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Redigeret 12. juli 2021

This would be great if it was GDPR compliant which it is not. This cookie banner only informs that cookies are used but does not allow the site visitor to choose what cookies they allow. Calling 'Ultimate GDPR' EU cookie banner is misleading and false advertising. Really not sure what the point of this app is then.

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 8 minutter
Conversion Bear svarede 12. juli 2021

Thanks for the feedback.
I apologize if you found the name misleading, that was not intended.

As it clearly states in the app's listing:

"Note: enabling of the app does not guarantee that your store is fully compliant with GDPR. The app provides a cookie consent bar - it's up to you to complete other compliance steps."

It's also mentioned inside our FAQ section, which lists all the steps needed to adhere to GDPR regulations:

You're right - our cookie banner app informs that cookies are being used.
That's a very important first step towards a compliant store.

Over 8,000 stores are currently using our modern and customisable cookie banner.

I believe that over 100 five star reviews will vouch for our app's quality and usability.

I hope you'll find it useful as well.

Warm regards,

CEO @ Conversion Bear

Redigeret 27. februar 2021

This app looked great, however I tried setting this app up on my store and every time I clicked on it in my apps it took me to an error page. A bit disappointing.

Amor Binders
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 3 minutter
Conversion Bear svarede 27. februar 2021

Hi there,
Seems like a Safari issue.

You need to disable the “Prevent cross-site tracking” whenever you want to change the app settings.
For some reason Apple’s API sees some apps as “threats” and doesn’t allow a connection to get through.

Also, try using your desktop device.
If that does not help - try downloading Chrome and setting the app from there.

The issue you described is a local issue that might happen due to your local cache / cookies.

The app is working perfectly fine in over 5,000 stores.

If you need further assistance, we are available 24/7:

*** update:
We have reached out multiple times through email yet received no response. We'll be happy to help you sort it out - our team is at your service.