free shipping bar.

Advanced Targeting

Choose specific pages to display the banner. Multiple positions on page. Geo location targeting. Bar display schedule.

Over Announcement Bar Pro

About Announcement Bar Pro

Whether you're looking to increase conversions, announce your visitors about special events, create a sense of urgency, or motivate customers to add more to their cart, Announcement Bar Pro is an ultimate and effective solution for you. Access these high converting features with Announcement Bar Pro

Tailor announcement bar to fit with your campaigns

  • Display Multiple elements in one bar You can add multiple Texts, Text links, CTA buttons, countdown timers in one bar. For example, a fashion store may want to drive female customers to the Women product page and male customers to the Men product page.

  • Professionally designed countdown timer Create a sense of urgency in your message so that users feel to act now. If you manage multi-countries stores, you can set different countdown timers based on the time zone.

  • Display multiple messages to your customers Rotating bars: Display more than one bar with slider Multiple positions on your website: Display on the top, bottom or manual placement.

  • Sales Motivator & Free Shipping Bar Set up your goal and message to inform customers how they are close to your offer.

  • EU Cookie Bar Set up EU Cookie (GDPR) Bar to comply with the EU Privacy Regulations.

Advanced targeting

Create different custom announcement bars, which you can target selectively based on different criteria, including website page, country, and user’s device. Schedule Time: Set up a specific start date to the complete time suitable with your marketing campaigns.

Optimized for mobile and tablet

Announcement Bar Pro is optimized for mobile and tablet to make sure your visitors always get the best experience.

Fully Customizable without any coding skill

Intuitive Admin dashboard allows you to edit the colors, fonts, timer style, upload a background image, insert pre-designed templates, and add links.

Seamless Integration

One-click installation. Fit with any theme.

Top-notch support

We care about your success. Should you ever need any help, our friendly support team will be on the case. We are always by your side to help you fix your issues and achieve your goals.

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  • Three active bars

  • Multiple elements: Text, Text link, Icon, button, Countdown timer

  • Multiple rotating bars

  • Sales Motivator Bar

  • EU Cookie Bar



  • Unlimited active bars

  • Multiple elements

  • Multiple rotating bars

  • Sales Motivator Bar

  • EU Cookie Bar

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