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Ultimate Reorder

Ultimate Reorder

Developed by MEKU Apps

3 reviews
Price: $7.00 – $29.00 / month Free Trial: 60 days More info
  • Customers can add previous orders directly to their cart from their accounts with a single click!
  • Reorders retain your Custom Order Properties & our app is Fully Compatible with Bold's Product Builder!
  • Process reorders from the Shopify Admin! Converts your Orders into Draft Orders and auto-emails invoice to customer.


By using Ultimate Reorder - you can give your Customers and your Staff a very valuable gift... more time!

Ultimate Reorder means that your Customers can place another order with you with a click, and not add all the items from your shop each time they want to re-purchase from you!

For your staff? It means that they can place a reorder for a customer with just a click - no more manual Draft Order creations, selecting the customer, product and all the other options - what previously took minutes... now takes only seconds!

Why should you try our app?

That's an easy one! Businesses tend to focus more on customer acquisition rather than customer retention, even though it can cost you 7x more to acquire a new customer than to sell to an existing one.


See our other Demo Videos here

So how are you making it easier for your customers to continue to place orders with you? That is where Ultimate Reorder comes in!

Our app makes a key part of your customer retention easy - allowing your customers to reorder from their previous orders - adding their items & any custom order properties directly to their cart. We also give you the ability to offer multiple discount incentives and even process reorders via the admin!

What sort of shops & products can benefit from our app?

☛ Pre-made Meals

☛ Specialty Foods (just like DownUnderBox.com.au)

☛ Vitamins & Supplements

☛ Coffee (just like CaffeUmbria.com)

☛ Pharmaceuticals

☛ Cosmetics

☛ Men's Grooming

☛ Vapes

☛ Pets (just like SitStay.com)

☛ Commercial Printers

☛ Printer Ink

☛ Or any Perishable or Consumable product!

Checkout our Key Features

☛ Add Orders to the Cart

With a single click - your customers can add their entire order right into the cart ready to buy again. This allows them to easily modify or add to their order before checkout.

☛ Retains Custom Order Properties

If your shop adds custom properties to your products when they are ordered - our app will retain those values when the customer reorders - pretty cool!


☛ Add Discounts for Reordering

Do you want to incentive customers to reorder with you? Create a Shopify discount and have it automatically applied to your customers orders when they checkout.

☛ Discounts for Customer Tags

Do you want to offer your loyal customers a special discount? No worries! You can easily add as many discounts as you like to your different customer tags.

☛ Customize the Look & Feel

Our easy to use admin interface allows you to control how your customers see their reorders by customizing the colors and what is said on the frontend.

☛ Reorder from the Shopify Admin

Now you can process reorders from the Shopify order admin - it will generate an exact copy of the order as a Draft Order and automatically email the customer a payment link to process the reorder. This is a real time saver for those currently doing this manually!

☛ An Epic 60 Day Free Trial!

We are in this for the long haul & hope you are too! We are so confident you will love our App (and of course get financial benefit from using it!) you can try it completely Free for 60 days, cancel anytime.

A little detail on what the app does and how it works

Ultimate Reorder allows your customers to click the reorder button (from a reorder proxy page within your shop via their account page) that gets the order data (being the variant ids, quantities and any custom item properties) and then adds all that right into their cart. It then immediately redirects the user to their cart page, with all the order items added, either ready to checkout, or add to/modify their order.

You as the shop owner have some options on as well in the Customer Reorder process – mainly you are able to (if you want or not) add a Shopify discount code that will be automatically added to the order when they click the reorder button. To use this, you need to add a discount in the Shopify admin, and then add it as shown in the video above. This is entirely optional for you – and you can leave this feature disabled if you do not wish to offer any reorder incentive.

Customer Reorders are not limited on any plan, i.e. they are unlimited. Reorder Limits only apply on some plans to Admin Reorders. The Admin Reorder feature allows you to process a reorder yourself as the Shop admin from the Shopify order details page. Do to this – you go to an order, press reorder from the top ‘Apps’ menu – and a new Draft Order is created that is a duplicate of the original and an email is sent to your customer prompting them to click a button and process the order.



Ultimate Reorder reviews

3 reviews
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This app is dead simple to install. Support was incredible to answer questions prior to installation and to provide customization afterward too. Highly recommend!!


Absolutely incredible support, I sent an email in with a question and potential feature request. I received a reply within a few hours with a temporary solution and confirmation that the feature I requested is in development and due soon.

Keep up the great work guys!


We love the app! We process many reorder orders and this has saved us time when processing the order from our dashboard. Support has been great and fast. Give it a try!

$7.00 – $29.00 / month


Essentials Plan @ $7 pm
Marketer Plan @ $12 pm
Pro-Marketer Plan @ $19 pm
Ultimate Plan @ $29 pm

View more info on plan inclusions here.

60 days

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