Ultimate FAQ

Ultimate FAQ

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A feature-rich and complete FAQ solution

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Feature-Rich and Complete

The Most feature-rich and complete FAQ solution for Shopify.

Easily Create Unlimited FAQs

Easily and quickly create, organize and display an unlimited number of FAQs

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration into your current shop: Assign specific FAQs for display on specific product pages + an included FAQ page template

关于 Ultimate FAQ

For instructions on installing the Ultimate FAQ app, please see the video above.

Instructions for adding your FAQs to a page template and/or to your product pages, and for creating and assigning FAQs can be found at the FAQ URL listed below.

Powerful and easy to use, Ultimate FAQ is the best way to create, organize and publicize your FAQs in no time through your Shopify admin panel. It offers an array of FAQ styles and layouts for the most customizable experience for your frequently asked questions.

Key FAQ Features

  • Create and add unlimited FAQs, unlimited FAQ fields and unlimited FAQ categories
  • Group FAQs by category for easy navigation
  • Assign specific FAQs to specific products
  • Insert links, videos and more into your FAQs
  • Choose from 15 toggle icon sets
  • Many unique FAQ display styles for your frequently asked questions
  • Included FAQ page template that matches your theme!

With a simple and effective interface, Ultimate FAQ allows you to set up your frequently asked questions in a quick and efficient manner. And, with built-in functionality that automatically adds them to your product pages, as well as an included FAQ page template that automatically fits your theme, it's the quickest way to seamlessly integrate your FAQs and get them displayed on your shop.

And with great features such as the ability to add an AJAX FAQ search field to your FAQ page, your customers can find the information they want in a quick and simple manner, allowing you to provide them with the best and most fluid experience possible.

Advanced FAQ Options

Ultimate FAQ includes a multitude of practical options that are aimed at making the FAQ experience as easy and smooth as possible for both your customers and you. These include:

  • "FAQ toggle" option to have the an FAQ expand open when clicked on
  • Drag and drop precise re-ordering of FAQs
  • Admin notification on FAQ submission
  • SEO-Friendly FAQ and FAQ category permalinks
  • Advanced FAQ styling options
  • Add extra custom fields to your frequently asked questions
  • AJAX FAQ search to make it easy for your visitors to find the info they need
  • Insert custom CSS to style your FAQ posts

Straight from the Shopify product edit screen you're already used to, you can select specific FAQs for a specific product. Those FAQs will then automatically show on that product page.

To add your FAQs to a separate page, simply select the "page.ultimate_faqs" page template, seen above, for that page.

It couldn't be easier!

Additional Features

  • Responsive FAQ design
  • Select FAQ animation options for displaying FAQ posts
  • FAQ accordion option
  • Microdata question schema to help with SEO
  • Add a rating system to your FAQs
  • Let your visitors suggest/submit their own FAQs



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2.4 评分


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The app crashed and all our faq were gone when we tried to add one FAQ. We contacted support. The App support couldn't do anything except asking us to ask Shopify support, while Shopify support also asked us to contact App support since it's not their App. At the end, no one was able to help us, and we were told to re-create everything from scratch! Really horrible experience. Not recommended at all.


Junk with no support response whatsoever. Has huge performance implications on website & resets custom styling upon each deployment. NOT RECOMMENDED!

Deleted and replaced with a bespoke FAQ page with no reliance on a slow and underperforming 3rd party API that can't be restricted to 1 page.

Install this app if you are ok with no support, a mediocre UI and the requirement to update your custom styling in the page code each time you deploy.


Excellent app.